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  1. Interesting, I'm driving past there tomorrow. I do already have TMB and Gloom but depending on pickup price might be interested for friends.
  2. Where do you live for potential pickups?
  3. I went 6 games in a row last night with one kill. I wasn't even playing badly. I'd just come off the back of a really great game of Valorant too where I felt like a God. The one kill was fucking amazing (a proper jump pad, Octane 360 no scope with a sniper rifle) but even so. Apex is a brutal mistress.
  4. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu-lleeeeeee-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooheeeeeeeeeeessss
  5. Ah, then yeah. You can have runs where you seem to face superhumans and other weird ones where the people appear confused by the very concept of shooting. It's weird.
  6. If you started recently then there comes a point where you leave the sort of easy mode lobbies and enter the big wide world and it can be brutal.
  7. Yes, it's been rough since the mid80s, I get it. But by and large football is a lot of heritage, pageantry, personalities, local connections, history and the potential for upsets. Strip all that away and football isn't an entertainment platform that can compete. It doesn't exist in a vacuum any more. Football more often than not is quite dull, played out in an uninspiring setting with people whose personalities have been sanded smooth by media training. How inspirational and close to the football you're playing in the park with your mates is a breakaway league of rich fuckers? Incr
  8. The problem here is the existential threat to football from things people could be watching and invested in that aren't football. If you strip history away and then add VAR on to even strip the chaotic last minute goal celebrations (with people sitting for 2 minutes while a referee in a truck 40 miles away draws lines on a screen), price out the most passionate of fans and then make the entire thing a pay-gated spectacle then what do you have left? e-sports in particular are a huge threat to football - normally free to watch on Twitch, largely entirely ability based, exciting to watch, allows
  9. Gave it a go. Noticed a couple of QoL improvements. First fight couldn't switch weapons, stacked grenade launches up and then suddenly game did a series of actions in a blur, ending up with me killing myself by blowing myself up. Switched it off.
  10. One thing I miss is the sense of community and a shared "big game" on a platform, especially for multiplayer. Around PGR3, Midtown Madness, Halo 2 or whatever, where people were playing a single game and your friends list was a wall of everybody doing the same thing (on the same platform). Perhaps it's nostalgia, but apart from certain multiplayer titles with battlepasses (e.g. Apex, Valorant) or suddenly burn hard and fast then die titles (e.g. Among Us, Valhalla) everything seems incredibly fractured and diverse. It seems harder than ever to arrange any sort of online meet up as people eithe
  11. From indie discos in the 90s I'd have to say Starsign, Teenage Fanclub Honourable mention for Gene Clark by the same band. Also, I've always had a soft spot for Olympian by Gene, which is essentially a 2 minute intro into a chorus that can only be described as "singalong".
  12. They tried mechs in Fortnite and it went down like a cup of cold sick. But you never know, there have been rumours circulating for a while about a limited time mode with mechs in. In Apex there was also a time limited Haloween mode (which might come back this year) which might be worth a try if you wanted to give it another go - when you died you came back as an undead beast with the same traversal move set as TF2. But I do get the issue with it being a BR, I've had my fair share of hating it and wishing I was playing a more conventional Titanfall experience.
  13. Garwoofoo is genetically programmed to have contrarian opinions on videogames. There'll be no convincing him. Obviously, I'm sure everyone knows, but Apex is essentially Titanfall 3 (and the most recent map introduced in Season 7 is basically made from Titanfall 3 assets). The traversal isn't as good and it's a BR game (so you take all the frustration that brings) and there's clearly no story/robots, but if you hanker after the feel of TF2 and want more of it it's about as close as you can get.
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