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  1. 19 minutes ago, Adrock said:


    Probably the fact he has a better, more able squad.


    Dont agree with that.  He had Ayew, Guehi, Grimes, Gallagher, Roberts, Hourihane and Cabango. Cooper had a brilliant squad at Swansea, but squandered it.

  2. I do a bit of Solo board gaming in the house.  I've enjoyed Hostage Negotiator by Van Ryder games.  Review 


    I've ordered their latest game Final Girl, which is broadly based on the same game mechanics, it looks really fun. I do like solo gaming, but really miss the chat around the table when playing with others.  I find myself narrating what I'm doing just to fill the void of other people.  My wife thinks its hilarious.

  3. 2 minutes ago, gossi the dog said:


    Do you need to buy some extra cards to go with that?


    It said on the box that it contains everything you need for a 1v1 game.  One of our sons has gone the other way and has hundreds of cards, but no idea how to play it so we thought this was a good entry into the rules.  

  4. 39 minutes ago, gossi the dog said:

    My nephew who’s 6, has gotten into Pokemon. If I bought him as a Christmas present one of the Elite Trainer boxes would that be sufficient to play the actual game?


    Also is the game any good? I think he’d just like having the cards to be honest, but I’m a bit unsure and these things aren’t exactly cheap.



    We were looking at this for one of our kids   Pokemon Academy   only £15 and has everything they need to learn the game.



  5. 7 hours ago, Ork1927 said:

    Frankie Burrows has died 😞


    First stint as manager of Cardiff was just before my time, but his second stint with a promotion in 98/99 was when I was first living away from parents and me and my house mates travelled home and away that season and the one after starting long standing friendships and a lot of hangovers as well as working with some of the girlfriends of some of the City players around my age. One of the favourite periods of my life.


    That 98/99 promotion season saw Robert Earnshaw start playing regularly, signing Andy Legg and giving game time to another local lad in Scott Young - all of whom would become core players in our eventual rise up the leagues to the Championship (and beating Leeds in the FA Cup).


    In between his stints managing Cardiff, he also won the Autoglass Trophy with the Jacks so one of a rare breed of managers who had success with two hated rivals. 




    He was my first Swans manager.  We always played good football under him in the lower leagues.  I couldn't go to the Autoglass final as I was on a family holiday.  R.I.P Frankie Burrows.

  6. 33 minutes ago, ckny said:

    Why do managers not resign anymore? Can’t think of the last time one fell on his sword and did the honourable thing.


    Gattusso at AC Milan, he left and told the club ue didnt want any monies owed for the remainder of his contract.

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