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  1. I'm not too up on football history so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming at one point in time all Clubs were fan owned. Hence the term Club. I imagine at some point in time the fans decided to sell ownership, either for profit or to someone who can invest further into the Club and its that decision which has led to American owners etc. Therefore the current pleas for ownership to be returned to fans is slightly hypocritical. And fans are their own worst enemies sometimes. Wanting Clubs to spend hundreds of millions on a new striker but bemoaning the fact
  2. Yeah, although arguably Six Nations could use relegation just to relieve Italy as being the constant bottom of the table team.
  3. Rather than start a new competition up, if these teams wanted to do something it would be better to do a compressed tournament at the end of a season. Something like Six Nations but a knockout tournament played over 10 days or something. I've just been pondering about why Six Nations seems to work as a closed league but this idea seems instantly wrong. Is it because Six Nations is international teams rather than Club teams? I mean, I think there is a good European format out there but have never been convinced that CL has got it right and this idea is also terrible. I
  4. Would be a massive statement of intent but I agree with you. I also think ultimately Fifa won't have the balls to ban players from the World Cup or the Premier League to boot the teams out. I think the idea is terrible and hope it dies a swift death but I do think there is a difference between the rhetoric currently being said and actual reality at the end of the day. UEFA don't help themselves for the also pretty terrible revamp of CL they have been pursuing.
  5. I mean you make some good points although in recent years viewing figures for F1 worldwide seem to be increasing. https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/f1-bahrain-gp-2021-sky-sports-viewing-tv-ratings-formula-one It is defo a question of pay tv vs free to air. Does the bigger audience that BBC 1 naturally brings offset the larger revenue that pay TV brings? You also still have a decent highlights package on C4 too. You've also got an increased emphases on social media trying to attract younger fans and the Netflix F1 documentary which seems incredi
  6. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah. Have to be some kind of revenue sharing model. Perhaps Nintendo adding their back catalog to the service, and the combined service availible on both consoles. MS whole move into cloud gaming with android etc. could easily be extended to Switch for the technically demanding games.
  7. At the moment, Nintendo and Xbox are almost different markets, or at least markets that could co-exist. I'm not saying it will happen, but Gamepass on Switch immediataely gives the Switch a massive boost regarding games which can be played. Indeed, I think the more question is more Microsoft - if you allowed Gamepass on Switch would this dent future Xbox sales? And do they care if they are receiving revenue from Switch gamers through Gamepass. I can see a future where MS is platform agnostic and simply promotes Gamepass as much as possible.
  8. I don't know about if the tech would work, perhaps the long rumoured Switch Pro, but I can definitely see Game Pass coming to Switch as a win for both MS and Nintendo.
  9. Seems similar to how an evolved and more adult Power Rangers TV show could evolve. I've always thought a reimagined Power Rangers series, done in the style of something like Arrow, would be an interesting project.
  10. Anyone else heading out this week to restaurants? I've got a couple of bookings towards the end of the month but the combination of cold weather and lack of tables has put me off going anywhere this week. For the time being it will be a case of working out which restaurants are protected from the elements and have heating and also which have space to book. I don't mind a chilly out door drink in a pub garden but do tend to prefer being warm and cosy if I am actually going to enjoy a meal so I imagine I'll be largely waiting until 17th May unless we have a heat wave an
  11. Yep, I was thinking that the other day. Whilst understanding the reasons, it is definitely not the best way to start the reason with a three week gap between the first and second races. I'd have been slightly tempted to stick in a second Bahrain race to keep the momentum going.
  12. Long and interesting interview with Ray Fisher year about the allaged Justice League set misconduct. Worth reading it all. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/features/ray-fisher-opens-up-about-justice-league-joss-whedon-and-warners-i-dont-believe-some-of-these-people-are-fit-for-leadership
  13. No surprise there. I thought we discovered a long time ago that what internet nerds lack in numbers they make up for in generating noise. How often does a property underperform which the internet had gone crazy about and the rest of the world just shrugged their shoulders when it eventually arrived.
  14. https://gfycat.com/horribleregalcuckoo
  15. Yes, Sky are heavily reliant on Sports rights. As a fan of F1 I am a Sky TV customer primarily for that reason (although I like the Sky Q interface and it gets rights to some decent programmes before other UK broadcasters) and as such if they lose key sports rights there are a lot of people like myself would start to look at the monthly bill and wonder if it is really worth while. As it is, the bill has crept up over the years so I will have to have a concerted negotiation effort next time my contract is up.
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