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  1. Hey dude. That was me earlier this afternoon at Dam - as you may have gathered. Can i just say that the Sniper rifle i unlocked seems to be crap. It still takes masses of shots - even to the cranium. What a waste. ← Yeah, i saw where you were on Xfire and followed you there, you blew me to pieces a fair few times. The NTSC-Uk server details are here. We had a great game on the 16 player ranked server last night, it was good being the commander for once. EDIT: Just realised i'm posting under my old username, i should be using Graphico Tabletti.
  2. The only fruit i buy from Tesco is Kiwi fruits and they have always been great in my experience.
  3. Add me (Graphico Tabletti) to the list please. Will it just be 1 track each that we'll be contributing?
  4. I liked the commentaries on both of the Chappelle's Show Box Sets and the Futurama sets, both are very funny indeed.
  5. I think at least two of those comments were mine from previous months, at least they sound like something i would post.
  6. Unlucky mate, looks like you'll be getting my CD this month. I'll get it sent out in the morning.
  7. For the first time ever i've managed to put together my CD before receiving my PM. Go me.
  8. darrylstott


    I played that for a good 20 minutes before getting bored. It's very addictive (as is the PSP version), it's just a shame that only 2 skins are included in the demo.
  9. The CD turned up this morning and i found it to be a bit of a mixed bag. Here's a couple of comments about the tracks: (1 - 3) A disappointing start to the CD i thought, i didn't like any of these tracks as the scratching and use of seemingly random samples annoyed me. The DJ Shadow track wasn't too bad but not great. (4) I liked track 4 alot, it sounded like something Orbital would produce (based on my very limited Orbital experience). (5) The annoying samples returned at this point but this time in Japanese (or similar?). I wasn't too keen on this but it sounded better than tracks 1 - 3. (6) Track 6 wasn't great, but it was listenable and kind of catchy. (7 - 9) I really enjoyed these tracks with track 8 being my favourite of the three. (10) Track 10 rounded off the mix well and was a nice downbeat ending to the CD. I was generally disappointed with the start of the album, but the second half was very good indeed. I'd appreciate a tracklisting please.
  10. They're releasing the actual track used in the advert as a single in June.
  11. Still no CD here from Shoes.
  12. I think you've put me on the list twice.
  13. I think chocolate should become a mandatory inclusion with each mix CD, that way we get to sample each others favourite chocolate or something...
  14. I'm in again please.
  15. Hold on, i'm still waiting for my April CD from Shoes...
  16. It's not very good tbh, i won't be renewing after this first month. It may get better though once they bring in a 2D match engine etc.
  17. Orbital - 'One Perfect Sunrise' gets my vote.
  18. I still haven't received mine from Shoes, though he did say that he planned to send it.
  19. This mining lark is very slow going, i'm only making around 7.5k per run.
  20. I've just (re)joined this on a free trial and i've no idea where to start as i didn't get very far the first time i played. I'd appreciate it if anyone could offer help / advice, my in-game name is Meekos.
  21. I'm still waiting for my CD from Shoes, i haven't seen him post for a while either.
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