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  1. I'd forgotten about that. I remember hearing howls of laughter coming from one of my kids when they saw this for the first time.
  2. I read somewhere last week that Loki season two starts filming in Jan 2022, and that season one took six months to film and a further six months for post-production, so it seems likely that you’re correct.
  3. Some thoughts / questions... I wasn't all that impressed when I first watched the finale last night, but it was late, and I was tired and struggling not to doze, so not the best way of experiencing it. I don't read Marvel comics (apart from the odd one or two) so a lot of the wider importance what was happening passed my by completely. However, after seeing some of the comments I re-watched it (after a bit of research) and got a lot more out of it now I understand more of what was taking place. I'm not sure that others in my situation would do the same and I can see how it might be seen as a bit of a flat ending without knowing other stuff, but I'm now really interested in seeing where things will go next.
  4. Do you mean in the Marvel Studios bit at the start? If so, it’s
  5. Shang Chi is released the first week of September. What If? starts next month and has 10 episodes, so they’ll be showing concurrently for at least part of the TV show run. I’m not expecting What If? to tie into anything else, but I’m not a comic reader so might be wild of the mark. I suppose there could be ties to variant timelines and multiverse stuff in other movies / shows though given the whole premise.
  6. I learnt an important tip during the movie...
  7. Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian gave it 2 stars, so it's probably up there with Citizen Kane.
  8. I think AMC (via BT TV) have first airing rights before Prime get it (FTV at least). I’ve not looked on Prime for a while though so the last season might have been added.
  9. Presumably part of the Fox acquisition. I think the FX channel has stopped broadcasting / is going to stop broadcasting. Is FTWD coming too? I haven't seen the last season or so as AMC removed it from their SKY broadcasts.
  10. I watched Saint Maud the other night. Really liked it. It looks gorgeous - the photographer in me wanted to make images in those sets with that light. Plus it's always interesting to see films set in places you know.
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