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  1. I agree! We'll use that car and some more for the online forum racing tonight, starting at 8PM UK time as per usual I'm up for some experimenting with Super Formula's and tyre wear tonight.
  2. McSpeed

    F1 2020

    Ah, I did not know that. Great!
  3. McSpeed

    F1 2020

    Bear in mind PS Now is not ideal for racing games given the latency, which can make steering feel rather unnatural. By all means try it, but take into account this is probably not the best way to enjoy your nice new racing setup.
  4. I've always liked the suggested gear indicator in GT because of what you say. When it tells you to take a corner in 3rd gear, 8/10 times you're better of selecting 4th. Still, when the gear suggestion flashes, that's often a good reference point for your braking point so it can be used for that, too. Sneaky way of having some extra help on tracks you don't know well. This is very much true, a school of thought Rudy van Buren reiterated when I was in his sim once. You'll still brake before/into a corner (trail braking depending), but in a lot of modern race cars pro drivers will let the car roll more than you think before getting on the power. Rudy let me drive on Brands Hatch GP in a Mercedes-AMG GT GT3 to experience this, especially in T4 (the tightening then opening left-hander leading to the back straight). I can hear his voice in my head there as I try to trail brake towards the apex, let it roll and wait an additional half a second or so before getting on the power
  5. Welcome to the Monday Night Racing Club! The grind shouldn't be that big for you, doing some Driving School, Mission Challenge and Circuit Experience will net you a good number of cars and credits. There's a relatively small list of cars and classes we often use, most of which are affordable. Also, signing a manufacturer contract of choice in the game will get you free loaner Gr.4 and Gr.3 cars We'll be happy to share some tips on shifting manual gears as you come on, of course.
  6. Wey hey, that does sound like a good deal. Congrats on getting that The T3PA pedals are proper indeed and having them fixes the only flaw the T150 really has. (The flimsy default pedals.) That Playseat may be adjustable, otherwise look out for a Wheelstand Pro.
  7. Yeah, we had some interesting moments there when we ran a slightly longer race with the MNRC a while back
  8. That chicane of death is perfect the way it is. If you get it right, it's good time gain (or pretty much mandatory on high level fights such as the one Mexos had with Noble and others.) If you back off or mess up and hit a wall, you lose speed. It's just racing, really.
  9. If you value force feedback I'd make a strong (pun intended) case for Thrustmaster. Logitech wheels in your price range use gear-based systems, which generate more of a glorified rumble than proper force feedback. Whereas Thrustmaster uses a belt system (though I believe the T150 uses a combination of belts and gears - the T300 uses just belts) to deliver a both stronger an smoother force feedback sensation. Plus you should be able to find a (used) T150 within your budget, as I recall some forumites have in recent months, too.
  10. Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagi, possibly the best fictional raceway in this game. It's got an amazing flow, super fast long corners in the first two sectors and rather challenging twisties in the latter two sectors. You really have to make the downforce work. We'll do it more often
  11. How many threads for this do we have by now? Anyway, I'm not sure if you can find a wheel that's compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation out of the box, though you can get a DriveHub converter to make it work on both. I have a Thrustmasters T300 RS which works with PS3, PS4 (soon PS5 too) and PC, and using that DriveHub I can use it pretty much flawlessly on Xbox One, too. Given your budget I'd recommend looking at a Thrustmaster T150 (possibly used) as it offers the best force feedback you can get for that money. A (used) wheelstand should also be out there for around 50 quid. Also, join our Monday night GT Sport racing group!
  12. Online racing for forumites and friends again tonight in the rllmuk GT Sport Monday Night Racing Club! We'll start as per usual at 8PM UK time Bring your favourite Gr. 4 car for a 60 minute endurance race around Bathurst. (As well as some other nice racing action). ^
  13. Heh, if only, I would have figured out a way to enforce much more pitstops. Sounds like that will happen next weekend considering the softer compounds.
  14. Will keep you updated! Think endurance racing Gr. 4's around Bathurst sounds like a plan but I'll let everyone have a say
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