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  1. I enjoyed this week's although, again, it feels like it needs a at the end.
  2. I hope they have some whales. And transparent aloominum gags.
  3. Yes, you can (although I've not tried it). https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/remote-play/#compatible There are various websites that list PS4 games that have PS5 upgrades, e.g. https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/ps4-to-ps5-all-games-with-confirmed-free-upgrades
  4. While I enjoyed this week's episode, I felt there was a gap in the story, at least in showing Strange's motivation, with regards him becoming imbued with superpowers.
  5. It's telling that, on the whole, the best King adaptations have been his non-supernatural horror stories: Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, and Misery being good examples.
  6. I was impressed to see that workstations on nuclear submarines have Also... Apart from my tedious internet nitpicking though, it's been entertaining so far.
  7. The Black Hole has had talk of a remake kicking around for years now. Doesn't look like anything has ever really solidified though. Maybe they could just cgi out Ernest Borgnine's jumper and flares from the original.
  8. There were some oddly disturbing bits in the game, I thought Not sure we need spoilers after this amount of time, but as @Xipe Totec might be playing it soon, I'll hide them just in case. There was the bit where... And then... Were they trying to be edgy and "adult" with the game, or just deliberately crass?
  9. A bit late to the party, but... I got TLG for Christmas back when it was released, played it a bit, and then got distracted by Battlefield and it sat gathering dust. Until now. I picked up a PS5 recently and decided I'd start the game again while I waited for a copy of RE: Village to arrive. A couple of days ago I was all set to come on here bitching and moaning about the game being shit due to the controls and camera. And the control and camera ARE shit - they're horrible. I can place pretty much every death in the game down to the boy jumping at the wrong time having gotten snagged on Trico's feathers, or (in the earlier part of the game at least), because I pressed X to climb up something and instead let go of my handhold and plunged to my doom - why make all the controls different to the norm, and why do you have to press a button to get hold of a ladder to climb?!??). At the same time the camera seemed to do it's utmost to prevent me from admiring the beautiful setting and spectacular vistas the game presents. But the game melted my heart. I was almost welling up at the end. And for the sheer joy of the relationship between the boy and Trico, and Trico's actions, behaviours, and quirks (even when he was farting around and not jumping on the bloody ledge I needed him to!) are an absolute joy. Lovely game. Bloody awful controls.
  10. Una Stubbs: Sherlock and EastEnders actress dies aged 84 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58190446 Despite all she’s done since, she’ll always be Aunt Sally.
  11. The hardest part will be when the PS5 falls over and breaks later because he didn't specify re-attatching the stand in his guide.
  12. Thanks @Scribblor. I’ve seen loads of those before, but there a plenty that I haven’t, so something to keep me busy. I’ve actually never seen Witchfinder General (I’m assuming it’s the Vincent Price movie?), so I perhaps ought to put that right.
  13. Any recommendations for good stuff on Shudder? I've switched my sub from Starzplay as there wasn't anything on there that I wanted to watch between seasons of Doom Patrol. Thanks.
  14. I posted this in another thread yesterday: I managed to get a pre-order (went in store at around 4:30pm). Not sure if they'll still have any available, but there didn't seem any great rush in my local branch when I was there.
  15. Not sure if this is the right thread, but I saw on Twitter that Smyths Toys have some in-store pre-orders available. Just went to my local branch and got one. Expected delivery later this month.
  16. No. They’re both alternate versions really, with the show offering a new re-telling of the events of the movie and then expanding and doing it’s own thing. The movie is pretty good though.
  17. What’s that one in the back-right corner with the white head and single black eye?
  18. Hannah It's an adaptation of the film of the same name and is a solid thriller with a great cast and well directed action. If you liked the original film, or stuff like the Bourne movies, it's well worth watching.
  19. Where are Stock, Aitken & Waterman when they're needed?
  20. I'd forgotten about that. I remember hearing howls of laughter coming from one of my kids when they saw this for the first time.
  21. I read somewhere last week that Loki season two starts filming in Jan 2022, and that season one took six months to film and a further six months for post-production, so it seems likely that you’re correct.
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