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  3. Destiny 2.p v p and loot mechanics are so good
  4. I'm up to episode 3 and to be honest I'm zoning out. It's so unrelentingly grim and po-faced. I usually love the Kubrickian slow burn but this is just tedious.
  5. I've somehow sunk 70 hours into this and there's still new stuff. It's just an incredible compulsion to unlock everything and get new dialogue.
  6. Just "finished" Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate after ~110 hours of playing nothing else, but if I start mucking around with other weapons that could easily turn into a few hundred more. I don't think I like the hyper monster variants you need to fight to max out end game gear. Giving them double health, always in rage mode and never-ending stamina removes so much variation from the hunt, it's boring to hunt them solo as a result, just constantly having to deal with a raging damage sponge with fewer openings to punish than usual.
  7. I've used Everdrives and I could spend hours just watching the attract screens. Especially on Megadrive. I found some magical ones from the devs Tokai iirc.
  8. Every one and none of them. Short-term hyperfocus courtesy of ADHD is a fun time. That said, the most recent games which have managed to hold my attention beyond the initial burst have been Hades and Paradise Killer; the former for its satisfying gameplay loop and enjoyable characters, the latter for its refreshingly open-ended engagement of critical faculties (combined with its intriguingly bizarre setting and story).
  9. Interesting that you should say that, given I've found revisiting books, film and music to have the same potential for reappraisal as games do for me; going back and discovering media of my youth isn't quite as rich or witty as I recall, or alternatively revealing qualities and depths I'd missed on first encounter, is something I've found across all media. The main difference is that going back 30 years or more with video games often reveals interfaces that are a pain to work with, design concepts that have long been put to rest (for good or ill), graphics or performance issues tha
  10. I have just watched this. Holy shit. What a film.
  11. Is it though? In other news, I love that my Zagreus is so accustomed to death, that after I return to the house...
  12. Some nice photos above. I am liking the Tors posted above and mthe candle display a bit further up. I've been tinkering with some more photos recently which I have made into a Dyptych - as it is a white border you can't really see the outline unless you click on it.
  13. What is the likelihood of this getting custom firmware? All the previous system cores were done by kevtris and he released the custom firmware a few days after release. As he’s not personally writing the cores for this one, does that mean that its less likely there will be a way of playing rom files off of an SD card?
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  15. Yes, it saves in each room by the looks of it.
  16. No Man's Sky. Still playing it now. Before that, Fallout 4. I've played very few games other than those over the last couple of years.
  17. Just the art was a blast from the past, but then I clocked the first name!
  18. I've played nearly 700 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and have played every day since release on 20th March. Before that I played over 200 hours of Slay the Spire on Switch and prior to that something like 350 hours of Monster Hunter World.
  19. Hmmm, that's not good, it could be something about the beta.
  20. Thor

    Deus Ex (2000)

    I caved and decided to just play with M&KB, I was still having issues with brightness though so went back to looking for mods and fixes, found a proper fix for resolution, brightness, and better textures. The new textures aren't amazing, but the game now looks 'right'. I've forgotten most of this game, though I do kinda remember how it ends.
  21. Yeah I can see this as being something affecting enjoyment now..but I do enjoy playing, usually only one or two games at a time..a lot. Just not much in the way of commercial games that I didn't have as a kid. I couldn't fathom not having ready access to homebrew, hacks and translations though. I probably play examples of these more than anything else. If I pulled an SMS out of storage (I have a model 1 & 2) I know for certainty I'd be looking to install a 60hz switch and shelling out for an everdrive..and probably look to trying to eliminate jail bars and get it ou
  22. I think I did also play it on a sit-down at Drayton manor...but my memory is hazy....I do remember mad dag and its 12 foot screen! I promised myself at Some point I'll play some of these games on the Sega CD....I get it was new tech and age hasn't been kind to them either. They were ropey to begin with. I'd get something out of them I'm sure! I need Virtua racing, thinking of getting it on switch. £4 right now.
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