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  1. The Switch version of Burnout Paradise is down to £30 on Amazon. I'm slightly torn, its still probably £10 over priced but it being physical it will have resale value, potentially, over a digital version.
  2. At the recent event, I was really expecting Gold to be killed off and what's left to be incorporated into Gamepass. In a month where Sony are giving away Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Campaign then this really is quite the poor show.
  3. It's being used everywhere, Star Trek, Buffy, Legends of Tomorrow. It'd almost be easier to work out which shows haven't used it.
  4. See, I think after Endgame the franchise a bit of a break so this situation is not too bad at all.
  5. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    It would. Although we're fast running out of 2020 if all those games are due for release and are still unannounced.
  6. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    It was worth it before the other half downloaded Animal Crossing on the main switch. Now the poor Switch Lite never gets a look in and apparently we have to take the full fat switch with us when we, eventually, go on holiday so she can keep the island in order....
  7. Agreed. Neighbours is where the conversation should be at.
  8. Unless I missed the annoucement, Duke Nukem 64 has crept onto the eShop. Anyone brave enough to have taken the plunge? £3.99 for a limited time. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Duke-Nukem-3D-20th-Anniversary-World-Tour-1797067.html
  9. Excellent news. One of the best racing games ever made. Hopefully we can get some online games going again.
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