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  1. Hope you all like it. If people enjoy it, we will endeavour to do more!
  2. Another thing I’m involved with. Its a great game (but obviously I’d say that!)
  3. Exactly. Already the eBay prices are dropping. Fuck you scalpers.
  4. Oh I agree it does. It when GW basically tell everyone it’s going to sell out. then let you buy 3 copies (hadn’t seen the news they reduced it from 6). If you are hardcore into GW you know you can buy 3. Sell two and still make a profit then people take that opportunity. its shit and they are twats. But GW gave them that chance! ill be honest if I was a student and playing GW it’s what I would have probably done. But I’m old and in my 40s and too old for that shit. so I got a copy in the end, but I still think GW are being silly. Just make more units and tell everyone they can buy 1. that’s it 1.
  5. 100% agree. Still don’t know why GW let people order up to 6 copies! Honestly if you had half a brain and some cash you’d buy 3 for £360. Keep one to play. Sell the other two for £600. walk away with a copy of indomitus and £200 in cash after postage and eBay costs. If you had the money to buy three copies you should! GW need to limit it to two copies per person. Even then most people will buy two, but at least it’s not six copies!
  6. Been trying to since 6:30 am. It finally went live at 10:12 as I got an email. I logged on at 10:20 at its already sold out. not sure what more I could have done, was refreshing the page every 5 minutes. real shame was getting it to get me back into 40k for the first time in 20 years. Now I can’t get it I probably won’t get back into 40k. don’t know why they made it so hard to buy.
  7. Just to warn you it can be a bit dark. How old are your kids?
  8. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the support.
  9. Thought some of you might be interested in this. Just for the sake of clarity, I’m involved in it!
  10. Planning on getting the starter set. Should I get the old one or the new one? Both available in my local store. also if I was to get an additional team any recommendations?
  11. Hi all So just got an 4K TV and Player for Christmas. Does anyone have a top 10, essential go and buy now 4K movies? thanks M
  12. Well over 40 hunts on the big gold fucker and still no gems. I have over 300 of his gold scales though!
  13. So weirdly though part of the clan I got no rewards this week. Go to the clan vendor and she has nothing to give me.
  14. Not alone is glorious. Got it from Essen last year, if sub terra is awesome let me know!
  15. I still have my original escape from Atlantis from the 80's :-)
  16. Might be going sunday, any recommend purchases yet?
  17. Soo Denim


    I was playing elemental Shammy, Zoo warlock and a dragon priest deck. All got smushed.
  18. Soo Denim


    So I think I'm done after almost 3 solid years of playing, the rogue quest deck has ruined the game. Well it has for me. Played 25 games today 19 of them were against Rogue quest decks. I lost all 19 of them. 3 of the other decks were Warrior quest decks, I lost all of them. 3 of them were mid hunters, I lost two of them. So in short played 25 lost 24! Its a real shame, I know they wanted to make it interesting, but when you factor in RNG of opening packs it becomes a bit shit. Ive opened 72 packs and still don't have any quests. I don't mind grinding, but with no reward there is no fun. Well it was a good 3 years :-)
  19. Soo Denim


    89 packs 1 legendary and no class quests. Fuck. Only legendary is the mage fire Phoenix card. Seriously fuck RNG.
  20. Yep it's true. I've been trying to buy one of Amazon for over a month. USA and Japan also sold out, Sony literally can't make enough of the bloody things!
  21. You do know PS4 pro has been sold out since launch? I'm not sure what you define as setting the market on fire. But sold out and waiting lists is my definition.
  22. I can't see how there could be a huge jump in CPU. Xbox one, S and Pro all use AMD CPUs as do Sony in PS4 and Pro. Id assume a small clock increase. But it's probably going to be either the same as PS4 pro or a tiny upgrade. Anything else would cost cost a fortune. As in over $500, which consumers wouldn't pay for!
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