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  2. maybe there’s a longer version with a laugh at the end?
  3. My main questions are how low can you fly and can you crash?
  4. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    That’s appalling from Burns. Particularly the review.
  5. Prediction: GP Ultimate to replace standard GP offering. Baseline GP price rising to £11.99 p/m. A year free with every new Series console. Your move, Shu.
  6. There's an excellent six-part documentary on the making of this, called Into the Unknown, on Disney Plus.
  7. I was up for this, until I saw the ‘manual’ for it. I mean, it looks more like a novella let’s be honest. If you’re going to make the effort to release a physical edition and charge X for it, especially for a flight sim of all things, then do a proper manual for goodness sake.
  8. Stolen from Resetera, but it's seems like you can't buy Xbox Live 1 yearly subs any more. Maybe they're gearing up for some announcement at next week's event? Getting rid of paying for Live completely, maybe?
  9. I think that if getting the job done and reliably keeping them in the mid table of the premiership without having to manage a huge wage bill is the end game, then I think the club will always want to keep hold of him because he offers a degree of stability in a very volatile league unless you have very deep pockets. I imagine some fans will want to see some sort of bold statement about how they're going to push for the next step up by maybe being part of the top six conversation but I understand that it's working well and changing what they're doing comes with a significant amount of risk when they don't have to.
  10. Isn’t that kind of the point. Burr is basically centrism incarnate.
  11. I'm sure you could attach a few balloons to your horse and waft him that way. Although you might want to avoid a certain fairy glade after you do that; the occupant won't be pleased.
  12. Btw, I do agree about not adding to the squad would be negligent, just not expecting big outlays. Probably only City and Chelsea are immune to the current negative financials affecting football so we won’t be alone in only tweaking. On the plus side Klopp has a knack of making good players better and has a history of unearthing gems, so we have that as a cushion. The 1990 squad was really creaking, with far bigger cracks behind the scenes as Brad mentions. This squad is in its prime. I’d be surprised if they surpass their current points total next season but I’d also be surprised if anyone else does too. Who knows, factors like Pep’s contract or new additions adjusting to the league might become bigger issues than we currently realise.
  13. Forester turbo - no, countryman phev - no, swift sport - YUUUUUUUUUURRRRPPP! Will have to see if I can get it to look like Mrs M's car.
  14. I'm hoping the Xbox version will support the T-Flight. If so, I'm in.
  15. The Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) is essentially a Fiesta I think, but they only have a 100hp one. Mine is 215, I guess I could tune it.
  16. Yeah I was gutted when I realised there was no Fiesta ST. I thought I finally owned a car that was represented in one of these games. It's in Forza The exact same colour and everything! Just too many doors and American indicators. It sounds completely wrong of course but - that's true of all cars in all games.
  17. Wait for It is a good song, but it's a rubbish sentiment.
  18. Fun suggestion! There's no Fiesta S in this game so I'll have to settle for a Focus ST
  19. JoeK

    1440p or 4K

    A lot of newer monitors are Freesync, but now Gsync compatible. Don't know if there are any ultrawides that fall into that category, but that would be what I'd be looking for now.
  20. To sound like a proper old man - I'd never thought of doing that. Good call.
  21. Blimey. I don't remember it being that bad last time I played. Maybe I'll brave it myself one day.
  22. At that price you have to. Bloody hell.
  23. I binged this during lockdown and loved it all over again. Still not seen In The Loop though, must put that right
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