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  2. I found the whole thing easy up until the final champion fight. Managed that with my last Pokemon and used lots of max revives as I cycles through trying to get the right typings in place.
  3. Whoops! I didn't mean to open the whole "Mario Kart Double Dash Edge score" can of worms again! Love that image of the GameCube prototype @gone fishin', I've never seen that before. I guess what I meant when I said the Wii is a "radically different machine" I was referring to the appearance and the controllers, but I agree that internally the two consoles must have essentially been similar hardware beneath the exterior.
  4. 8 hour video and I am currently playing through it as part of the remaster. I am 40 mins in - I best get cracking.
  5. I now know that I might not be that dumb, but are you?
  6. DC Lemon

    Google Stadia

    All things considered, Gylt needed to be something special. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/gylt-stadia Oh well...
  7. Riding around the wild area on the BMX can be a simple pleasure but the frame rate becomes shameful in the wrong conditions. It is mostly easy, but I can’t lie, the low difficulty made me become so complacent that Nessa’s Drednaw wiped out my entire team on my first attempt.
  8. Finished this last night. Very enjoyable and comfy game. The final section - no spoilers - was kind of frustrating though, in the sense that it was the only difficulty spike in the whole game. This is a VERY EASY game... by the half way point I was so well-levelled and overpowered that combat was trivial. I was almost one-shotting mantiqueens on Monarch. I turned the difficulty up to Hard just to give me the slightest reason to pay attention. But then the final section:
  9. Wonderm

    Google Stadia

    From a major artist's point of view there is a lot of money to be made from streaming, but at a lower level (I.e. 10k or less streams for smaller independent artist), its not really that much money, especially if you look at conversion rates if the product had been sold rather than streamed. Most lower level artist money is realistically made via bandcamp as opposed to streaming services. I suppose you could argue that the steam store is the gaming equivalent but the profit margins are pretty different from what I understand. That said if you're an artist who finds their musical internally playlisted by spotify or featured on home screen--particularly for apple music on the latter, weirdly- there is a significant jump in plays that can seem substantial when it comes to royalties. You do get people trying to cater for those now as well though. Sorry for the digression
  10. Recruiting characters from the other houses doesn’t feel right. I prefer to see each house fight its own battles so only recruit members of the Church of Seiros to make up the numbers. Once I made Hanneman 1v1 the Death Knight because I could no longer tolerate his obsession with crests.
  11. I don't really look like that. I'm merely wearing a Jake mask.
  12. Shenmue 2 movie for anyone that won't get around to playing it although it's a long one...
  13. Nope, not how spoilers work. No context, nothing. You are not that dumb.
  14. Fair few hours into this now. It's very much love/hate for me... Love The pokemon models all look great to me. And some of the designs are cool and in general just seeing pokemon running around in the wild and in the grass is delightful. Just the whole pokemonness of it is wonderful. The Britishisms are really fun The Wild area does give you a nice sense of exploration - it's not exactly Pokemon Breath Of The Wild but it's a step in the right direction Having the gym leader battles in the stadium and getting a kit with your number on it (damn I wish I could change my number though) gives a really cool sense of a big occasion and being part of a vaguely believable competitive pokemon league (or something like it) Hate It's ridiculously easy The grunts have lower pokemon than the wild pokemon in the environment you encounter them in. Like, dude there's a pokemon 4 levels higher than the one you're fighting with right next to you - just catch it and fight me with it No one, including the gym leaders, having 6 pokemon - whyyyyy? Why would you only have 2 pokemon as a freaking leader of a gym. The random nature of the moves chosen against you, even by NPC opponents. Also they don't switch out or take type effectiveness into account at all. As much as I love the stadiums, as soon as the RNG AI does something painfully stupid it just takes me out of that whole setting. This is compounded by the NPCs saying stuff like "wow what a battle!" after I just KOed their 2 pokemon in 2 moves. Minor gripe but I feel like I'm being stopped for conversations and cut scenes wayyy too often They did a good job with streamlining in places, but there's just too many lazy mechanics from 20 years ago still there. The obvious counter point is, well that's pokemon and it's always been like that. But it does stick out as being very dated in many ways. Obviously it's not as bad of a game as the ridiculous Internet outcry.. but it really does feel like the series could do with it being taken away from Game Freak and given to people who might offer a fresh perspective.
  15. If you've got a full roster of recruits it's probably still best to pick a main team with a few reserves and focus on them. There's plenty of time in the second half of the game for increasing relationship levels in exploration mode, otherwise I gave up on a lot of the recruits. The only issue was when a side quest came around based on one of those characters and they were under-levelled. But that's just a bit of extra challenge.
  16. How olds your son Bradigor? I have watch dogs 2 and GTA V if you want them
  17. Imagine playing a girl in a videogame. Just imagine it! Why, the cartridge would probably be pink!
  18. Interesting idea, although personally i found God of War quite restricting and linear. You couldn't just go anywhere on the map (climb mountains etc) BOTW is the pinnacle of open world gaming in my opinion, so no wonder i'm enjoying this.
  19. I think last gen there were MANY MANY MANY open world games but to me only BOTW and GodOfWar really attempted to do (big budget) open world in their own unique way. Games like RDR2 and Spiderman did some interesting stuff but like many others they really followed a template. As much as I hate to say it, for all it's unique ideas I think even MGSV followed the template a bit too closely. I believe that Death Stranding however joins BOTW and GodOfWar here as the only games that really tries to redesign open world and succeeds with a refreshing new take on it.
  20. Yeah I think there are 3 volumes planned. Vol 2 is currently solicited for Jul next year. Though I'm planning on spending some Xmas bucks on the Nancy A Collins Swamp thing run omnibus which is out in Jan. Cos I've never read that..
  21. Aquaman we only watched this because my missus has a big, frothy wide-on for Jason Momoa, but it was actually a lot of fun. Full of plot holes, but an enjoyable watch non the less. 4/5
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