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  1. That’s awesome! Looks amazing with the projectors! My printers have been going non stop the last week or so, embarking on my next project of a full sized R2D2! Been researching and planning for years but decided just to go for it and get started. Will likely take years to finish but it feels good to be making a start. The dome will be printed and the body will be CNC plywood frame with styrene skins.
  2. Found the Planet Express I’d printed ages ago so gave it a quick paint and tried to practice hand painting. No idea how you guys do it, I’m definitely rough around the edges! Looks ok from a distance though. Knocked up a display stand with my laser cutter as well, looks good on my shelf so I’m happy! Need to invest in some better brushes though, any recommendations?
  3. Wow, that will be amazing! What size is C3PO to actually be able to run fibre into? Can’t wait to see that!
  4. Thanks, really happy how it turned out. I’ve added some more fibre optics on the front since I took those photos so it looks better now! The LEDs are animated also - Look forward to seeing your Bandai Falcon, that kit looks really nice! I cant image the amount of fibre you’ve put in there, got any progress pics? The Revell kit is pretty poor in terms of accuracy, it’s way too thick. Will probably build a Bandai perfect grade at some point but for now I have a passable Falcon shaped object. EDIT: This thread is incredible, some of the detail work is mind blowing! I always build big so I can hide my mistakes with washes and blending, but some of the work here is amazing!
  5. Just been made aware of this thread by @Nicky so seems like a good place to share my Serenity I’ve just finished, after quite a few years of work on and off! Fully 3D printed (purchased the model from a site called Gambody) and added a few bits myself, including the full lighting. Also made a custom laser cut stand. Really happy how it turned out!
  6. Not sure on that printer but it looks like the screen has damage, has any resin leaked onto it and could have cured on? Don’t think that would cause any issues apart from at that bit of the plate though. If the resin has expired that could change the curing behaviour, have you tried new stuff? If it’s sticking to the FEP (the thin material on the bottom of the tray) then you might want to check your supports and model orientation to try and reduce the suction force when lifting. There’s also settings in the slicer to change lift speed I think. The FEP might need tightened? There’s so many variables with resin printing and I’m not an expert really, I can never get mine printing particularly reliably either.
  7. I hastily ordered a PS5 last night and having slept on it I now feel a bit stupid and will probably return it. I love VR and it’s most of my gaming time (which is very little tbh) so to spend £1k+ when I already have a gaming PC and a quest is crazy. I think I’ll wait and see what happens with regards to PC compatibility and maybe just pick up the headset later. If valve don’t release something better in the mean time that is…
  8. I think the price is reasonable, if you consider a valve index alone is £1k then you need a gaming PC on top then it’s about right, and should be a better experience as well. Sure it’s out of reach of a lot of people, but the price will only come down. I hope it will do PC VR as well, I’ve wanted a new headset for ages which doesn’t need external tracking lighthouses. If it can work then the OLED screens and eye tracking will be awesome! Registered but no email yet.
  9. Ah yeah, it can be a bit of a nightmare getting things dialled in, I tried a glass bed before and just couldn't get on with it at all. Loads of people rave about them though! I hadn't used mine for ages and went to print something the other week and it just failed time after time to stick to the bed, spent ages messing around, trying different things with no success. Eventually had to change the filament and then it worked fine! Think the filament sitting out had meant it had picked up some moisture and it just wouldn't work! But still, when you get things working well it's amazing what they can churn out. I'm working on my latest Serenity Firefly build just now. Getting close to finished, just final painting and weathering to do!
  10. Bit of a delay, what printer did you get? Having fun so far?
  11. First foray into GB colour, new shell and screen and it’s looking good! Forgot to solder the button wires so I can change the logo colour though so need to open it back up again.
  12. Whilst I’ll be all over this, even the thought of water hazard and highway 17 in VR is giving me motion sickness…. 🤢
  13. This is where things are a bit misleading if you’re just looking at the mAh capacity, it’s not quite apples to apples. The Steam deck has a 5300mAh 2 cell battery, 2 cells means it’s 7.7V, which equals roughly 40Wh (watt hours = capacity x voltage). The power bank only has a 20,000mAh 1 cell battery (1 cell = 3.7V) which gives it ~74Wh. So what you’re getting sounds about right.
  14. I’m assuming this must be quite a big batch as even new orders are saying Q4 which isn’t really that far away. The backlog can’t be that big any more.
  15. Ah cool, that makes it even less effort! Offer is open, it’s the 512gb
  16. I got my mail but I already got my hands on one, anyone still looking for one can have this for cost + postage. Unless I can somehow get it delivered somewhere else?
  17. I’m quite surprised you’re getting playable frame rates in VR on that GPU, but that’s awesome! I haven’t played for ages but loaded it up last night for the inevitable updates to download so I can have a go this week. I’m using the HOTAS ONE with the pedals as well and it does add a lot to the immersion! It’s a bit light feeling personally but once you’re in VR you forget all about it! Not sure the pedals really add too much immersion mind you, but it depends what level of realism you’re looking for.
  18. Been working on a Pi based bartop arcade machine, although really just for running NES, SNES and Megadrive games so I can re-live my youth. Managed to get a Pi 4 2Gb after trying Retropie on my original Pi B+, but it ran like a dog! The Pi 4 is amazing, boots really quick and runs the aforementioned emulators with ease. Made the frame using my laser cutter and multiple layers of 6mm poplar plywood, and a top layer of white MDF for the 'beauty' panels. The MDF engraves nicely so I added some Mario theme to the play area and some controllers to the front panel. I don't have a huge amount of space so it's based around a 17" LCD monitor, and I used an old set of speakers and amp I had lying around for sound. Still a work in progress, need to decide what to do with the marquee, I actually bought the Sonic lego set so I could make a 3D marquee - i.e the set inside behind some clear acrylic, but it's a bit too tall so would look daft. Controls are a kit from ebay and they are ok, but a bit cheap. I also ran a USB port extender to the front panel so it's easy to plug in controllers.
  19. I like how it says he only sells to family and friends, like that somehow makes it better!
  20. You do need a pretty beefy PC to run it smoothly, I’m on an AMD 5600x with an Nvidia 3070Ti and I need to run most things about medium to get it to run smoothly. I think it’s doable on lower end setups if you don’t mind dialling some settings back. The Reverb is really nice for this, the resolution is amazing and there’s no hint of screen door effect. I haven’t played much with the controllers, I gave it a quick go last night but given my mouse is right there I found that easier. I haven’t tried other games yet to see if the controller tracking is as big an issue as some make out. Annoyingly they’ve improved the tracking and FOV, I ordered direct from HP thinking I’d be getting this new version but then found out that it’s only US models that get those updates! So I could have got a headset plus controllers for the price I paid for the headset alone. HP have a £50 off deal just now on it though.
  21. Had another session in VR on this with my new HP Reverb G2, holy balls it’s good! Have tweaked settings so have it running smooth now for the most part, and the resolution with the G2 is incredible, you can clearly read all of the dials etc! There was quite a few moments where my brain definitely clicked into a ‘this is real’ mode (hard to explain this feeling!). Especially when you get up higher and don’t notice some of the slightly dodgy textures and buildings. Flew from my local grass airfield, flew over my house, then to my work then to Glasgow and landed at the airport! Also had another blast in the Spitfire, starting to get the hang of prop pitch and mixture control!
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