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  1. I got Lone Echo ages ago and played for a few hours, but I found it a bit slow. I started it again last week but had lost my save progress so I’m back at the start again annoyingly, but seeing the reviews this sequel is getting make me think I should give it another go! Does the pace pick up a bit later in the first game?
  2. That does look pretty awesome! Not sure I'd be able to sneak that past the wife mind you...
  3. I never played this despite my friend telling me to constantly, looks like now is an ideal time then!
  4. Is anyone playing this in VR? I'm tempted to try and get a setup but if it's a vomit inducing mess then I don't want to waste my time.
  5. I've been using the HOTAS One along with the pedals, and it works well. I just sit on the couch with it on my knee which isn't ideal but it works well enough. The pedals I feel are a bit overkill to be honest, and the whole thing feels a bit cheap and plasticky but it's much better than using the joypad. I'm torn whether to keep the pedals or not at the moment, I keep finding myself using the yaw on the stick instead out of habit, and it's easy to forget you have yaw input on the pedals until you realise you are holding roll to fly straight and have to take your feet off to allow the pedals to re-center.
  6. I saw this last night and sent it to my nephew who is obsessed with ride on mowers, pretty sure he's bought in. I can't see the appeal myself, I hate cutting the grass! Can you get a robot mower in it and just sit and watch?
  7. Tried a sortie with my friend last week - cross platform and once we eventually managed to get into a group together it worked pretty well. Flew to Glasgow (which isn't particularly well modelled to be honest) then up to Loch Lomond, then over past Inveraray and landed in Oban. It's pretty cool flying with others, although it's really easy to lose each other. Found that putting all lights and strobes on really helps.
  8. Do we think that there will be steam deck specific versions of games to optimise the install sizes a bit? Some games are getting a bit ridiculous and I don't really think you need to have huge 4k textures etc when you're only playing at 800p? I pre-ordered the 512GB anyway, but just curious.
  9. You can press pretty much anywhere and just choose set as departure. If it's not a runway it just puts you there in the air.
  10. I bought the Spitfire last night and had a great few hours blasting around the Highlands and Islands! Low level flying with it is great fun! Managing the prop pitch is a pain though as you need to select it in the cockpit, might need to get a keyboard and set up some extra keys.
  11. The squirrel intro video shows this, but basically -50 on ever axis is a good place to start.
  12. Ah ha, thats cool, will need to try that. I was using the HOTAS for the first time last night and the looking around is binary with the HAT, so I ended up having the controller sat next to me as well, would need to use that to actually access the cockpit controls.
  13. I was in the Flight Design CTLS which doesn't have one. Unless I was missing it somehow.
  14. Is it the same in the cockpit as well? It still looks like great fun to try. I tried climbing through some thick cloud yesterday and it really showed why light aircraft aren't allowed to lose sight of the ground. I got totally disoriented and ended up in a turn whilst climbing, and at one point started descending even though I thought I was level and climbing. Managed to right it by switching to the external view but man, I'd have been screwed if that was a real life situation. It did fill me with panic even though I knew I was just sitting on my couch.
  15. I tried a few of these tonight and had a similar experience, the take off one kept restarting me as it didn't seem to register at the point where it said to gently pull up, even though I was doing it and was airborne it just kept telling me I was too far down the runway and restarting me. It did help me though to figure out a few of the buttons etc. Will definitely do the ones for the jets as I'd like to try and fly those properly.
  16. I think the game should keep crash wreckages there, can you imagine the piles of planes littering the streets around all the famous landmarks! That and every runway would have a boneyard at the approach, end, sides....
  17. Username checks out... No, no weapons on any craft are available.
  18. Yeah thats totally true, just mean I don't want to drop £16 on it and it turns out to just be an arcade style experience. Watched a few videos on it and it looks like fun, but isn't particularly accurate. Spitfire is probably a better shout actually, I could see myself properly trying to fly that and spending a lot more time with it.
  19. Yeah, those were pretty much the exact same thoughts I had as well. If it was a bit cheaper I'd give it a punt but might wait to see some reviews. I had a look at the pictures and it seems fairly accurate in terms of the cockpit layout, but there were a few issues I immediately spotted and the external view looked a bit....off somehow.
  20. Has anyone purchased any of the plane add-ons? I'm tempted to get the Typhoon so that I can fly the mach loop at low level, but £16 seems quite steep!
  21. What's your local airfield? I flew to Arran today and was having a great time bombing around the mountains and down to Lochranza. The castle is there but it's not quite right, still looks amazing though!
  22. My wife has announced she is going out tomorrow night, and my HOTAS and pedals are arriving tomorrow. When is an acceptable time to put my 4 year old into bed....
  23. Yeah these help, particularly the yaw as the default is way too sensitive!
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