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  1. Do you mind sharing how you did the green smoke? I’m painting the new underworlds skaven warband. One of them is jumping down into a cloud of smoke and I’m not sure how best to approach it.
  2. Bought an expansion pass and played it this evening. I can’t comment on how good the emulation is but the nostalgia wave of playing (and especially hearing) my favourite N64 game for the first time in c.20 years had me grinning throughout and was worth the entry price. My skills aren’t what they were though, went straight to expert on Jack cup and lost my last life on port town after not getting above 10th place in any of the previous races…
  3. I got a nasty set of correct letters early so used a guess to get rid of some of the chaff. I’m not sure if I’d have got it if I was doing hard mode. Wordle 233 5/6
  4. I picked this up this weekend in the sale and it’s consumed my time. My first campaign ended badly after underestimating how dangerous hyenas could be led to a downward spiral of heavy injuries and light funds. The AI is decent, trying to get around your tougher melee fighters to get to archers hiding behind them and won’t charge blindly into your shield wall if they have an advantage in position and ranged weapons. It’s brutal but really rewarding when things go to plan.
  5. This is on iplayer at the moment and is well worth a watch. Some incredible performances and heartbreaking scenes.
  6. I had one of the Topmen who had one triangle mark for a fair bit of the game but i couldn’t see the obvious clue I was missing from the memories he appears in. He ended up being one of the last guys I identified and only managed it by Didn’t seem like a 1 triangle so there must have been something easier I completely overlooked.
  7. Almost a year on and many games more experience later I took the new beastmen to a 9 person tournament yesterday in Dundee and won! If you’re in the area Highlander Games is well worth a visit, one of the most nicely laid out and well stocked local game shops I’ve been in.
  8. It’s been much improved by the Jotun edition free update. Being able to see what enemies are going to appear (but not how many of each) on each stage allows you to tailor your army rather than being forced to use a jack of all trades force every time. Well spaced checkpoints are a big plus too.
  9. The flashbacks were jarring but it’s been so long since I watched season 3 that I did find them useful (I know I should have rewatched all the seasons beforehand but work and kids mean I just don’t have the free time I did a decade ago ). Enjoyed getting reacquainted with the characters and getting a proper ending to the show after so long.
  10. Guess I'll power through to the end of NG++ for the platinum then and start a new game for the DLC. Maybe try a dex/bloodtinge build this time
  11. I started it on NG+, got to Ludwig, got killed then decided to finish NG+ instead. Presumably my DLC progress will be reset now I'm on NG++?
  12. I’m on NG++ and torn between getting the platinum trophy quickly by choosing the easy ending (last achievement needed but i’m only at forbidden woods so the end is a while away) but then having to go to NG+++ (or NG) to do the DLC or doing the DLC on NG++ first but delaying the platinum trophy by the time it takes me to complete the DLC... Any thoughts on what would be the best way to go about it?
  13. Yesterday I took these guys to what should have been a shadespire tournament in Aberdeen but ended up just being friendly games between me and one other guy as no one else showed up. i haven’t played much before and my guys got wrecked (once by Stormsire’s Cursebreakers and once by another Reaver warband) but I learned a lot. In particular that attacking cards aren’t much use if you don’t have cards that can get (and keep) your guys closer to the other team.
  14. I seem to have picked up a bug with how stun works on my switch save file. Instead of making the enemies (or my party) miss a turn it just gives the usual visual effect but the stunned character or monster just carries on as normal. Needless to say it's making an already tough game very much tougher so might result in me having to start a new save file
  15. Just you. It does take a lot of levelling though. Level 6 is needed/advised as is top notch weapons/armour and skills to give a decent chance. Quirks can be cured (for a price) in the sanitarium. You should try and do this to keep on top of them and stop them building up. I believe that the likelihood of quirks occurring is related to the level of stress of the character but as with most other things there's a random element too
  16. Been playing this again myself recently on the switch. Trying to beat bloodmoon difficulty but the RNG can be soul destroying. Started a new game after the one before felt like it wasn't going to be successful (too many deaths, too much stress on the survivors and not enough money to turn things around) then promptly had Reynauld killed by an unlucky critical hit on the old road...
  17. There's some randomness but it's influenced by a character's spd stat.
  18. Darkest Dungeon (and the DLC) is currently at 40% off on the eshop so I double dipped. Tried playing it on the TV but the controls are pretty non intuitive. I’m hoping they bed in a bit more over time or I may have to switch to touchscreen ...
  19. Wait, is La-Mulana on the switch now? Never managed to complete it on the Wii and have had a hankering to retry it for a while.
  20. Season 3 Episode 5 was (up til the last 5 mins) the weakest one so far. Every scene with Brienne in it feels like filler and episode 5 was packed with them. It ended well though so hopefully things pick up in the coming episodes.
  21. MK64 falls into the same boat. Surely MK8 beats it on every count except for nostalgia.
  22. Thanks for the extended deadline! Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Bloodborne Dark Souls Starcraft 2 World of Warcraft Super Mario World Secret of Mana Darkest Dungeon F Zero GX Super Mario Galaxy Advance Wars Divinity: Original Sin (haven't played the second one yet) Resident Evil 4 Rock Band 3 Xenoblade Chronicles Ikaruga Portal Pikmin 3 Mario Kart 8 Xcom 2
  23. I totally agree with that. I played SC2 for a good while and even though I'd never got particularly high up the league I knew enough to understand how all the unit combinations worked vs one another. This let me enjoy watching the pros play as I could appreciate the skill involved and their split second decision making. Dota 2 I played far less of, still a fair amount but nowhere near enough to know how all the abiltities, characters and items matched up so when I watched that I just couldn't get into it. Overwatch just had too many perspectives to concentrate on to make it enjoyable to watch for me. It's difficult to think of a videogame that won't have that complexity barrier to entry for spectators but still be deep enough to be interesting to watch.
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