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  1. I wonder if, given the desire to keep the series alive, it might not be better to just go the Bond route and re-cast Indy with a new, young actor. It could work if the role is well cast and the writing, directing and production are done right. Alternatively it could end up a load of sub-Tomb Raider guff.
  2. It's a bit like CGI. When it's good you don't notice it's there. These characters are written so well as to render them invisible to a regular viewer such as myself.
  3. I’m not claiming the list to be exclusive. For instance, I’ve not mentioned some of the sadly departed characters such as Space Malfoy and Daft Punk Woman.
  4. Have you even watched the show?! The crew is as follows: Burnham Burnham's boyfriend Saru Tilly Tryhard Phillipa Spore-drive man Spore-drive man's partner Sarcastic doctor engineer woman Terminator-face woman Not-Sulu Comedy lizard Attempted call back to the better days of DS9 Trill character Rarely seen expensive prosthetics insect
  5. I know. It was atrocious. The only one that's been worthwhile has been the Negan episode.
  6. I enjoyed this a lot too. The bit in the credits didn’t bother me at all. On the other hand I kicked the TV screen in when...
  7. Fujica GW690 Fujifilm Superia 100 (expired 2008)
  8. I watched Beneath on Netflix last night. It’s about a group of teenagers stuck on a sinking rowing boat on a lake inhabited by a huge predatory fish. I can’t really recommend it - I started to ffw between the bits where the fish attacks as the characters were both annoying and shallow, and behaved stupidly. The fish is weird though. It’s somehow manages to look ridiculously fake as well as bizarrely realistic at the same time. There are times when it just looks like a big prop in the water and then it swims away in realistic fashion, or it’s eyes will move in an oddly alive
  9. He turned to photography. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2021/feb/01/jason-lee-america-photography-my-name-is-earl-strange-beauty-gold-dust-rush?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  10. I’ve even got my wife watching them. Saturday nights are pizza and MCU movie night. Only half way or so through the run so far, watching one a week. Age of Ultron tomorrow.
  11. Does it have that clip of the bloke looking for a time capsule in a field but can't remeber where it was buried? Eventually his spade snaps and the presenter bends double laughing.
  12. I lost interest by the second episode. I didn't think it was bad, but it didn't engage me and I found KC's character vaguely annoying. I think I might have enjoyed it more had it been played completely straight, rather than as a black comedy. My wife likes it though, so I'll probably absorb what happens as she watches. I liked the title sequence. Not for me / 5
  13. Can I have a vowel please, Rachel?
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