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  1. the link below would be a good source of old who episodes surfthechannel
  2. Herbalizer


    I'd love Nadal to win it. Anyone watching the Murray interview? Jesus he is a boring monotone bastard.
  3. If its commonly known that DT is in the xmas special then why even have a regeneration cliff hanger?
  4. Herbalizer


    Its a positive criticism - I think you interact very well with each other and have good banter, it seems a shame to spoil it with swearing. I'm up for the odd f*ck sh*t and c*nt though don't get me wrong. I sound like f*cking Mary Whitehouse here.
  5. Herbalizer


    Still listening to the show at the moment but the Niko impression (I've sold xboxes and bought new xboxes) made me laugh loudly on my bus. Its cracking stuff although my only criticism is that you swear too much.
  6. That was by far the best episode of Dr Who since its return. Can not wait for the second part.
  7. Jesus, my wifes got this on and its awful. The magician guy My wife works with the woman who was in the box, she has a twin. Although not a twin that looks anything like her.
  8. 12 Angry Men is a must watch, make sure its the original not the remake though. Not sure which genre I'd put it in though.
  9. I tried but they don't ship to the uk anymore.
  10. Mine will be here tomorrow. I'm so excited.
  11. They were live at the Albert Hall on Radio2 last night, you can grab it off Iplayer if you fancy a listen. I'm looking forward to the new album but I have been dissapointed with each release since New Adventures in Hi-Fi. Despite this I still get stupidly excited about the thought of a new REM album, I just hope that this is the one that sees them recapture the brilliance last seen with New Adventures. Got my tickets for the Cardiff gig in August anyway, they are great live
  12. Bought a Wii, extra wiimote and Nunchuck, Mario Galaxy, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and Resident Evil 4 yesterday.
  13. I'm loving this so far. Only the clock puzzle has stumped me. Even when I'm not playing it I'm thinking of the puzzles.
  14. Oi, its Swansea. The series is produced by BBC Wales so its going to be filmed in Wales. They used the Gower quite a lot for the outside shots of future earth. A lot of the Xmas episode was shot in Swansea as well.
  15. I bought one from Amazon on Wednesday and it turned up today. Sadly I've lost my charger and they are like rocking horse shit in Swansea. Hopefully the one I ordered online will arrive tomorrow.
  16. Just read this on the local news website
  17. Hi, Can any of you shed any light on Febian Brandy? We've (Swansea City) just signed him on loan for the rest of the season
  18. I can't get it to play anything. Its got my Itunes Library fine, but it just wont play anything. Since the trial only lasts for 30 minutes you don't get time to sort it out either.
  19. The press would also love Liverpool V Swansea Roberto v Rafa Paul Anderson playing against his own club (Roberto thinks he will be allowed) Bussy playing against Torres, they were strike partners in U18'S and U20's for Spain. Not to mention the previous Liverpool/Swansea connections. - Toshack, Molby, Emlyn Hughes. I can't wait (provided we beat H&W).
  20. Whats Jordy Brouwer like? There are rumours on the Swans message boards that he is coming to us on loan. If he is half as good as Paul Anderson then I'd be delighted.
  21. Swans fan here. Just wanted to say that Paul Anderson has done fantastically well this season, 6 goals so far. He started the season as a sub but due to injuries is now playing from the start. Hopefully the relationship between Rafa and Maritnez will see a few more young liverpool prospects heading down to South Wales.
  22. 'Be Kind Rewind' is also one to look out for, its a great trailer, I have no idea when its coming out though. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809761737/video/3631941/
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