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  2. Seems I spoke too soon. Humble Phil will be humbly learning from this thanks to all the great xbox fans. Thanks for helping him learn that doubling the price actually ISN'T what the fans want, it's an easy mistake to make.
  3. Anyone seen Psycho Goreman? Two kids find the ultimate evil alien in the backyard and discover the gem that controls him. It's made by the guy who did The Void (great first 40 minutes, great effects, then....) and it's a bit all over the shop. I'm struggling to make it through the first 20 minutes despite it seemingly reviewing well. Less a tribute to the 80s, more one to the early 90s.
  4. This is all very bizarre. What reaction did they think a doubling of the sub would get? Honestly, it almost feels like a marketing stunt.
  5. It's a complete mess but I genuinely love Lost Planet 2.
  6. They've done their hardest to shake the anti-consumer label since Phil Spencer took over and they've pissed it all away in a day. There's no 4D chess happening here. They obviously thought that they'd get away with it because of the grandfathered pricing.
  7. The first decent games I’ve seen on Gold in months.
  8. Going from an increase to cancelling that and removing a segment from needing a sub in a few hours? Something doesn't feel right about the whole thing.
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  10. Decision reversed, f2p will not require gold soon, it’s something they need to roll out, but the backlash was heard and the right decision made.
  11. They’ve changed their mind! And F2P games are actually going to be free.
  12. Fuck!!!! Been looking forward to this film for ages... wish they’d just sell to a streaming platform.
  13. It's great, holds up well. You'll probably want to use the more modern control method though, and start with Jill if you've never played it before.
  14. I'm confused, the opening post mentions a $1 increase but everyone here seem to be talking about 70%-100% price jacks. What are we comparing here, the new RRP to cheap deals from cd-key websites? Presumably those will remain a lot less than whatever the new RRP is? EDIT: Okay, just figured it out, so 6 months is now the same as what 12 months used to be. Dumb move.
  15. I don't really want to get into an internet argument about spoilers, but I don't think it's unreasonable to label spoilers for something tangential to a thread topic as such, otherwise you might assume that the spoiler tags are about the episode just released, for the benefit of anyone that hasn't seen it yet. Personally, if I start reading something in a spoiler tag along the lines of 'in the comic...' I'm going to try and avoid reading the end of that sentence in case it spoils something, and I'd rather know before I open the spoiler.
  16. I'm envious of someone who has played 98% of old games. If I never bought another game and cancelled my game pass I'd be set for years.
  17. The comic he wa referring to is a story where Wolverine wakes up one morning and he's working for Shield and Magneto is king of the world. I don't really see how this could possibly be based on it at all, it's literally nothing like it.
  18. I’ve got many people asking me now. It seems stupid to not take them. But I have no idea how to price, because I’m drawing in an autistic hyper focused state for myself; sometimes through the night (14 hours straight last night). Which is fine when it’s up to me, but obviously not ideal when I’m feeling under pressure. Do you just charge for the time spent? Because I made loads of mistakes on my last one that I had to go back and redo, and am still trying to formulate a foolproof style I can bash out. I’ve heard to charge £10 per hour. But this was 17 hours of work.
  19. I don’t get this, if you don’t like playing old games on your PS5 what do you actually like about it given neither console has any new games!?
  20. A big price increase is an understatement - they doubled the cost.
  21. spatular


    Been playing some missile dancer, didnt really like it at the start, the missiles are hard to see, and not keen on checkpoints. But its definitely growing on me, quite enjoying it now. Got a 1cc on the normal mode (the easiest mode), and played some of the time attack - 391’585. Im pretty crap at the chaining, been trying to lock onto less stuff at a time to get bigger chains - no idea of thats good for scoring or not.
  22. You lot have lost the plot with all this HDR chat I just finished my first full run of each mission and at no point was anything too dark, too bright, too shiny or less than gorgeous. What an absolutely fantastic set of missions H3 has. They have truly perfected everything with this and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Not a single weak moment and I have only scratched the surface of each location. GOTY contender already indeed.
  23. Ha! I never would have expected his name for Bayaz. He would probably be pretty good. But I I picture someone with a more formidable build...now I come to think of it, I kind of picture Brain Blessed which is probably even stranger casting!
  24. At the very least, the plots make sense and the main character doesn't whisper/cry every episode.
  25. It definitely finds a few episodes to find it's feet, but it really grows as a series.
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