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  2. Firstly, Mbappe is absolutely terrifying. Most footballers run fast, but never look like they're running fast. If you've watched Mbappe so far this world cup, the way he knocks it then opens up the throttle - it is enough to scare me even thinking about playing against him. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone quite like that, who would murder you for pace with cheetah like power. Thing is we have to get past Senegal. They're going to be more like USA, and we will for sure struggle more against an organised fit, strong, willing team that are going to run and run and run. Wales were not that team in any of those brackets. The only chink they may have is some defensive lapses which may let the Rashford in. If we don't get that I feel it's going to be an absolute battle and may not be a fun one to watch.
  3. Ste_S

    Dredd 3D

    Not happening. All has gone quiet at Rebellion Film Studios, as well as on the Mega City One TV series and Rogue Trooper film. Funding issues I guess?
  4. Same here regarding my hearing. But the difference is so big that you really notice it to be honest. There is a clarity to the B&O's that is missing from cheaper headsets. Though as you say, if it was just for audio then there are better options for sure.
  5. Rashford is such a strange player. He couldn't trap a back of cement in the first half and then looked absolutely unplayable in the second. I'd love to see him and Saka flanking Kane in the next game as they both don't mind doing their doggies going the other way, and are great at receiving ball to feet. I know we as a nation are obsessed with at least one mercurial ball player at all times, but I don't think Foden really adds that much to this team. Say it quietly, but I think he's probably a tiny bit overrated because of the type of player he is, and City's rising tide. It's a nice problem to have though.
  6. Wait, I didn't know a new fence was an option as well...
  7. Very disappointed for my Welsh family and friends last night. Went out with a whimper - couldn't lay a glove on England and the brief excitement of Colwill coming on never led to anything. I think if he'd scored a consolation goal it would have made at least the Cardiff Wales fans go home/finish watching on a bit of a high note. Now Colwill can look forward to Stoke away on Saturday week!
  8. not long at all, and the shipping is only 2 days
  9. Full Speed or Nothin', Rory The Racing Caaaarrr
  10. It'll be just the same as the previous ones so i wouldn't bother waiting. They just released a new set of tracks didn't they? That's it, new Mario Kart. in that shit way people apparently adore. This just looks like a happy film, if it's on par with the first 25 minutes of Wreck it Ralph i'll like it.
  11. I think Southgate will probably stick with the same system vs Senegal, but I would expect Sterling and Saka to come back into the side as I don't think Rashford and Foden did well enough to override Southgate's obvious love for those two players. The rest of the XI will probably remain unchanged as long as Henderson's ankle is ok. It doesn't seem like Phillips is sharp enough to make much of a contribution unfortunately. If England make it through and do face France, I think at that point he will probably switch to the 3-4-3 with a midfielder dropping out and Trippier coming back in at RWB.
  12. Can't win the World Cup without boring at least one big team to tears before scoring a lucky deflected header from a corner.
  13. "wahoo." "No, Chris, less emphasis" "wah. hoo."
  14. Yeah the funny thing about this game is that despite it being set in our own world, it actually feels like a more alien world than a lot of sci-fi or fantasy games, such is the homogenisation of those genres.
  15. Lovely story about Luke in TLJ, sorry for the long embed:
  16. Only problem with Steam Deck for switch games is that without an actual switch he won't be able to create backups of his legitimately purchased switch games like all other steam deck owners do. I have VR but not a Steam Deck, but the Steam Deck still seems like the more practical option that you'll get more use out of.
  17. isn’t there a big thing where the original script was supposed to be good enough to get Hoskins involved but warped over time to the film we got? I watched this recently with my 4 year old and he engaged with it. It’s not a mario movie though, of course. As a kids sci fi romp, it’s not utterly terrible.
  18. Yeah, Epic give away an absolutely insane amount of games for free. Rumour has it that they will be repeating their Christmas giveaway this year so keep your eyes in their store for some potentially good freebies.
  19. I'll settle for a new Mario Kart game, it's been too long. However, I'm willing to wait till the next Nintendo console comes out first at this point.
  20. If we get through that, isn't England's likely quater-final opponent France?
  21. I'll give it a go on the trial but this looks truly dreadful. Maybe the gameplay holds up OK but graphically and stylistically I hate it. There hasn't been a good Need for Speed game since Hot Pursuit. Had reasonably high hopes for this but look set to be disappointed
  22. Aye the Xbox headset it fine for gaming. I have several wired headphones for audio, so I’m more interested in that aspect with the B&O. But then there’s a lot of very good wireless audio headsets in that price range. I should add that at age 43 my ears are knackered. I’ve had two perforated eardrums in the past, and suffer from tinnitus after years of abuse in bands. I might not notice much difference when it comes to mids and highs
  23. Interesting to hear about the battery life. It's good enough for me not to worry about it usually, I just charge it once a week or so. The bluetooth/xbox simultaneous thing is another downside indeed. not sure why they couldn't manage it. I don't really have a use for it but for a headset like this it should really be included.
  24. 1080 Snow Border Collie.
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