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  1. Ive never played Astro Bot but Moss was amazing, definitely one to pick up.
  2. I can get this for £16 from Epic Store. I'm very tempted.
  3. Pickford should be retrospectively banned.
  4. Herbalizer

    The Spurs Thread

    Rodon is quality and you have got him for a bargain as our owners are shite hawks. Trevor Birch would have sadly known the price we would sell at. Rodon is a better prospect than Davies was at the same age and I have no doubt he will go on to captain his country. Always sad when a home grown talent leaves. Pob lwc Joe
  5. DCS is free on Steam meant to be decent. I've never played it though
  6. Yeh, count me in for poker
  7. Anyone picked up Walking Dead yet?
  8. Picked a 64gb from Argos.
  9. I have 8 hours left on the trial so will see how i get on. I do prefer PES in terms of gameplay, sadly the Ultimate Team equivalent is poor.
  10. Is Ultimate Team enjoyable if you don't invest more money into buying FIFA coins? I'm thinking about getting it on Steam, but the pay to win element puts me off.
  11. I picked up Gloomhaven when it was on sale last week. Its great fun, and the content road map is decent.
  12. We should do a forum Air trip. Pick a route and a plane and we can all head off together.
  13. Used my £10 coupon on Horizon Zero Dawn. Ah well, i can wait for a sale
  14. Any good deals on PC? Its £39.99 on Epic Store, but cant find it on CD Keys.
  15. Got a lovely autopilot controlled flight underway after watching this video.
  16. https://youtu.be/7FizDT608bw Autopilot tutorial from Squirell.
  17. I once went to a talk by Guilliem Balague after he had released his book on Barca. He believed Man City had set themselves up so that if Messi was to ever want to leave Barca they were perfectly placed to get him. The have Pep as manager, and Txiki Begiristain as Director of Football, both who were massively influential to Messi at Barca.
  18. Whoops, sorry. Thanks for fixing it!
  19. http://www.msfsaddons.org just came up in a stream i was watching. Looks like a good resource for free community created addons. Improvements to scenery, liveries etc
  20. Cant get my head around auto pilot. Sometimes it works perfectly, others it sends me into a death spiral. I also cant seem to get the other automatic features such as altitude climb and vertical speed adjustments to work with any consistency.
  21. Realised that the cause of my crash after a two hour flight to Paris was because i didnt put the landing gear down.
  22. Im currently flying from Cardiff to Charles De Gaule. Lovely views with the sun going down.
  23. Are there any good tutorials for using the nav systems. I want to use the computers to set flight plans etc.
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