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  1. Anyone had issues running Resident Evil: Village? Tried it last night and I had no sound. It’s verified for Deck so not sure why I’m having problem.
  2. Sean Dyche seems like the obvious choice to replace him.
  3. Some Malifaux stuff. I’ve bought myself the Jacob Lynch crew and my wife has got me some Malifaux goodies, which are surprises.
  4. Ramsey and Bale have been so poor. The whole team has looked knackered since the half hour mark.
  5. I recall from my posts in a previous thread that we have some Malifaux players on the forum. Anyone fancy a game on Vassal?
  6. Swansea too, I think our owners are the worst of the lot
  7. Girl in work with me is in the Welsh Lawn Bowls team. I’ll be well chuffed for her if she can bring back a medal.
  8. History made as Swansea become the first team to win both South Wales derbies in a season. 7-0 on aggregate. It’s saved an underwhelming season and given us eternal bragging rights.
  9. Dont agree with that. He had Ayew, Guehi, Grimes, Gallagher, Roberts, Hourihane and Cabango. Cooper had a brilliant squad at Swansea, but squandered it.
  10. This isnt the same Cooper that managed us, we were boring and negative and relied on Ayew. Looks like he has learned and adapted, sign of a good manager.
  11. Ive got some Season 1 Final Girl stuff, and the base game for Hostage Negotiator. Both very good.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I did prime the model, but didnt thin the paint. I have done Crossbones and Red Skull today, and they look a lot better after i used thinned paint and built up a base over a few coats.
  13. Morning all. Can i please ask for some tips from you talented people. Ive not got a lot of painting experience, ive painted about 20 models in 42 years. I recently bought the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core set and painted Spidey, but he just looks a bit shit. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Playing a demo game of Marvel Crisis Protocol tonight. Im gutted that I missed out on the core set when it was down to £55 at TK Maxx.
  15. Thank you Santa for getting me Death's Door and Inscryption, can't wait to get stuck in to them. Merry Christmas all.
  16. Games picked and money sent. I hope my target enjoys them. Merry Christmas all
  17. I do a bit of Solo board gaming in the house. I've enjoyed Hostage Negotiator by Van Ryder games. Review I've ordered their latest game Final Girl, which is broadly based on the same game mechanics, it looks really fun. I do like solo gaming, but really miss the chat around the table when playing with others. I find myself narrating what I'm doing just to fill the void of other people. My wife thinks its hilarious.
  18. Jesus, what a horribly edited video.
  19. It said on the box that it contains everything you need for a 1v1 game. One of our sons has gone the other way and has hundreds of cards, but no idea how to play it so we thought this was a good entry into the rules.
  20. We were looking at this for one of our kids Pokemon Academy only £15 and has everything they need to learn the game.
  21. Im in. Its the best part of Christmas.
  22. He was my first Swans manager. We always played good football under him in the lower leagues. I couldn't go to the Autoglass final as I was on a family holiday. R.I.P Frankie Burrows.
  23. Gattusso at AC Milan, he left and told the club ue didnt want any monies owed for the remainder of his contract.
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