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  1. No worries - I hit you before in the Porsches, it's all forgive and forget. The 0.5 penalty I got for getting hit was rubbish, but that hit also made me overshoot the corner - the action which then respawned and 5.0 penalized me, after which I got another corner cutting penalty of 2.0 seconds...
  2. By all means swing by for the last race(s) of you can though
  3. I will be there again tonight and hosting online lobbies from 8:30 PM UK time As promised, let's do some Porsche Cup racing! Bring your N400 Porsche 911 GT3 (both 2001 and 2008 models are eligible) and replicate the awesome three-way battle from last week with more forumites and friends!
  4. Ooh, I'm all up for a Porsche Cup race next Monday! If we select BoP once again both 911 models in the N400 class should work well for that
  5. AMAZING battle! It already heats up very nicely around the 3:50 mark, but especially the last two laps are just the stuff of legends. Well done chaps! We should definitely get more of this done next Monday night
  6. It's going alright today, so I will be back for online racing tonight Can host a lobby from 8:30 PM UK time, like in 'the old days'. By all means race along, it'd be nice to gather a good group again to duke it out in Mazda's, Gr.3's and more!
  7. I'm hoping to race for a while tonight! Mentally still up and down. Had to get a molar removed today, if that doesn't hurt too much I should be on around 8:30 PM UK
  8. Though very, very much appreciating all the warm support I've received from you all here, I partly blame myself for this too. Have just been able to host a couple of times over the past weeks. Hoping to get more consistant with that though things are still very much going up and down here. That said, we still get races going on Mondays, even quite late yesterday night with a decent turnout - would be great just to keep that going at least, and at times expand again to double-digit numbers of players
  9. I should be on again tonight too! Probably a little later than usual, by 9:30 PM UK time By all means start racing a bit sooner, I'll be happy to join in an existing lobby (or host one around 9:30) for some great forum racing.
  10. I'm not able to race tonight sadly. But I heard a fair number of online friends (Dutchies too) are up for it, so by all means try to have a go together!
  11. There is, we have a PSN chat group (37 and counting) to organise racing. What's your PSN username? Will happily add you
  12. Great effort all! I can't make the online racing tonight, but I know several people in our group are up for it. Can anyone else take over hosting duties?
  13. Online racing again tonight! I'll be around 8:30PM UK time Let's make it a great night of GT Sport action again with the forumites and friends. Bring your Mazda Roadster Touring Cars and Gr. 3's!
  14. Many thanks to the group of people who came out to play on Monday night It was great to enjoy GT again after struggling for weeks. Racing the RE Amemiya RX-7 around Laguna Seca was just what the doctor ordered!
  15. Right, how about some online racing again tonight? It's all very up and down still here, but I really want to try to get back into this to start off the new year! Who's up for racing at 8:30 PM UK tonight?
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