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  1. Bit out of the ways of it, but dusted off the camera on our daily lockdown walk the other day.
  2. Wi-fi connection yes, broadband no. It's all within your network, it's just using the router to send the data from the PC to the headset so the broadband speed doesn't matter, just the quality of the wi-fi signal in the house. 5GHz works best if you can choose (most new routers have both 2.4 and 5 ghz options), and it works best if your PC is connected to the router via ethernet. Link cable is a bit easier to set up, it's just that it can get in the way. All you need is a USB 3 port on your PC usually you'll need to use the back panel ones. For the cable I use - 5m active extension- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073J92722/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3m Anker - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073J92722/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The Anker isn't available just now though so others may recommend an alternative. That gives 8m total which is a bit overkill to be honest, but it works well and 3m limit of non-active ones isn't long enough really.
  3. Q1 - Have I got that right? Yeah thats pretty much it, although the virtual desktop app has a 'games' tab that lets you just pick PC games installed and jump straight in, if you load up steam VR on the desktop it doesn't recognise a headset as being connected. Both Steam VR and Oculus games appear here if I remember correctly. There's some guides and discussion in the HL:Alyx thread, you need to get the beta version and sideload for the best performance. Q2 - Does it work? Yes, it works pretty well if you've got a decent 5.8GHz wifi network, and it's best to have the PC wired to the router. On my setup I do notice it is a bit 'less smooth' in terms of the tracking (even on the latest beta install which is supposed to be the best). I wanted the best performance for HL:A so I went back to the cable again, but YMMV depending on your network and how much you notice the difference. Q3 - Can you play rift games bought through the oculus store using this method? As above, not a problem if you go through the games tab.
  4. iwan_canobi

    Pearl Jam

    This wasn't on my radar but was a nice surprise when it popped up in Spotify to tell me. Had a few listens and overall I'm really liking it, got a lot of good paced, fairly upbeat tunes.
  5. Yeah I'm in the same boat as well, work is busier than ever and trying to get some space to actually play without my wife or my son under my feet is proving difficult! You'd think a lock in would be beneficial to completing a game but it's proving the opposite for me!
  6. Get it. Just get it. I don't think it will be reduced anytime soon, and based on my time so far it's THE thing to experience in VR. Get it. Did I say get it already? Get it.
  7. I've not noticed it too much either, I find it's a nice break to get centered back in the room and have a wee gander at the map to see where you are.
  8. I think you need to launch from the 'games' tab in virtual desktop, rather than launching steam vr or oculus home. That's how I did it anyway, the games section had all the games and it just jumped me straight in.
  9. That's the fella! You'd think it would look at the resource usage before running and think 'hmm, maybe the user is doing something he doesn't want interrupted just now'... Yeah I grabbed the beta based on your post (thanks for that BTW), it did work well but it just did seem a bit juddery, but hopefully it was just because of the scan running as above. Will try again tonight hopefully!
  10. I got this running last night and whilst it did work well, it did seem to be slightly less smooth, enough to make me want to switch back to cabled. When I went back to my laptop though it was running some Dell system scan, so I don't know if that was something to do with it. Will try again today maybe if I get the time, as it is much better untethered in terms of using roomscale and not standing on/getting tangled up in the cable. It's also much easier to get into the game from the launcher rather than having to go to Oculus PC home, then open steam home, then open the game, and re-centre works as per usual Quest games! It's what link should be to be honest. Just got the first proper encounters with the combine, combat feels extremely natural, hiding behind things and leaning out to shoot! I'm still rubbish with the pistol though, it's all about the twist of your hand to get the dot lined up. I guess thats probably realistic mind you, just takes a while to get used to. Not really a spoiler but discussion on a certain section of the game:
  11. I don't want to know anything about the sequence, but what was your total play time to completion? I'm going to take my time anyway, and already I can definitely see myself having multiple playthroughs just to take it all in again.
  12. I might give this a bash as well, not having the wire to get tangled up in would be awesome and I'm literally 2m away from my router so hoping it would work ok.
  13. Played another hour or so and it's still incredible. Its just a believable world somehow, moreso than anything I've encountered before. All of the assets look just right. My face hurts though and my cat managed to jump on my laptop and turn it off mid way through me being attacked by a headcrab, so figure that's a good place to stop for now... So far, so so good.
  14. Just been playing for an hour or so and I'm so impressed. Literally had goosebumps for the first few minutes just looking over city 17! The scale and presence of everything is mind-blowing, and the graphics are amazing. Comparing this to something like walking dead is just night and day. I've been taking my time and just exploring but it's already such a rich world. There have been a few moments where the tracking wasn't quite right but I think that's just because my room is quite dark, and for some reason my quest was having issues finding my boundary to begin with. Haven't noticed any drop in frames yet. Only issue is my neck is sore from the quest, playing for over an hour really does start to take its toll! What movement modes are people using? I'm using blink along with a decent sized room for moving around in. Tried continuous but it made me nauseous almost instantly. Can't wait to spend more time in this!
  15. Drivers installed and unpacking begun in preparation!
  16. I need to wait until my son goes to bed before I can play. Is 5:05pm too early to put him to bed? THE SUSPENSE! Can't actually believe I'm going to experience being in City 17 in VR. I had all but convinced myself I'd never see it.
  17. Thats what I was worried about, cancelled my holiday anyway as I'm now at home and the wife and toddler are also now home so I wouldn't get peace to play it during the day anyway. Looks like I'll just need to play a couple of hours at a time. At least it will spread the experience out a bit!
  18. Just started this properly today and it really adds another layer of atmosphere. Resonance cascade is really quite harrowing with the extra detail and the lighting is amazing! Also noticed an office space reference between two scientists talking - "the quality of the TPS reports has been steadily declining, so I'm going to need you to come in over the weekend..."
  19. Well this is awkward... Ignore the airplane mode, hit the wrong key before screenshotting. But somehow I managed to fall off the train...
  20. I've got 8m of cable working well! Using an active 5m extension with the Anker 3m recommended one. It's loads but it does end up in the way a bit as it coils on the floor so you end up stepping on it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073J92722/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. I've got Monday off to break the back of it (and possibly me), then space out the rest to get full appreciation. Current level of anticipation: SEVERE.
  22. Does anyone have any idea what time it will be released on the 23rd? I know it's a daft question but I'm currently planning on taking the day off but wouldn't want to end up sitting around waiting for it to be enabled at 9am US time or something.
  23. denisb is selling one in trading also.
  24. It's been a big discussion point as originally it was rumoured that it's all that was planned to be supported, they added free locomotion at a late stage by all accounts, so it's no surprise to see them show all 3 modes in the released footage. I'm in two minds about it really, it does break the immersion somewhat but so does the 'floating around on a cushion of air' effect you get from free locomotion (for me anyway).
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