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  1. Like quite a few people on this thread i have a high end PC with Gamepass so a Series X didn't make a lot of sense for me, but I have played around with one at a mate's house and thought it was great. I think if I had absolutely nothing and had to pick one, the Series X would be the clear winner (especially with Gamepass). I did pick up a PS5 and I have been happy with it. As others have said while I've enjoyed the exclusives (e.g. Returnal and R+C) I only owned a hairdryer noisy OG PS4 so the opportunity to revisit (or play for the first time) stuff like Last of Us and God of War at a rock solid 60fps in total silence has been wonderful. I'm not entirely convinced on the pad and the haptics, but it is a distinguishing feature from games I play on the PC, so by and large I've tended to split FPS'es (which I play on mouse keys), multiplayer or graphic showcase games onto the PC and then leave more chill out single pad-esque games on the PS5 for sofa time. In some ways I think the quirks of the PS5 with the slightly off kilter OS and weird design are also attractive - it feels like switching on something a bit different with some sort of weird Playstation legacy and history ticking away under the hood. It is expensive, for sure, but it has the feel of a hobbyists car. Something that sits in the garage constantly being tweaked and maintained, like a Lotus or something. While the Series X is more like an Audi, just gets on with doing its job with minimum fuss. I guess if a Lotus was all you had to rely on to get you into work it would get old fast.
  2. It's quite a noticeable noise for me. You can hear it maybe 2 feet away. I wonder if it's when pads are new and it slowly fades over time? Though I have probably used this pad for about 40 hours now and it's still a clicky-boi.
  3. It's more a gummy click than a loud click. As someone else said, almost a haptic feature - like a tiny ridge of resistance as you push the sticks away from centre. It feels odd, but I wondered if it was deliberate. It appears not!
  4. Well that is weird. It's subtle and I don't notice it too much when I'm playing, but picking up the pad and the first few moves of the sticks is very odd, so much so I sort of think it must be a manufacturing flaw. I'm tempted to buy a second pad just to check.
  5. Can I ask anyone else with a PS5, on the pad do your sticks have a sort of rubbery click to them as you move them away from the centre? I find it a bit distracting and weird, but I'm not sure if it's just this pad.
  6. Anyone else having problems with weapon select on scroll wheel on the PC? I’ve never played such a weird implementation of it - rather than a swish up or down each individual tick on my G520 swaps and a swish simply goes back to the original weapon, it feels terrible, and weird, but maybe I’m missing something? Apart from that it’s good. Big Team Battle is just chaos and not that enjoyable and the ttk at times is near ludicrous but the arenas are fun and map design and visuals well developed.
  7. Mika Hakkinen won two F1 world championships doing it....
  8. I found some settings online for the wheel in FH3 and 4 and it transformed it. It was literally uncontrollable with default settings. After the tweaks it was brilliant. Do a trawl, I think I found a post on reddit somewhere. I'm about to try FH5 now - I hope to god it's better out of the box than the others were. The pad controls feel significantly better to me, especially off road, so I'm hopeful.
  9. Kekw Crashes seem to have cleared - I think it must've been server authentication problems or summat.
  10. Looks spectacular on a PC only slightly less powerful than Deep Thought. I like the new touches in terms of lighting and world detail. Handling is vastly improved on a pad too - looking forward to trying it on a wheel. But I am having quite a few crashes... Have updated drivers etc - could be the servers are stressed as it crashed twice at a point where an achievement was awarded.... Also - 5 games in, could Playground hire someone who can draw faces?
  11. I spent ages getting the G290 to work on FH4 with good settings - do they carry across automatically to FH5? Or are the default settings much improved over 4 (which I found virtually uncontrollable until I'd made massive changes).
  12. Biome, in a game context, was originally popularised by Minecraft and has become something of a catch all term for different zones in more sprawling overworlds. Doesn't change the fact that Digital Foundry should stick to one technical video per game, pointing out the minute differences between versions and keep their nasal, droning opinions on the actual gameplay to themselves. You can see they're becoming progressively empowered by people telling them they're great and it's leading to absolutely terrible content.
  13. You're not saving money by not spending money on things you don't need. Otherwise I could say I'm saving money right now by not buying a houseboat.
  14. I'm not sure projecting the image of you, semi-clothed, sitting on the shitter, frantically filling in Microsoft questionnaires and searching for stuff on Bing to earn a hot 42p daily is quite the comeback you needed here. It's fine. I can think of plenty of more entertaining things to do while squeezing one out, but it's clearly working for you.
  15. You're "earning" 42p a day. If you paid me 42p a day to use Bing I'd tell you to get tae fuck. Dedicating 5 minutes a day to something means you're dedicating 30 hours of your life over a year, or basically, what, 4 and a bit working days to performing menial tasks to get something for "free". Nothing is free. Apart from giving up your dignity.
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