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  1. Not at all, this much more befits this thread as Online is where threads go to die, sadly. (Talk about this structural topic is very much going on elsewhere on the forums.)
  2. Just a fair bit of 'oppo', wasn't even close to touching the handbrake here
  3. My thoughts on @marsh early 2019: My thoughts on @marsh now:
  4. McSpeed

    Dirt 4

    It's a decent game, but considering DiRT Rally 2.0 can be acquired for just around 9 quid (or 13 including all the DLC cars and stages), that's an even better deal DiRT 4 is surely a more accessible game though the handling on DiRT Rally 2.0 is much improved for pad users too.
  5. (It's been a while since I posted this here so let's have another go) Online forum racing tonight, as every monday from 8PM UK time, in the rllmuk GT Sport Monday Night Racing Club! Bring your favourite Gr. 4 car to a variety of tracks, including a warm-up lap around Special Stage Route X and Bathurst
  6. Driveclub is far from being a sim. It definitely isn't as arcade as most Need for Speeds, but not as realistic as semi-sims (I hate the term 'simcade') such as Gran Turismo Sport either. I've always regarded Driveclub to be a spiritual continuation of Project Gotham Racing, something even some devs mentioned at the time. That's definitely an arcade racing game with a few simulation elements, but still it's still mostly arcade. (Though less arcady than most Need for Speeds.) The Autolog battles provide decent natural incentives to play and I'd be happy to host
  7. Don't share your views on this game I'm afraid, but that photo is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING
  8. Looks like this game certainly runs better on PS5 and XSX: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-12-the-playstation-5s-dualsense-is-a-revelation-for-racing-games
  9. Ooh, will be happy to race you again! Will add tomorrow Cheers, an hour well spent! I'll have a crack at that tomorrow Not entirely sure which one this is again but will check tomorrow! In fairness, this is very much why I'd love to race in some online lobbies with forumites and friends again in this. It's a great way to boost each others' skills - and amazing good fun
  10. Hosting a late online lobby for friends and forumites currently, PSN ID is Joe_McSpeed, EA ID MW-Joe_McSpeed
  11. Who's up for some online racing in a bit? I'll be on hosting a lobby.
  12. Sorry to hear this for Xbox players. The PS4 version runs like an absolute dream at the moment (specially in Performance mode), hope that will be the same for Xbox people soon!
  13. Think I've got the EA ID system thing figured out. When it starts with MW = PlayStation Network HP = Xbox HT = PC You can only add EA ID's of players who are on a different system, otherwise you need the regulair username (PSN ID/Xbox Live Gamertag etc.) So the best thing is to share both your online ID for your system and EA ID in this thread
  14. It starts again Bloody time in which event btw? Sweet Kris! Looking forward to playing with you again Just accepted your request! It is cross-gen, both autolog and direct online lobbies. Please share your in-game EA ID for this, can be found in-game in the Online menu
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