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  2. Eve Online. To see how they'd do it.
  3. Titanfall 2 has a lovely flow to it; when stuff comes together it feels wonderfully natural. Plus, it rewards you for being a real dick:
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  5. They can see it in the data from the player GPS trackers, how a player hits a accumulated fatigue red zone and their distance and intensity drops - they track sprints at different levels and in particular its the high level recovery running that the modern pressing game requires that drops off significantly. So the intensity goes and then the increased chance of injury is present as we see with all the muscle injuries at present. These guys are elite athletes, not going down the park to play with their mates. The money argument is always idiotic - its not about money or playing thru it (in most cases, if you've got a bad finger and aren't a goalie wrap it up and get on with it) - if I paid any forum member £10m and shouted at them a lot they wouldn't be able to beat Usain Bolt in a 100m race - that doesn't make them lazy.
  6. Wipeout XL and a run flawlessly on Switch @sharak Depends on the game, thb. Space Channel 2, for instance, is unplayable due to graphical glitches. Powerstone 1 and 2 or Sonic Adventure or Rez run without any flaws. There is joycon splitting but given the amount of help posts on gbatemp I doubt you can use two joy cons with PS.
  7. Treetop Flyers (named after a Stephen Stills song)
  8. alex3d

    Outer Wilds

    That's an entirely different discussion then. Is it okay for a game to stop being frustrating after the first play through, i.e. after 15 hours (as opposed to 15 minutes as in Dead Cells). I get what you are saying, but you are somewhat contradicting yourself because it's not the individual player who's shit but the experience is part of the game according to your theory. The fact you found frustrations even in your second play through appears to validate my points further above. I do agree there are brilliant and fun elements in the game, see above.
  9. It really doesn’t, the literal death of top line sports car racing, it looks like they want to make the top class of lemans effectively a spec series. Hypercar was already bad enough with its aggressive BoP plans but to effectively kill that before it’s even raced (because who’s going to develop a 200mil HyperCar when they’ll restrict you down to a budget lmp2 car with pretensions anyway) is just mad.
  10. Excited to hear what @Meh thinks of this.
  11. You’re not the only one to spot the cyber truck, it’s from a mod but the screenshot worked The current series is already about as clickbaity as I go and the danger of gurning is very low I promise Honestly the RG thing has been a huge break, I’ve near doubled subs in the last month and the first ep of this series was already my second best week one after the first mega drive mini episode and the timing of that meant it appeared in a crap load of searches I normally wouldn’t.
  12. Well, I was stoked to grab a couple of tickets for one of the two shows here in Manchester at the 02 Apollo. Patton being my all time favourite frontman Just wondered if anybody else was going along....was as excited as I am? Last time I saw FNM live they were supporting Guns and Roses at Maine Road here.
  13. I would stick with it. There are definitely some walls in the game but there’s also a pretty high skill ceiling so it’s not all just about grinding for gear before you can progress. I’m currently on chapter 11 and haven’t spent a penny on it, fwiw. Came to recommend Grand Mountain Adventure, free to play with a single iap to unlock all content.
  14. It was pretty good. Bit odd they didn't mention Noonien Sung at any point and I'm not sure why the Romulans seemed to not have their more generic sort of stoic voices and that. Way better than discovery though so that's all good. I also don't really see what the "lacking in urgency" chat was about, I thought it fairly few along and covered quite a lot of stuff. Definitely won't be a hate watch for the rest of the series going from this one, even though there did look like more pyew pyew was coming but I hope that's just to make the season trailer look more exciting (even though it isn't needed).
  15. Deus Ex. Ben Barnes from Punisher/Westworld as Adam Jensen. Wolfenstein based on the Machinegames version of the universe. Either live action or mocapped CGI. Tangle Tower would make a good dialogue heavy, action light 'radio play on TV' type of cartoon. Masters of Doom is out this year I think? In that vein I'd like to see a dramatisation of the story behind Tetris - there's a really good comic about it that could be adapted. Also Knights & Bikes is being turned into a cartoon. Ubisoft also announced a bunch of incredibly lame sounding TV shows last year. Far Cry Blood Dragon being one.
  16. Finished season 2. Genuinely great stuff. I'm shocked at how good it was. Karl is actually a pretty good actor. Shed a tear at the end of episode 5. You should really give it a go.
  17. In a vacuum that makes sense, but when competing against other squads who will have adequately rested players then the argument starts to fall down. Yeah you can be fit to run around for 90 minutes three times a week if it's literally your job to be in peak physical condition but you won't be able to run around as much as the guys who only have to do it twice a week who are working to make sure they finish above you in the league. Big squads are important and they have been for a long time.
  18. Erling Haaland watch: He's scored another two off of the bench tonight. That's five goals in 59 minutes in the league for Dortmund. He's on 34 for the season (15 Austrian league, 4 Austrian Cup, 8 Champions League, 5 German League) and he's still only 19 years of age. Born in the famous Norwegian city of Leeds, he's got to be headed to the Premier League one day, right?
  19. When the stars aligned, and Lady Maria didn't manage to dance around me as usual.
  20. I'm playing 3-4-2-1 at the mo so have LM/RM and LF/RF and its good fun, very attacking so will use Anderson with Mane and then Silva and Traore on the right.
  21. I'm only just getting into board games but I'm delighted to find out that I only live an hour away from Essen.
  22. I kind of love how the wonderful always right moral example galaxy heroes Starfleet have fallen somewhat. The first genuine large scale galactic disaster they‘ve encountered has totally changed their approach to the universe. The whimsical innocent cheesy nature of TNG makes sense when compared because if an empire like the Federation existed where largely most problems had been solved via science etc and everything was basically very safe and fine, everyone would be righteous condescending tedious douches going around telling the galaxy how great they are and recruiting others to join, just like they were in TNG etc. Jean Luc is a relic from a more innocent time in the empire’s existence. I wasn’t at all interested in the lead up but this unexpected approach they’ve taken to the whole universe has really refreshed my interest in the franchise and got my attention.
  23. But I have Sane... that French dude was fantastic in Fifa 19. Neither will start much though so it’s picking from 2 reserves wannabes!
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