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  1. Spoilers for Season 1-6 below.
  2. Is the hardback a nice item in itself or just go for the Kindle version?
  3. I'm confused. I thought Red Bull said you weren't allowed to pass at that corner...
  4. Ahh good, alongside the 'I'm going to support Italy because England fans are all racists' crowd, we've also got the 'we're all going to die next week because some fans watched the game in a busy pub' crowd in here. Perhaps we could start a thread to discuss the football and the match. I don't know what we'd call it though, perhaps Euro 2020?
  5. I think Nintendo have updated the wrong machine really given that the primary difference is the bigger screen. I've always felt that the Switch Lite should have had a bigger screen bolted in and less bezel. I find it very noticeable how the same form factor could accommodate a larger screen. Putting a bigger screen in the Switch is fine but by definitely this machine may be used docked a lot so may not actually matter too much. The Switch Lite as a portable would have really gained by the same form factor but bigger screen.
  6. So far I'm enjoying it although it definitely works best on a semi frequent basis rather than every day. I want to read what you say when you have something to say, not just because you've committed yourself to X emails per week. I would definitely move your 'talking points' to the start and then have your editorial content below. As for the subscription. Its, what, $65 a year? Basically a physical sub to Edge or Retro Gamer. Only you know the economics, and it depends on who you want to target, but for your average Rllmuk user, who doesn't work in the industry but enjoys reading about games, I'd definitely subscribe for $10-20 a year but would have to ponder any more than that.
  7. Yep. Same here, both those games crash on start up on Series X with my original profile but work with new profile. But both games will load on One X with original profile. New profile resolution is a slight workaround but of course no friends list or autolog for NFS. I've looked into it, it's a known issue but it's not that widespread so don't think a fix is incoming. Have tried deleting all save data in case it was corrupted in the cloud but makes no difference. Very strange, it's one of those niggly problems which annoys me since I can't for the life of me work out what is causing the problem. https://answers.ea.com/t5/NFS-Hot-Pursuit-Remastered/Game-won-t-launch-on-Xbox/m-p/9789369/highlight/false#M643 Perhaps now on Game Pass the issue will gain wider attention.
  8. How sad that MGM feels it needs to do this: https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-06-25-ubisoft-pulls-fan-made-goldeneye-far-cry-5-levels-after-copyright-claim
  9. Bit rich coming from a team that purposely lost a game and draw a game in order not to win the group.
  10. Exclusive: New Switch Pro contains GBA cart socket.
  11. So, do we play the kids tomorrow? If we win group we are rewarded by playing either France, Germany or Portugal in last 16. Coming 2nd or 3rd might be preferable. Should defo try out some new players and tactics tomorrow.
  12. I really like 5 guys for what it is and that is a quick tasty burger and the novelty of the drinks machine. For what it's worth, on my own I'm entirely happy with little cheseburger, small fries and regular drink which comes in at £10.75. Now, I'm a greedy bastard but the little cheeseburger always seems so sufficient I've never even been tempted by the regular burger and you're right they always give you loads of chips so small is fine (perhaps regular if I'm feeling really hungry). I reckon, for quantity of food, that £10.75 is probably equivalent to big mac, large fries and drink at McDonalds so still pricier but not massively. What toppings do people go for? I go for: Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Relish and Jalapenos and it is a lovely messy ball of stuff.
  13. Surely, Mercedes are going to pit at least one of their cars again, just to see what they can do.
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