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  1. Interesting. That's quite the delay for a project which didn't look all that complicated. Covid really has knocked Nintendo for 6 hasn't it. Does Nintendo now have an AAA game releasing this Christmas season? Does Pokemon count as an AAA title these days?
  2. The biggest headscratcher is that Discovery seems to get worse year on year. The first season honestly showed some potential. We had an interesting captain, Saru with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, the mystery regarding Tyler and some stuff for Stamets to do. Burnham was still a central figure but kept broadly in check. Then season 2 happened and Pike showed up which was an asset to the show but the 'Burnham must always be central to the plot' rot had already well set in by this point. Season 3 then just took that principle even further. Now that she is Captain, perhaps that means she does not have to be shoehorned into every plot but I'm dubious. Maybe I am mis-remembering but we seemed to have so many Saru, plus the admiral plus, for some reason, Burnham scenes in Season 3. Like the show was afraid to have scenes take place without Burnham being present even though Picard would regularly meet admirals without needing Riker by his side. I'll give Season 4 a try but I'm not optimistic.
  3. This is much more likely how Skynet would actually be born.
  4. Nope. The new console is just slightly too big to fit into the original grip.
  5. It is a bit weird that they didn't time the launch of this new service with the Oled launch instead offering us that it will happen at some point within the next 20 days and at a price point still TBA. Nintendo is going to Nintendo etc.
  6. Nah. Albon is going to be too busy next year to repeatedly spend his time checking different racing lines.
  7. Probably not. And that second was a bit lucky. It was a 7th place before the rain came down (and Hamilton would have finished P2 rather than P1 without the rain too). It does, but I'm not sure this will be a massive issue in the grand scheme. It looks like Hamilton might have been able to finish anything from P3-P7. And that P3 probably relies on putting at a similar time to Perez and then trying to overtake on track again. The P7 is if he had stayed out and the tyres really had gone to shit like Ocon. P4 is most likely if he had pitted at the same time. So P5 is in the middle range, possibly it was a loss of 3-5 points if they had nailed the strategy and been able to pass Perez on track or in the pit stop phase. In the grand scheme, any eventual Championship loss of 18 points or less will be put down to him pressing the wrong button in Baku. Both the title contenders have now had there engine penalties and there is less than a win and a second place separating them. Game on.
  8. He wouldn't. In the final stage of his tyres he was doing 1.35s whilst others regularly ended up doing 1.33 and Bottas on fastest lap was a 1.31. He'd have ended up losing two seconds a lap on his previous tyres. Maybe it was worth a gamble, but they may also not have made it to the end either.
  9. I had that problem on the previous switch. Not tested the new one yet. What headphones are you using? I was using the little Sony buds with the impossible to remember name. Whx4 or something?
  10. Oh you guys. You're going to make me buckle aren't you? I've not even started Deathloop yet....
  11. In other bad news, the energy crisis claims another victim. 4%!
  12. What's everyone doing about the system transfer? Use the official method or just redownload everything and hope the cloud saves work OK?
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