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  1. By next Thursday every male manager will have turned the Spurs job down.
  2. I think Bale does care, hes just not as good as he was in 2016, the players around him arent as good. the team is set up to conceed possession and hit on the break, consequently he doesnt see much of the ball.
  3. Everyone got caught up in the memories of 2016. Bale, Ramsey and Allen are shadows of the players they were then. In 2016 Wales had Ashley Williams who was a great leader on the pitch.
  4. Wales brought this on themelves. So negative and passive all game.
  5. Dont need floodlights on with Souness's new teeth
  6. England have been ok. Id take Walker off, switch Trippier and bring Chilwell on.
  7. I remember Swansea playing Wenger's Monaco in Europe. It was back in the days when winning the Welsh Cup would mean European qualification for the likes of Swansea, Cardiff and Wrexham. George Weah was in the team!
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting Unmatched. My Daughter and I played our first game yesterday. She picked up the rules really quickly and really enjoyed it.
  9. Horrified is on the list, will pick it up next month when i get paid. Unmatched is being delivered today (went for the Robin Hood set) will play it on weekend when my kids come over. Thanks again for the suggestions guys
  10. Superb guys. Thanks Edit - That worked a treat.
  11. Hi guys. My son saved his money to get Avengers on Xbox. The only digital version i could find was a USA region on on CD Keys. It was my understanding that you could change your Microsoft/Xbox account region and redeem the code. Ive done both those things and the code wont work. It says the account is from a different region even though everything is set to USA. Am i doing something wrong or have I just wasted £30 on a code I cant use.
  12. Thanks guys, we watched the review of Unmatched together, will be ordering one of the sets tonight. Will take a look at Marvel Legendary now.
  13. Back with another question. My 11 year old daughter has been going through some tough times and in an effort to spend some quality time with her and keep her mind occupied we have talked about some tabletop gaming. At the moment its between two games - Marvel Crisis Protocol and Warhammer Underworlds. The former as she is a Marvel nerd and the latter as ive played it digitally and i think she will get her head around the rules. Are there any good options i havent considered? We are looking at mini games as she is artisitic and will enioy building and painting them. Thanks guys and girls.
  14. Playoff final tomorrow and i genuinely couldnt care. I dont want to go back to the Premier League. The Championship is great fun. Speaking to some Swans supporting mates, and they feel the same. Our last stint in the EPL saw the club ruined.
  15. Does anyone here play Malifaux? If so any tips for a good starter crew?
  16. Isnt some of what you say not possible until you beat biome 1? Finally had a proper go of this after being laid low by vaccine side effects all weekend. I got the Biome 1 boss down to his third phase and then died rather quickly.
  17. Holy shit. The finale is the best thing ive seen this year. Cant wait for season 2.
  18. The only ones who can play the game are those that just spent £450 on a console that was like rocking horse shit to buy.
  19. Ive pissed way over £70 against a wall on a night out. £70 for a good quality game isnt too bad in my opinion. I spent over £100 on Tarkov and have 1000 hours in it. If I spend 70 hours on Returnal then thats fantastic value for money. Dont see the problem myself.
  20. And they will still finish third.
  21. Roy Hodgson most likely to be on mute when trying to speak.
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