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  1. Hello Art subforum! Do you have a child? Can he or she draw? I'm looking for one or two secondary school aged children to do a small bit of artwork to be included in a scientific paper. We have made a couple of antibiotics by re-appropriating some text from an old Welsh poem. One of the angles to the publication is how blending art and science together can help to make it more engaging. For the target journal (Nature Science Comms) I'd like to include a couple of bits of artwork from children to prove this is, indeed, the case. In terms of payment, ethically, I have no idea what I'm allowed to offer - but happy to cover costs of art materials etc. Or send something like some Fortnite V-bucks or whatever it is your kidz are into these days. None of my three children have any artistic ability at all. Alarmingly so. I'd use a local school, or home ed group, but I'd prefer someone outside of Wales to prove the cultural reach. If you're interested, PM me, and I can send you a one page A4 sheet which summarises the work to see if it prompts some form of artistic expression. It's a little bizarre, so you may have further questions (I can send you the draft scientific paper if you have a science background). I already have an adult artist doing something - but equally if you're an adult who fancied a crack then let me know. All I'd need would be a hi-res photo of your work, and you'll go in the paper along with a credit. And yes, this sounds suspiciously like doing work for "exposure" but there you go....
  2. I rated it as a sort of 7/10 when I first saw it at the cinema. I watched it again at the cinema, and found the second watch was about the same as the first. But since watching it a couple more times at home I've warmed to it a lot. I think there are plenty of problems with it, but at its heart it's a proper Star Wars film. Though it's constrained by the canon, it does more creative things with the characters and designs than FA or TLJ. It's pretty dark in bits. And the space battle is ace - mainly because of the correct use of Y-Wings and Ion Torps. Yeah, it's grown in my estimation - I don't think it's ANH or ESB (or even ROTJ) good, but it's not a million miles away.
  3. I think I discussed this with a couple of members here ages back. Our lab (and my girlfriend and son!) has just released an academic paper on how plants are represented in modern boardgames, for a special "Plant Blindness" issue of Plants People Planet (a Wiley journal). https://nph.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/ppp3.10057 I'm sure as many here are actually hardcore board game players you may have an issue with some of our categorization and methods (we argued for hours about many things), but if you want to give it a click then please do (as the journal likes a bit of engagement ) And yes, you may well spot a major mistake or two, if so PM me so I can feel horrible about it (too late now)
  4. SU&SD love dexterity games. As they say, it's a bit like they've just discovered pool and are getting excited about it. Crokinole is....whatever. It's OK. It is what it is.
  5. Christ one hit from killing the Act 3 boss for the first time and he took me down. The guttural moan of pain I let forth was probably heard in the ISS. Back we go again!
  6. I'm over 40 and if I ever ascend to a position of power in the government of this country I will round up every single inverter and double spacer in this nation and send them to conversion camps. If violence has to be used, then so be it.
  7. Interested in Thurn & Taxis, plus vaguely rare Spielbox mini-expansio Dominion Big Box (base game, alchemy, prosperity, some shiny tokens and a playmat, plus some promos) I have Survive (but an older version) and possibly some other stuff.
  8. Oh yes. Not CMON. Sorry. Similar concept. Not shitting on the deal as such but I think it's very much the sort of game people will rush to buy at a deep discount because of the big plastic. I thought it was underwhelming in the extreme. 40 quid gets a lot of superb games these days.
  9. It has a pile of plastic and it's from CMON. It's highly rated due to plastic Kickstarter uplift. It's not a 100 pound game. There are many better ways to spend 40 quid.
  10. Meh. RRP is one thing. It's not a 100 quid game.
  11. Delivery takes it over 40 quid. Not sure it's that great a deal.
  12. EDIT: Ignore me, friend got a copy at expo
  13. Anyone snag a copy of Foothills? Has to be the only game that features Aberystwyth and Llanbadarn Fawr, where I grew up.
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