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  2. What an ugly post. Please tell us what games are 'good' and would need to play to not be 'weird' in your eyes? Not only that, you make a lazy connection that people only play them because they are comfortable and, by implication, aren't smart enough to look at other things.
  3. To be fair, it's also a brilliant multiplayer shooter and the campaigns are often full of spectacle that I don't think anyone else does so well. I put loads of time into Modern Warfare (recent one) and Cold War's multiplayer. I didn't buy the latest one.
  4. I imagine MiSTer support should be no problem?
  5. oh yeah, believe me, I can jog past enemies with the best of them. Just got to Lasted about 5 seconds.
  6. Man I remember the r/shmups competitions. Learned so much about Judgment Silversword as a result of playing it for one of those. Was still terrible at it though!
  7. My advice for comics if you did want to try them is to start working fast and get used to things looking rougher than you'd want. For a first project do something really short and deliberately very rough - like 5-6 pages, the equivalent of a 2000AD Future Shock - hammer out a "finished" page a day (you will not think they look finished..!). By finished I mean pencilled, inked, lettered and possibly coloured. No actual published comic is done that fast (outside of Japan, where the artists have assistants and also are basically killing themselves to hit publication), the point is to get used to putting out complete pages under a time limit, get comfortable with leaving things in a rougher state than your usual work - which you have to do with comics, economy of effort is massively important. Then once you've done at least one of those short stories you'll have got that first wave of mistakes out of your system and have a better handling on how to approach layouts and continuity without having poured too much time in to something you've laboured over for weeks or months and aren't happy with and everybody you shows it to you looks confused and asks you what's supposed to be happening in it - which is what happens with everyone's first comics. Comics are brilliant for sharpening your artistic chops, they stretch you so much. Not so good for making money though, but it gives you fodder for social media and you can also use the whole thing as a brainstorming session for your next lot of finished pieces.
  8. As far as I can recall, you can just run straight past all of the knights. This is a good idea initially, particularly the ones near the boss door of the area. Those ones are worth farming once you've a suitable bonfire for titanite chunks. You don't necessarily have to fight - it's worth remembering just legging it is an option
  9. It’s a shame that they didn’t just re-use the original Kickstarter’s version for the second campaign. I’m really happy with the Next but now owning a MiSTER, I’ve got to say that the Next core is spot on if you don’t mind using a standard keyboard.
  10. I also think it's because millions of people find them fun. It's a fairly simple game. I think FIFA is utter shite compared to PES of old but it still sells tens of millions. The people buying these games are not the types you see chatting online on forums about the hobby they are just normal "casual" people who know fuck all about the industry as a whole. That's the big market. The market that buys a couple of games a year. Nerds on forums are a tiny niche when it comes to making money.
  11. Rollerball and three buttons? Missile Command as it should be played!
  12. Places like RLLMUk are perhaps in a Sekiro/Dark Souls type bubble. 99% of the gaming world is FIFA, COD, Minecraft, Fortnite and most importantly mobile gaming, and other than probably Minecraft how many of them would be considered "good" on here? It's like wondering why people go to see Fast and Furious when they should be watching the new one by Wes Anderson as it's "better"
  13. I know overheads would be horrendous but is there a market for a big one in central London?
  14. I'd be up for one of these no doubt.
  15. I'm pretty sure I used to play a pencil-and paper version of this back in the day - also akin to Mastermind. Wordle's slightly easier in that it tells you which letters are right (and right but in the wrong place); with Mastermind-like rules you just get told how many.
  16. So, trying to take your advice @Markn and not smash my tv in the meantime. One thing I did notice is that trying the Gamepass version on xbox, it seems to have new lighting, run at 120fps and also there also seems to be balancing changes which aren't in the PS4/PS5 version? Have they stopped updating the PS4 version then? It certainly doesn't display the version number like the xbox and pc versions do. If that's true, that's fucking shit for the consumer....
  17. This is comforting as thats pretty much the same amount of time as me in terms of Anor Londo. I’m staggered by that stat is I’m usually the sort to walk away from a lot of games after an hour. (This is obviously shared with a lot of games but there’s nothing like rinsing through enemies who once beat you down every time (looking at you Gwyn’s Castle Knights)). Really looking forward to ER (if only to use that neon purple sword/rain cloud magic which looks flippin’ sweet). I was gonna say “I can’t wait for ER” but that’s not true. I’m not starting it until I’ve got as far as possible in DaS. But I’m looking forward to sharing the thrill of the (relatively, by the time I get to it) new with folk.
  18. Agreed. Especially when the perfect dark xbla release plays pretty well and upscales to 4k. It still has fiddly aiming when you hold left trigger but not nearly as bad. Also, what maniac designed these controls? Y is reload, X and B do nothing. Change weapons by taking your hands off the stick and using the dpad! Click in a stick for fine aim. It's all very unique!
  19. I share those concerns but for me the DLC/MTX line of acceptability has always been about keepable vs consumable. I have absolutely no problem with paying for additional content for a game, if it's then mine to keep and use for as long as I'm playing the game. So in your examples above, I don't object at all to the practice of selling additional planes or scenery for MS Flight Sim, or cars for Forza, or whatever. It so happens that I haven't personally spent money on those particular games, but like I think it's basically OK. I can't tell you how many pinball tables I've paid for over the years, or additional songs for Guitar Hero/Rock Band, etc. I think for me where it's unacceptable is paying for anything that expires or gets used up. Like in Candy Crush, for example, paying for powerups when you can't get past a certain level. Or paying to speed up countdown timers between turns, or whatever. I think that stuff is really exploitative and my personal rule is that I absolutely won't ever spend money on those things. Loot boxes and other gambling mechanics can obviously get fucked into the absolute sea. I'm somewhere in the middle on cosmetics, I think. I don't buy them myself and I don't really pay much attention to them - like if I'm playing Halo I give not a single shit about what armour or gun skin the other guy has. When I play Rocket League it makes precisely no difference to me what car the other player is driving, and so on. What I don't know is how badly they entrap people who are susceptible. They must make money or the companies wouldn't do them. The cynical/pragmatic player might say 'great, they're subsidising the game for me' but I'm not sure that's really morally OK.
  20. Ultimately the idea will be to make profit, once they've destoyed the competition. If PlayStation goes under then expect prices to go up for Xbox. I have a PS5 and Series X. One thing I prefer about the PS5 is its a machine for playing games, and once you've finished you're out. The whole way the Xbox is designed is to get you into the Microsoft ecosystem, the rewards, all that stuff. It feels a bit more like a Facebook or a Google where you are the product. Don't get me wrong we are all enjoying the start of the big push where the Microsoft offer is really fantastic VFM - but be careful what you wish for. No company is doing any of this out of the goodness of their hearts - the end goal is always to increase shareholder value.
  21. Thank you all! That’s very helpful
  22. I haven't played this since Hitman 1 (the reboot one, that is). What is the best way to jump in? If I get 3, do I get 2 and 1 included?
  23. Yeah, I know it sells absolute shit loads, but I was more wondering why. What's the draw? I think Alex might have nailed it with his familiarity comment. People just go for what they know. It was the number 1 and 2 top selling game last year and it's not even any good. People are weird.
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