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  2. It ran like a dog in places, not sure that is enough to justify a next-gen remaster on its own. I liked it, but it's not the kind of game you play twice.
  3. I haven't done it yet, but there's a demolish choice at Tom Nook. My guess is that you'd need to demolish and then replace, as I don't think there's any move or upgrade options for those.
  4. What are my chances of picking this up in a supermarket tomorrow?
  5. Question about bridges, can you move or upgrade them once they're built? Also how do you go about demolishing an already built bridge?
  6. Blood and Truth is great fun while you're playing, but it does spend too long in terrible cutscenes like dumpster said, and also has several unnecessary Uncharted style walking while someone talks sections. It's also full of cockney swearing, which might be an issue if you're hoping to play with your family. I'd recommend Superhot VR over Blood and Truth for a family. Maybe that crazy hard Time Crisis-a-like, Crisis VRigade.
  7. Shamen, Ebeneezer Good? Dont think it was in a store though.
  8. The Dualsense looks like the best pad ever made, I still think it's got software re-mappable back buttons. cant wait for the console reveal.
  9. Nope, the printing company we use has some smart contingency plans in place for stuff like this. At least that's what I've been told. For all I know they could be dumb plans. Whatever the case, printing goes on.
  10. Problems like weeds and wood are easily solved with a Nook Miles ticket. I think build the island you want.
  11. Good point. I'll check again tomorrow.
  12. Worth pointing out that they properly labelled that controller a concept and it was maybe...18 months prior to launch? The PS CEO man recently said that PS5 launch for “holiday 2020” is still the plan, so it’s only 7 months away!
  13. Mine looks pretty much exactly like the blue one and is currently sat at 151. Should I sell, then?
  14. I tried PS Now again too and I have to say the range of games is fantastic! I last tried it when it was only PS3 games, quite a while ago. On the minus side - the streaming seems much worse now! I dunno whether it is my internet, or the current climate but it's pretty bad. Kind of moot as you can download them, but for a streaming service it's taken a weird turn. Also on the downside is the much reduced list of supported devices. I used to do it on the PS3, Vita and my TV. Now it's PS4 or PC and that's it. The PC app is crap, you can't even search the games, WTF. And sometimes it won't let you launch a game as it is stuck in some loop asking you to update your profile. And on one of my laptops it doesn't even work. So yeah, two steps forward, one step back. But great games on it.
  15. Virtual world problems! I realise that I have far too many trees, but really don't want to cut any down just yet in case I run into wood problems further on. Also, I don't know if I need to keep some weeds, as there may well be some recipes for it that I don't yet have. Anxiety in the most relaxing game ever? Isolation affected me more than I thought...
  16. I bought one, and use it wired into my network. To be honest, the difference between that setup and wifi on a laptop is night and day.
  17. I have 13 games from my 3 month trial, with 2 extra months that'll be 17+. I'm almost tempted to get a Chromecast controller pack.
  18. The second one was really effecting yeah. loved it.
  19. Whereabouts are you based? Local pick up usually leads to bargains but at the moment that’s not a good option obviously with social distancing. I picked up a 14” Sony Trinitron for free via Facebook Market Place a couple of months ago. I’d say be patient and you will find something decent.
  20. I've decided that I'm going to smash through Control on this, using my free week's trial.
  21. Given for free. Mine ran out on 21st March and seems to have been renewed for free until 21st June. On the page it still asks me to restore so it is still cancelled.
  22. I posted this in the Switch thread last week. I've finished the game now and I'm convinced that this is probably the best 2 quid you can spend on the eshop. You're Tim (at the start, at least), an anventurer tasked with saving the princess of a kingdom, but you soon realise that the game isn't really about that. It's a game about exploration and discovery. Of experimenting and deducing. And ultimately about laughing at all of the stupid stuff that ends up happening. Every defeat is a victory. It took me 7 hours or so to see all of the 100 endings (some of them take only a minute or less and some require much more thought and planning) and I was glued to it until the end. There's actually even more to do aftetwards, but I haven't dug into it yet - the game is such a generous value proposition. It's simplistic for sure, but if you can get over the basic pixel art, even that has its charm. TLDR: Get Reventure ffs
  23. Not many people do. Doubt the creator does. Mystified as to why people are getting offended on his/her behalf.
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