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  1. Great setup, enjoy your virtual racing! If you feel like joining the online racing group in GT Sport we have going every Monday night, by all means add me on PSN
  2. Cool! Joined the queue to try and be over for a sell
  3. Online forumites and friends racing again tonight, as per usual starting at 8PM UK Bring your go-karts as we'll be trying those first. Some people here have already found those to be quite fun, so could be interesting! Also, get your Mazda Roadster Touring Cars in order too!
  4. There is a form of character transfer - at least there was to move over your character from last-gen to current-gen (I did that moving from 360 to PS4. It may still be there for PC, too. Yes it is, you can set up a session locked to people in your crew, friends or just people you invite
  5. Heh, yeah Tim and Tim both have a way with social media. Part algorithms, part manual liking and following. (Yes, I've actually seen Tom mashing like buttons over lunch in between practice sessions.) As for AC:C: very much up for taking to that when it hits PS4 in June, and I know some more people in our regular GT Sport group are too For sure! Tom's already stated he considers sim racing to be a more important stepping stone to racing than karting now. It's funny as more senior racing drivers are suddenly into sim racing due to everything going on, including the ones who really didn't take it seriously before. Such a major difference. I've not had 'all that' just yet, though I'm committed to keeping the attic for sim racing, sports gear, storage and laundry We have 1,5 spare bedrooms on the first floor so that should work when our household would grow. Also @Meerman, even though you've already moved on, can I just thank you for properly introducing me to (semi-)realistic racing games on consoles. If it wasn't for our online Forza shenanigans on Xbox 360 (over 10 years ago already!), maybe I would never have had such a nice and warm introduction to the joys of racing this way on rllmuk! I continue to try to carry that spirit into current online racing activities, now mostly in the weekly GT Sport Monday night GT racing, which sometimes involves up to 2 nearly full 16-player lobbies
  6. My setup in our attic since October 2018: Playseat Sensation Pro - A never released prototype for the defunct Red Bull Global Rallycross series, including convenient extra pre-drilled holes. Thrustmaster T300 RS Wheel Base - Serving me well since 2015. Thrustmaster 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara - Much nicer to hold than the default plastic wheel, plus 'realistic looks'. (Still use racing gloves sometimes, mind.) Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals - Three pedals, brake includes 'conical rubber brake mod' for extra resistance. Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter - Manual 7-speed 'box though it can be switched to sequential mode. Thrustmaster TSS Sparco Handbrake Mod+ - Fly-off style metal handbrake, perfect for drifts and handbrake turns, mostly in rallying 2x Thrustmaster Shifter Mount - For the TH8A and TSS, conveniently mounted behind each other using the extra pre-drilled holes All hooked up to a 32" Philips HD TV and PS4 Pro. Very happy with this one Would love a 4K triple screen setup, though I don't have the space and it would only make sense for PC sim racing. Besides, it just fits in this snug nook of the attic so the missus tolerates it. Heh, rest assured, you really don't Interestingly, sim racing is a real challenge for Tom. I tried to guide him around the Nordschleife in PCARS a few years back in preparation for a TV show, but he got rather dizzy after 2 or so laps. His body is hardwired to the physical input of actual racing. Spoke with him the other day, Rudy van Buren is now coaching him for The Race All-Stars races in classic F1 machinery, but Tom still gets very nauseous after just one race. Wimp
  7. Online forumites & friends racing again tonight, starting at 8PM UK time Bring your favourite pre-2013 Gr. 3 car, any of these are eligible: Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 BMW M3 GT BMW Z4 GT3 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car McLaren F1 GTR - BMW Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 Nissan GT-R GT3 N24 Schulze
  8. You should really join our online races sometime
  9. Yes, online forum racing again tonight starting at 8PM UK time as per usual Bring your Ferrari F40 in a nice livery. BoP will be locked and tuning prohibited. Nice! I'll have a look at this logo tonight!
  10. Wait, you're not seriously suggesting you prefer the handling in Wreckfest over DiRT Rally 2.0, are you? (I love both games to bits, mind.)
  11. I've not touched the karts in GT Sport in a looong time. Are they good to race on a wheel? Could be interesting to try them out for a cup series on some of the shorter, narrower tracks
  12. Gr. 4 cup tonight for the online forum racing, starting at 8PM UK time as per usual We'll do 4 races, including 1 more endurance-ish one, and keep score over them all.
  13. I'm just looking for one final fossil to complete the collection: the Pteranodon left wing. If anyone has a spare, please let me know! Will be happy to pay bells or trade it for rare clothes, furniture (including arcade cabinets) or anything else
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