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  2. I enjoyed this, a perfectly pleasant film with good humour that was just fun. It's not up there for me with Pixars best, infact on my letterboxd list I've actually got it at 16 out of 21 (I've still not seen the Cars Trilogy), but thats because I still hold the Pixar films with esteem. Unlike some who seem to rag on Pixar a lot these days, I personally still really love a lot of their stuff with only Monsters University, Brave and The Good Dinosaur the only films in the last decade I've not really liked. Was a lovely film to watch with the kids, who loved it. 3/5
  3. Well, I guess that answers that question! -------- Previously... 18.) The Wolf Among Us - Vita - 2014 Telltale have made so many of these adventure games, I don't suppose I will ever manage to play all of them, but this one from back in 2014 has been on my wishlist for ages and I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint. Taking the branching narrative and player choice from The Walking Dead, this game does more interesting things with it, has a really cool detective noir vibe, and an intriguing story premise and lore. There are no good or bad c
  4. Silent Trigger (1996) Amazon Prime Video It has a pretty standard plot involving a sniper and his spotter escaping a job gone wrong reuniting, yet it uses this to create a stylish and good-looking film with very 1990s production design and music. It does look great in a 90s way, maybe a tad too stylish at times although there is a very consistent tone. There's a theatrical feel, essentially a four-hander, Dulph Lundgren and Gina Bellman compliment each other well. It may be a bit too ponderous for some, but for me it was stylish, very watchable with action that feels apt for the tone they
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  6. I basically have to do a full power cycle to get a single download to work.
  7. I think I've finally finished this claw machine! https://mygarage.games/game/1915 That took so many hours haha.
  8. I loved this. It certainly helped that my wife is Italian and the scenery and trappings have a shortcut straight to my pleasure centre. I’m one of those weird people who don’t like Soul or Inside Out that much, I felt like the framing devices of both are too complicated and disconnected from the story at large. Soul in particular could have dropped most if not all of the longwinded afterlife stuff and been a better film for it. In a similar way, UP is the best Pixar short film which another hour of stuff attached, and Wall-E is one of the greatest silent movies of all time,
  9. Nope, it’s 30 at best. Can tell easily when you move the camera. It seems potentially nice, but it’s too wordy - a game like this should be more like Ico and communicate without reams of text. Also, no 60 no sale. I can’t do 30 anymore, it’s not the fucking ‘00s.
  10. It's a foul. It was in the box. It's a penalty.
  11. There was a bit of HZD mixed in with that expansion trailer as well as those transitions and it really stuck out. At least when they normally shove in a mash of AC and For Honor stuff etc. you can see them going "Ah, it's all swordsy stuff. It probably fits together if you don't focus on it" but having robot dinosaurs really didn't fit with their pretend generic fantasy game.
  12. I think Leo will suit you pretty well - IIRC you liked Gouken with his counters, right? Leo's also got the big, satisfying buttons. I've been enjoying playing on PS5 this evening, especially for the improved clipping and sharing functionality. Please watch my holiday slides:
  13. I've used one for a quite a while now to store my CD images on (PC Engine & Mega CD). The drive I'm using is a Western Digital Elements (one of the portable USB powered drives). No issues to speak of, just plugs in & the MiSTer will see it. Off the top of my head you can't have duplicate folder names on both the SDcard & HDD. Well, you can but I think the folder that the core loads by default is the one on the HDD (although you can navigate back to the SDcard from the menu). Put the Mega CD & PC Engine game folders onto the HDD & everything else can live quite happily on th
  14. Anyone see this? Quite liked it - I’m a sucker for anything Horgan does! Wasn’t convinced by McAvoy’s performance though, he was too extra and theatrical
  15. I had an update today for Hyrule Warriors that was showing as failed but it worked when I did it with the Switch on. So its hit and miss which isnt good enough. Want to grab Mario & Rabbids in the sale, just hope I can download it
  16. It seems you get a healer already by default so I might just get that environment skill and be done with it until I'm high enough level to level them quickly.
  17. Cannot pos this enough. The first target is mine and friends favourite. I always wanted them to do a lobby and rules thing ever you could do the different maps but with the boules rules or mix and match how you want. That sort of thing is weirdly absent in a lot of games though.
  19. Two classics (and a Making Of...) The Night of the Hunter (1955) 4/5 Excellent as an adventure thriller, though I was less keen on the attempts, in the film's opening and closing, to try and make profound, universal points about children. ("They abide.") What I took from the film: religion screws people up, even the people like Lillian Gish's character who use it as a source of strength and force for good. The child actors' performances are generally good, although the actress playing the little girl says her name "Pearl" in a strange way that sounded d
  20. Yes - that was the original design phase a couple of days ago! When I tried to actually order it as a surprise tonight I got the issues.
  21. @Chooch did you click on the UK link? I only ask as it’s showing the price in $ in your pic.
  22. Just started this on PS5. For the record, I’m a huge fan of the Oddworld games (well, most of them), and I loved New ’n’ Tasty. But holy shit, what were they thinking with the opening to this game? I just want to fart, solve puzzles, and save mudokuns. Instead I’m throwing water on fires and getting shot at through walls. There are some odd design choices already. I got stuck because I forgot about the double jump move it taught me 10 minutes before but didn’t need to use at the time. Why not give me a reminder, or just tell me when I actually need it? I’m also trying t
  23. I'm looking forward to this as much as the next Calashnikov - I even bought the Banana Blitz remake - but just an expectation-lowering reminder that Monkey Target has been a regular feature on pretty much every single franchise release over the years and has never quite reached the same heights as the minigame from the first one. Yeah, the first one. Monkey Target where you hot-seat take turns to land your balls beats simultaneous split-screen landing of balls. It also allows for the hilarious knocking of already-placed, high-scoring balls into the ocean. Makes it like Petanque wit
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