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  1. Im in. Its the best part of Christmas.
  2. He was my first Swans manager. We always played good football under him in the lower leagues. I couldn't go to the Autoglass final as I was on a family holiday. R.I.P Frankie Burrows.
  3. Gattusso at AC Milan, he left and told the club ue didnt want any monies owed for the remainder of his contract.
  4. Can I please have an invite to the club - Vivsjack
  5. Just finished a run, you definitely need to focus on stress management from the start. I didn't suffer a meltdown until the final fight.
  6. I think you should give him until the end of the season
  7. I think I paid £110 for the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape From Tarkov. It wasn't all at once though as you can incrementally upgrade through the editions. I have 1400 hours in the game, so its money well spent.
  8. Herbalizer


    I believe the Kardomah was a favourite haunt of Dylan Thomas. I recommend Coaltown Coffee, based in Ammanford. The coffee shop is really nice, they also roast the beans on site, so perfect if you want some fresh stuff. Its lovely coffee. https://www.coaltowncoffee.co.uk/pages/index
  9. Just got my arse handed to me by the opening scenario of the Arkham Horror LCG. Great fun though, its all about learning the mechanics at the moment. Once I get comfortable with them I'm sure things will go a (bit) better.
  10. Fog of Love has intrigued me, I think it would be good fun to play with my wife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a9oNOjI8V4
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I went for Mah Tucket in the end. Played a few games with a friend at our local game club and its great fun. Looking forward to the new Mah model, giant mechanical spiders ftw.
  12. Backed it, my first ever Kickstarter
  13. Huw Jenkins not answering his phone three years ago has cost Leeds £29m and netted us £3m via a sell on clause
  14. Is Downes any good? Apparrently we (Swansea) have had a bid accepted.
  15. Looks like we are going for Jody Morris, ticks all the boxes.
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