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  1. Oh, I'll also get it for Switch... when it is in a sale! £44.99!!
  2. It's more encouraging people to buy 4 bits of plastic tat instead of just the one bit of plastic tat with 16 games on that annoys me.
  3. It is more the (tiny) massive waste of plastic that annoys me.
  4. Its definitely sad that they do not seem to have made the jump to streaming services. Disney+ is heading in the right direction so that gives me some hope. It might be that Netflix and Amazon do not really care about the extras but as we see more companies launching their own platforms hopefully they will mirror Disney+ and include extras. That being said, Disney+ is not perfect. We know there is a commentary track for the first Avengers film but that's not present, nor are any extras for the Simpsons which have already recorded a commentary track for each episode. Be a shame for extras like these to be lost since presumably it is just laziness that would prevent their inclusion. See also Disney taking 6 months to allow the episodes to be watched in their native format which surely cannot have been a difficult technical process to undertake.
  5. I'm no market expert, but I'm sure there are legal procedures that publically listed companies have to go through in the event of a acquisition. I doubt something on the level of this would be announced in a printed magazine.
  6. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Ahh, I know E3 can be pretty shit but it is still a but of a downer that it is not here this year. Particularly since there is not much else to look forward to at the moment!
  7. It is somewhat ironic that this gets $30m for a recut which is enough by itself to give to someone to make a properly good original film. Oh well.
  8. I really liked PUBG initially but it feels to me like it failed to evolve with the times. I'm probably a very casual fan, I'm quite enjoying Warzone at the moment so take from that what you will, but I did enjoy the gunplay and adrenaline of PUBG but the niggles started to outweigh it for me. Looting is just a pain in the arse, I do much prefer the Warzone method of the guns already having attachments on them. How many types of health regeneration do we need? Last count there were 6 items all devoted to heath regeneration, and 3 body armour variations and 3 helmet variations. I think the game really shines when it comes to combat and tactics but it seems to weighted down with all the looting faff. This is probably bread and butter to a lot of players which is fair enough but for me the core game is good enough that I think it would be vastly enhanced by a simplification of the looting system.
  9. I'll view it out of curiosity but I've no real yearning for it to exist.
  10. Hmm. You would have thought that if you were going to agree to do a Special Cut of an existing moving that you may have taken the two hours to actually view what was released in the first place.
  11. Even if it is still going, I presume it would be possible to negotiate an exemption for F1 teams, in the same way that there will be exemptions for other sectors. The Government seems to believe that having some sport return is a positive development (see the current exemptions for football training resuming) so I would suspect something like that would be possible for the travel quarantine issue.
  12. Season 3 of Enterprise really should have been what Voyager should have been, at least to a certain extent. A longer arc of Voyager getting totally beating up and falling apart. I'm not saying it should necessarily have been the case for the entire series but they could have definitely got away with a year or 2 of Voyager not being a pristine starship straight out of space dock. And when they'd had enough of beaten up Voyager, you could have an episode like Ent's Dead Stop which serves to return Voyager to normal. Seeing Enterprise literally falling apart is interesting since we've never really seen it on a Trek before. As most people agree, Voyager had a fantastic premise which was never lived up to by the series that follows.
  13. Yep, season 3 is cracking. Arguably better than Season 4 which is also very good. In hindsight, it is very sad Enterprise didn't get to run the full seven years. At the time everyone was so fatigued I'm not sure any of us were that bothered about the cancellation (I'd stopped watching during early season 2) but watching it all you really wonder what they could have done with some additional seasons, in a way you don't with TNG, DS9 etc.
  14. How strange. Deku Deals isn't showing it either.
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