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  1. Yes. Me too I spent most of it muttering "fuckkkk offffff" to myself.
  2. The store is horribly expensive. Look for promo discounts which reduce the price to horribly expensive. A route to a lot of cheap or free experiences is probably Sidequest or hooking up to a PC.
  3. There are a few there that don't chime with my experiences. It's so variable in terms of your personal setup I'm not sure that spreadsheet's a huge amount of use tbh.
  4. I haven't had a game not work over VD. It's worked flawlessly for me for games from the relatively simple, like Minecraft and throwaway titles, up to more demanding stuff like VTOL VR, Asgard's Wrath and Alyx. I can't think of a time it's not worked with anything. Maybe it's more router dependent. Which games in particular are you talking about?
  5. Try Virtual Desktop first (via sideload). If that works well you won't need or want a cable.
  6. I'm about an hour in. I've only almost shat myself once. It's astonishing, but I don't know if I have the strength to do some of the bits I just know are coming up
  7. I think Season 3 ep 6 or so did for me and I was done with it. Glad dug is sticking with it though. Overall I applaud the concept but find the execution painful to sit through. I did wonder if I was going mad, but I checked a couple of the earlier seasons of BSG to check I didn't have rose tinted goggles for the calibre of acting it was possible to put in a scifi show and while there are acting clunkers in there The Expanse simply doesn't have leads like Adama, the President, Starbuck et al. to elevate it above what it is. Which is, sadly, fairly mediocre. Anyway, not shitting on anyone who likes it, but it's not for me.
  8. What ships do you need?
  9. I have a massive collection of XWing V1 all factions. Might be interested in trades if you have other stuffs. Knackered old PC parts are of interest for example....
  10. In support of 5 vs 5, I find it hard to believe in the era of heavily focus-tested videogames not one person in EA went, "5 vs 5 we're going to get pilloried for that, people want massive fighter battles" I think there's a reason games like Valorant or League of Legends stick with reduced squad sizes. It the sort of squad you can assemble relatively frequently with your mates. It's a size of squad that can learn and grow with a game, where people take on different roles. If the game is technical enough to warrant it, then this team aspect could be quite interesting. If it was just clouds of arcade fighters looping around one another then I could see it getting boring fast. But if it's X-Wing Counterstrike that might be a far more interesting proposition. I'm not saying it is that - but the eye openingly small number of ships in each battle I think sounds potentially very interesting and I'll hold fire lambasting them till we have more details.
  11. VTOL VR is incredible as it's built from the ground up for VR, so I think it can be successful, but the entire game needs to be built around it.
  12. I finished Season 2 as well. Meh. Some decent moments. Some moments where it was a below average Buffy episode. Still some criminal acting and poor scripts. I've started Season 3, and already the acting is winding me up. I hear this is the best one though, so we'll go to the end and reassess.
  13. What he did to Craig David also strayed into being quite uncomfortable - a talented musician who was essentially bullied out of the UK by this prick, and based on the few times I've caught the shite he still pumps out on TV (e.g. Celebrity Juice) I'd hardly say he's a reformed character either.
  14. I bought mine from sbrandon111 who must be stockpiling them for winter
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