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  2. That was a joke by the way! No need to get offended and abusive!
  3. Harsin


    It’s funny comparing OG Jonathan to how Araki draws him now.
  4. McCarthy's husband is the director/writer. His films are shit. Worse than shit.
  5. My understanding is most reviews have been digital only for a while, it's download codes or just making it digitally available on press accounts, I don't think the pandemic would have affected that. Outriders just came out and had previews eight months before release.
  6. Nah, they just know their true place in the league.
  7. Good shout. I tried reading that 3 times to make sense of it. Maybe he's smashed?
  8. Just cycling off innit. You'll be back next season.
  9. Thunder Force 0/5 Holy fuck who keeps giving Ben Falcone money to make films?
  10. When is windjammers 2 actually arriving? It's been a long time coming.
  11. Timeframe? Worth noting about ten years ago I was pretty critical of the way things were going, AAA games were becoming more homogenous, genres were disappearing as no longer financially viable. Hundreds of studios closed down, struggling to keep the lights on. Loads of old big-name creators abandoned the industry to make Farmville clones (Kojima being basically the only one who didn't), mobile was still early stuff like fake beer glass or fart apps, and indie, at least on consoles, was basically being taken over by AAA with daft tie-ins like Dead Space branded puz
  12. I understand the being grateful for success and all that but accepting less because you had some success is not the attitude Liverpool, or their fans should have. Have some fucking pride, don’t feel ashamed to ask ‘please sir’ for more. The biggest teams don’t stop, they have a constant desire for more success. Fail maybe, but don’t start accepting failure, that’s loser talk. And I’m meant to be the downer!
  13. New toitles game looking interesting I must say: At effin last Dotemu has gone for more or less proper pixel sprites. As much as I can see all the effort that went into both Dragon's Trap and SoR 4, the hand drawn characters never managed to hold my interest. Here's hoping they introduce proper pixel sprites for Windjammers 2 as well.
  14. Decided to check in on my PS5 after finishing the game in December. Loadtimes have now at least tripled and there's more ugly pop-in. This will never be great will it?
  15. I’m sure it’ll be interesting enough, though bullet hell shooter isn’t really something thats immediately singing to me (I’m too crap!). there is a significant difference between this and demon souls: it isn’t a launch title, kit is out there to review it on, there aren’t really the same hardware shortages or desire to keep the hardware under wraps etc. It’s also distinctly different from cyberpunk - at least I hope they haven’t got something significantly crap to hide.
  16. Patch 1.21 brings another few thousand bug fixes and so of course, to celebrate, literally within a couple of minutes of loading the latest and greatest version up, my pistol suddenly decides it will no longer fire while in ADS, until I restart the game entirely. Really close to the end now, just mopping up a load of side missions and gigs, and I can't help but love it, the stupid broken mess that it is. Even this far in, I still keep stumbling across swathes of previously completely uncharted territory, all of it wonderful realised. Bethesda may be the long-time masters of the art
  17. Getting the Switch version. After the seminal cult classic that was the NDS original, I reckon this series belongs in a museum on a portable system.
  18. @beakbeakI like it but you've piqued my interest with the mention of more pictures. What other bits do you have?
  19. It’s been renewed! Best news today. I signed the petition and everything but didn’t really expect it. Awesome, thank you HBO!
  20. Imagine thinking Titanfall 2 is terrible! Astonishing. Almost as astonishing as thinking all games should have a story. And a narrative that makes you think.
  21. The best way to get it is a team Grav, I don't think I ever got it because getting all 6 in a Grav is so hard, my best is 5 from what I recall. Really it only works against a Rein/Zarya comp where the team can be clustered together and Gravved, or getting really lucky in overtime when everyone's on the point. I suppose you could work with an Orisa to try and pull people together but yeah, it's probably one of the hardest achievements in the game. One of those ones you can probably pull off with complete noobs but as soon as you start levelling up in matchmaking you can wave it goodbye. Good lu
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