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  1. It's terrible though - its taken a clear, one layer design and turned it into some weird multidimensional horror show with windows within windows.
  2. I think it allows you to select Advanced and Standard models? And then there's four sliders to adjust paddle feel in a Custom mode. Playing online you see people doing insane spins with the ball so it's clearly possible. I can get it to spin a bit but it is tricky.
  3. Have you switched it to the Simulation physics model? You can tinker with various sliders in there to get it closer to a real world feel.
  4. Pistol Whip is legitimately incredible. Not so much when my Occulus app keeps pinging up all my scores you've beaten I've found you can pair Bluetoosh headphones natively to the Quest via the Experimental features, but the lag is pretty high, rendering them useless for things like Pistol. However, Tetris Effect (as the FX is delayed anyway) is a thing of absolute wonder - great conversion. One thing that does concern me - has anyone else tried the new "experimental" dashboard. What an absolute shitshow of design. I love the current dash, i think it's brilliant, intuitive and clean. The new one is a horror film. I'm praying they get enough feedback to not switch, or at least give users the option between the two.
  5. The Walking Dead Telltale game I think is perfect. Time pressured decisions, some of which will haunt you for years. And you can blame her for making them. Also instead of just videogames, perhaps look at a modern two player board game. Jaipur, 7 Wonders Dual even Fog of love... something for everyone these days.
  6. It is a bit of a game changer. I hardly ever could be arsed getting the PSVR set up. With the Quest I find myself just whipping it out (and the VR helmet lol) for 5 mins on Table Tennis like I would with a mobile game or something. And it works perfectly as a wireless PC VR helmet too, which is also great. If only I could get up the courage to play Alyx
  7. It's not a tremendous sale by any stretch of the imagination... Super hot is crossbuy isn't it? It's 50 percent off on the Rift store.
  8. Excellent, thanks. My wallet is ready! I've fired off a few friend requests and added myself to the spreadsheet too.
  9. Any idea when the sale starts? I can't find any info about it but I notice sales in general have dried up on the store so something must be afoot.
  10. MPC live has gradually morphed into a lovely bit of kit. There's rumours of more soft synth additions coming soon, but even in its current form I think apart from the Deluge you can't really do much more on a standalone bit of equipment. My only criticism of it is the slightly archaic MPC workflow, but to be fair the weird way it works does tend to foster creativity if you're used to PC track-based sequencing. I find i do a lot more beat mangling on the MPC. There is an MPC Live 2 due to be released soon, but it's the same hardware with a couple of extra buttons and a built in speaker, so now is a great time to pick up a discounted Mk 1.
  11. Like i say, it would be a very close approximation of the stadium experience.
  12. I did half wonder for a fake crowd that you could have some sort of fan app (some sort of Discord variant) that would let fans sign into sections of the stands. In each section would be essentially a PA with a voice back channel to each app. The app then allows text chat among people in the stand subservers, so you can prep a sing-a-long or whatever. Then when the game is televised, any group sitting at home can yell into a phone and have it form a slight backdrop to the match on the pitch. Merged with the PAs in other stand areas and from the away fans. Clearly, the big risk would be people piping porn noises or licenced music tracks, but if the fan app perhaps tied to a season ticket with dire threats of bannings from the stadium if there were any shenanigans, I don't know....
  13. Do we have a code sharing place for this? My eleven year old has started playing and doesn't really have any friends with a Switch. SW-2611-3023-9829 Obviously friend him up if you have a kid, you're not a registered sex offender and your Animal Crossing gardens aren't full of hentai.
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