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  2. Which colour? I’m gonna guess Turquoise.
  3. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Skyzoo/Pete Rock album is nice.
  4. My keyring and poster arrived today - baffling why it needed two packages. However the keyring was promptly confiscated from me by my 5 year old daughter....... Looking forward to playing a little more of it tonight.
  5. Does anyone else get notifications from the official app on Android? Despite me setting the usual I get nothing
  6. Paulando

    Apple Arcade

    Just a quick heads up for anyone excitedly updating their iPad, connecting a PS4 controller, and installing Sonic Racing...
  7. Yep. They threw loads of SNES references in the game. It's not just Mario stuff either.
  8. Meanwhile those who do the work at those companies, get their roles cut or downsized.
  9. Good news. That feels about right.
  10. been renewed for a 4th and final series https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1100497-netflix-renews-glow-for-fourth-and-final-season
  11. Has anybody played Billiard from D3 Publisher? It’s £1.88 at the moment and I like a good game of pool. Also, what’s Deer God like? Looks nice. Worth a punt at under £2?
  12. My keyring and poster arrived from ShopTo today. I'm not sure why they couldn't send it with the game, but there we are. Anyway, just did the first dungeon. It's delightfully odd. I never expected to see Chain Chomps, Goombas and 2D sections in a Zelda game. Was the original like this?
  13. Are you the king of style? No? Well now you can be with the 2019 Xbox Christmas jumper. Only £36.99!!! Shipping on the 17th of October and available from here: https://www.merchoid.com/uk/xbox-christmas-unlocked-knitted-sweater-jumper/
  14. Or the weird cult one, I suppose.
  15. Is the eshop discount literally just for today only, or for two weeks like normal?
  16. Erica Durance is also reprising her role as Lois Lane. I'm just thankful we don't get Lana Lang.
  17. I’ve set mine up as the second switch and it was all relatively painless. How do you move saves wirelessly? That will come in handy for animal crossing and splatoon.
  18. krenzler

    Apple Arcade

    A quick rundown of 50 titles. No way in-depth but just to give an idea.
  19. As i lay dying have a new album, its alrite like!
  20. Grid looks and plays fine to me. Codemasters making this little console sing.
  21. Read one line of it... 50. Singstar. List is already wrong.
  22. Is it obvious when you've finished this? I've completed all the objectives everywhere up to and including the but it's not obvious if I've reached the end or if I've missed something
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