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  1. The Sonic racing games are pretty good. My friends kid loves 2 Point Hospital, it seems pretty child friendly.
  2. I have a Shadow Ghost and have the Infinite tier sub
  3. Too many key binds imo, cant envisage it being playable
  4. If Galactic Civilisations ll is still free, then i can give it a good home.
  5. I had to turn of my DMZ and it worked fine.
  6. Nope. Nothing in Apps and nothing under the section I access Netflix through. Im sure it will come through at some point.
  7. Only really played Tarkov. It looks noticeably better and the framerate has inproved a lot.
  8. My new config got activated today. Just need to set everything up later.
  9. I dont mind the change to level 15 for flea market. I would like to think that I could get to level 15 reasonably quickly using the knowledge I have gained on this wipe. Get the quests done, level up through them and you will be level 15 before you know it. @moosegrinder I get from your post above that playing with new people is a big step to take. It was for me too fella, I have horrid anxiety and dont tend to play with people I dont know. But I took the plunge and Mullo and co couldnt have been more accommodating. So come and join in. Trust me you will learn a lot from playing with these guys. I learn something new every night and I think its improved me as a player (im still shite most of the time though lol)
  10. I got a 64gb one on Sunday from the PC World ebay store. Maybe look on there.
  11. Is that my punishment for making a spelling mistake?
  12. Cheers for the repsonses guys. Beat Sabre it is.
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