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  1. The basic Shadow package runs the game better than the Ultra (mid tier) package I'm on.
  2. I watched Spamfish stream it yesterday. Its got a load of the landmarks. Some stuff still isnt there though. I think Wembley was still a flat 2d image. The Emirates stadium was spot on though.
  3. Ive got it working. I am on the Ultra spec so have more disc space. Given the wait times for Shadow activations i wouldnt cancel. Hopefully they release more storage capacity soon.
  4. I have a quick tech question. I use a Shadow for PC gaming. There is an ongoing problem with Gamepass on PC in that it wont install any games. You need to create a new disc formatted to NTFS. However, due to the file size on this game I have created a VHD as it was the only option. Will that VHD disappear when I turn my PC off? I have selected the option to keep the disc on the machine in the hope that sorts it.
  5. I think I have the game installing. Its on a screen with a loading bar at the bottom, with music I cant mute playing.
  6. Is this likely to be enjoyable/playable without a HOTAS set up?
  7. Crikey, you're giving it a hell of a go. Fairplay
  8. Cardiff arent out of it. If they get the first goal tomorrow then who knows. Now we are beaten I dont care if they win.
  9. Congratulations to Brentford. Brilliant team who will upset a few in the Premier League if they go up.
  10. I should add that during our last EPL visit our club was sold to a consortium of Americans that dont care at all about investing. Since the day the club was sold i have not spent a penny on the club. I have not attended games, even turning down free tickets. I have told my son he cant have a replica kit. It is a matter of principle that 1p of my money will not line the pockets of the c*nts that own us. So considering all that, I dont want us to get promoted so our owners can steal all the money that comes with it whilst they put minimum investment into the squad.
  11. I share your feeling. The squad isnt good enough for top level and our owners certainly arent. I wouldn't worry though, Brentford will hammer us over two legs.
  12. I dont want Swansea anywhere near the Premier League again. Its killed the club. Ill take mid table Championship football with the occasion cup run. Premier league brings money and that attracts mercenary players and scumbag owners.
  13. Herbalizer


    So he doesnt show any Ubisoft gameplay.
  14. I think me being Welsh has ruined one of the characters. All I am hearing is Dai Hardman.
  15. Going to have to park this until the graphical glitches are patched. Rather detracts from the scenes when Sam looks like Cousin IT from The Adams Family. The water and landscape is glitching out as well. Real shame as I had read it was a great port onto PC.
  16. Strange, i updated all mine before starting.
  17. I picked up Troubleshooter. Relatively early on in my play though but it seems like Persona and X-com in one package. Only £14.99
  18. As @Len has said - Tarkov is the place to be.
  19. Whats a good programme to run to get the card drops?
  20. The Sonic racing games are pretty good. My friends kid loves 2 Point Hospital, it seems pretty child friendly.
  21. I have a Shadow Ghost and have the Infinite tier sub
  22. Too many key binds imo, cant envisage it being playable
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