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  1. Got my despatch email from Very. Excitement and hype can now commence.
  2. I'm in no rush. Scheduled delivery is 17th December. My last day at work is 18th December and I'm off until 11th January so plenty of gaming time lies ahead.
  3. Epic store sale goes live later. If it includes the £10 voucher then there could be some good deals to be had.
  4. Ha, I got a near identical email from Very.
  5. Hmmm the Oculus30 code doesn't work for me. I think its account specific as I never had the notification in the app
  6. Very seem to be slowly dispatching the orders placed on launch day. They have been taking a hammering online from individuals claiming to have been misled. Don't see the issue myself and I'm happy to wait until 17th December for mine. If it comes earlier then it's a bonus.
  7. This thread has me worried now. I ordered Ps5 disc version with PSN, Demon's Souls and Spidey from Very. Both games have been despatched and the Ps5 status is Processed. I received a text and email thanking me for order straight away.
  8. Argos delivered one of my sons Xboxes. They didnt update any tracking info at all. I had to ring them to get it
  9. Would love Generation Zero if its still going.
  10. Beta has no end date. I think its missing some game modes, but otherwise its just an early build of the full game.
  11. Got Swansea promoted in my first season. Signed Jack Wilshere and Guedetti on a free. Connolly from Brighton on loan, he scored 27 in 37. Rodon signed on loan in Jan to shore up an already good defence. The gegenpress seems a bit op, I switched to it after about 6 games and started demolishing teams. You need a good squad to rotate players though, can't do three games in 7 days at such high intensity. The first thing i did after securing promotion was to extend the contract of Ayew, he signed at 20k less a week too! Got an £8m bid in for Phil Jones to bring some top flight experience to the defence. I havent played a lot of the series in the last few years but this seems like a really solid entry. Some great adjustments. The only rubbish bit is the pass map, which has so much information on it that it fails to serve any purpose.
  12. Spoke to Argos chat and its out for delivery. Sweet.
  13. Argos have let me down too, but as its an xmas pressie for one of the kids I can wait. The other order is out for delivery from Amazon.
  14. Think I will go Wycombe as my first save.
  15. Good news. My friend has a spare one which secured for release day, stress over. I also got a £20 goodwill gesture from Argos.
  16. I ordered two xbox series S from Argos. One for my son and one for my step son. Paid for with different cards (mine and my wifes) turns out Argos cancelled one of them and didnt tell us. So now i find out that i only have one xbox coming and have the added stress of trying to secure another one by xmas. For them to send no notification of the cancellation is what pisses me off.
  17. Tbh. They arent going to check its got a dead pixel. You could chance it.
  18. Mine has a Dead Pixel. Im going to return it when Argos reopens after the Firebreak. Will be asking for my money back as I dont play it. Glad there is a dead pixel tbh as i would be stuck with it otherwise.
  19. Ive never played Astro Bot but Moss was amazing, definitely one to pick up.
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