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  2. The solo Solemn Brigham album is out. On first listen, I think I love it. Also there's a new Kashmere single:
  3. Well I didn't see this one coming.
  4. There was a similar game released which withered on the vine called last year. It gets a bit confusing but I think it was scrapped and re-released as last year the nightmare but regardless, it’s an 80s 90s set and inspired asymmetrical horror game featuring teens vs monsters. The original version had giant spider monsters I think but it was changed in favour of more human enemies. It also has you fighting back against the monsters but it’s with hockey sticks and improvised weapons which only slow or stun them, not outright kill them. i think DBD has the monopoly on the genre and as much as I love DBD for the most part, some competition would help to give BHVR the kick up the arse they need to fix and balance shit, as at the moment they’re complacent and lazy and more interested in selling cosmetics than fixing the game.
  5. Yeah good luck. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/23/fugees-secret-new-york-city-concert-review
  6. I have seen photos where a guy had every single Yakuza game on quick resume. Most i have had is 7 but i rarely play more than 3 games at a time. Having Hades on quick resume is the best thing thats happened to this gen though.
  7. No worries, if I'm around later I'll join the rllmuk Discord. I might do some ranked racing.
  8. But you can only play one game at a time. If the updates really are small, you'll barely have got stuck into Game A before the rest come through in turn. If they're large, you're back at the problem of having to wait longer to play anything.
  9. I had that too! Double the trophies, half the effort.
  10. That must extend to apps, too.
  11. Yeah I couldn’t workout how to prioritise game downloads. I do now
  12. I transferred over my PS4 save, just in case I wanted it after I'd deleted the PS4 version. Loaded it up and popped 46 trophies instantly.
  13. My lad started watching the new Netflix He-Man reboot this morning (not the Kevin Smith one). I found Prince Adam and Man At Arms kind of... familiar looking.
  14. https://nalasinephro.bandcamp.com/album/space-18 Not sure how I missed this from the beginning of the month. What an astounding debut album.
  15. This! I genuinely can't see any reason as to why if I had 5 games to download / update I would only want them to do so at only 20% of their potential update / download speed?!? Surely if it were like that then plenty of folks would be calling out for a simple queue and would be delighted to be given one whereby you could prioritise titles.....ie exactly what we've got!
  16. Yeah, if you don't use a game for a while it just won't bother.
  17. Stranglehold, titanslayer and retrieve octarious data seem to be the best.
  18. Small team, presumably early access. I'll give it a go anyway. Modern gaming has desensitised me so I don't expect perfect or finished out of the gate any more.
  19. No, I’m not. When I first wrote that I didn’t see a way to prioritise downloads and it all seemed very clunky. On the subject of always on, it very rarely downloads game updates when it’s in standby mode. Is it like the switch where if you don’t play a game for a while it doesn’t bother? It downloaded the first store update when I turned it on, too.
  20. funny to see this thread back up, as i have also been replaying it! well, a modded it any way! - https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/978?tab=description Tell ya what though, trying to come from DaS3, or even 1, straight to it is a nightmare! as everything about it is just so "off" compared to the rest! The pursuer can be quite a pain, or, quite easy...you use the buckler to parry his charging attack(not the blue one!). As the buckler has an extended parry frame!
  21. It looks utter crap tbh. Animations are bad, the monsters look poor, the whole magic system is weird. I really don’t like the look of it at all
  22. Because no-one fucking cares.
  23. Some of you here who use the MiSTer on a HD flat panel may find these useful. A set of test cores has just recently appeared from Soltan_G42 (the guy who built the MiSTer scaler) which adds a shadowmask to the image. Those of you who use scanlines will probably want to try these out. The recommended scanline option to use is Sl_Br_125_65_Soft (although I'm liking the sharp option). Give these & try and experiment with what you feel looks best, if you're on Discord Soltan_G42 would like feedback. The three test cores linked are as follows :- Mega Drive SNES Neo Geo
  24. Same. Oat Milk all the way for me, this one being my preference:
  25. More importantly: is the X silent?
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