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  1. 15 hours ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Fuck me, just watched the pogba dive. Two games running United have cheated a penalty out of Villa. 

    I didn’t watch the game, but I expect VAR must have looked at that for a good five minutes or at least advised the ref to go to the monitor, right?



    Then Fernandes scores the penalty and he becomes the best midfielder in the world :lol:

  2. Just now, Timmo said:

    I already mentioned Henderson and made the exact same point.


    Well actually you said something about vague leadership skills. I personally think he is more influential than Fernandes and KDB.

  3. 14 hours ago, Timmo said:

    Fabinho is the best defensive mid (or Kante as mentioned) but neither are as influential or talented as them two.


    I disagree I don't think that you can look at goals and assists and see the full story. I think Henderson is a great example of that. How influential is he to an already amazing Liverpool squad? 


    13 hours ago, neoELITE said:



    How's league 1?

  4. 21 minutes ago, Timmo said:

    Not really, those two are miles ahead under any metric other than a vague leadership category which Henderson would be high in. Grealish has to be classed as an attacker add Kante has faded quite a bit from the monster he was. Pogba is obviously inconsistent and Wijnaldum doesn't put up the numbers. Who else is there?


    They are both great Attacking midfielders but what about the defensive midfielders? Do they not get a shout purely because they don't get a lot of goals?

  5. 10 minutes ago, spork said:


    Also who has even claimed Bruno is the best midfielder in the league? No one apart from chuchuchris himself (or his pretend brother maybe?) :lol:




    Really bringing up the past there, aren't ya?

  6. Just now, spork said:


    Fucking hell, talk about triggered ranting eh?




    Great reply, got him again. That's ten years in a row, now!



  7. 12 hours ago, neoELITE said:

    Cheers! Great help.


    11 hours ago, Timmo said:

    I'd have him over Dr Bruyne right now, which is crazy. He's been a revelation.

    I couldn't care less. I've asked do you think he is the best midfielder in the premier league.

    11 hours ago, spork said:


    You're really showing up how stupid and ignorant you are. :lol:


    For a start we could look at goals and assists where he ranks third out of every player in the top 5 leagues in Europe since he signed for United. I'd argue that goals and assists are probably some of the most important stats for an attacking midfielder, although I'm sure you'll find some reason why g+a doesn't matter at all.


    You also didn't even bother to answer which club you've decided to support this season. 


    Edit: To clarify, I don't think any United fans (certainly not on here or Reddit, I'm sure you can find some on Twitter) have been saying Bruno is the best midfielder in the league. This is something you have constructed in your own mind through lack of reading comprehension. Has he been fucking brilliant and done exactly what we needed from him since he signed almost 1 year ago? Yes he has! Are there more rounded/better midfielders in the league? Of course there are! Does anyone else care? No.


    Apparently I am stupid when all I said was: You probably think Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in the premier league. You went on a really triggered rant, trying to prove his worth when actually I really don't care. Did I ask how good he was? No. I asked if you could show me some stats to prove he was the best midfielder in the premier league... You haven't done that. I really didn't want to see some stats from a wikipage about how many goals and assists he has in the last 44 games or whatever the fuck. Half his goals are penalties that other people have won/shouldn't have even been given... Is he the best Midfielder in the Prem? No.


    I support QPR and have for about 8/9 years now, thanks for asking.


    Maybe you should try and work on your lack of reading comprehension and actually see what I've put down. I really didn't ask you to get his Chorizo in your mouth and spew love out of your bum about him, but carry on if it makes you happy, mate.


    P.S. don't get a boner because you have 8 little internet hearts on your post.


    9 hours ago, dizogg said:

    If he’s so stupid and ignorant why are you engaging with him? You sound triggered. 


    Ive been triggering him for almost ten years now :sherlock:


  8. On 27/12/2020 at 02:33, spork said:

    Bruno probably does have the stats to back up such a claim at least :lol:


    AHAHAHAHA! Show me the stats where Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in the league! Please? Mate.


    Answer this for me. Would you rather have Son or Mané?

  9. 5 hours ago, spork said:


    Well that's a relief isn't it.


    Edit. You're the one who changes who he supports every few seasons! Got it. :lol:


    Ahhh! You're the guy who's believes Ole is a great manager, no? You probably think Aaron Wan-Bissaka is better than Trent A-A too. In fact you probably think that Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in the Premier league... You probably think that your players don't dive either. 


    Cute. Enjoy your deluded life, mate.

  10. On 26/09/2020 at 20:08, spork said:


    You're seriously telling me you've spent 10 years attempting to troll a thread on a game forum about Man Utd? Now that's cute!


    Which club do you support now? Must be your fourth or fifth team!




    To be honest... the reason I started supporting United when I was a young lad was because of David Beckham. Absolutely loved him and then when Ronaldo came it only made me want to support them too as he is from Madeira (like my dad).


    When I really started getting a passion for football aged 16ish... I started coming on here to talk football etc. I couldn't believe the bias that United fans could spew out of their mouths and I just couldn't agree with certain things. When I started applying my own opinion in here I was getting told I was crazy and stupid and all the rest (Simply because I didn't agree that "uNiTeD aRe tHe BeSt") and it gave me resentment towards United fans. I then wanted to start watching football at the stadium so I chose my local team which is QPR and started supporting them. I realise now that all fans have bias supporters of course but nothing compared to United fans.


    People were actually trying to tell me the likes of Welbeck and Cleverly will be "The future of England" and other absolutely ludicrous shit in this thread! 


    I couldn't take it any more. I decided to burn my United shirt for clarity... post it in here and ever since then I've been watching you all break down and burn like my shirt because you aren't winning titles any more. 


    Bias, spoilt, delirious fans. Grow up. :sherlock:


    P.s. Dont tell me you've not done the exact same thing as me in other threads...

  11. 40 minutes ago, spork said:


    I'm not sure whether Ole is good enough to be in charge for the next 10 years or whatever, but I think it would be a pretty big mistake to get rid of him now and effectively resetting everything he has done. From where we were before he came in and despite some of our losses, we are definitely heading in the right direction. I think when Ole took over we all knew it would take time to fix things to a point where we could be challenging for trophies again and were mostly hoping for 3 things to start a rebuild. Getting rid of the dead wood from our bloated squad (how many center backs?!), play more of the youth players that had been neglected under Mou, and start playing with some sort of actual attacking identity. 


    We've seen some of the more derided players sent off elsewhere and that looks set to continue next summer (and maybe even this month!). Phil Jones and Rojo haven't been anywhere near the first team, Matic is only playing currently because of our depleted CM options and Young is no longer a first choice player. I'd expect all 4 of those to be playing for other teams next season. 


    Lot's of youth players have been given chances. Some like Williams, future captain Scott Mctominay, Greenwood and even the likes of £15m signing Dan James have taken their chances well and we can probably expect to see more being given chances soon enough.


    And at times we are also playing some quite exciting attacking football. We often press quite well and have gone from being the team who run the least to one of the hardest working sides in the league. There is obviously still a lot of work to be done there, but it's all progress.


    When you look at the current squad, which I think is the youngest in the league, and you look at our injuries, I don't think anyone else would come in and be able to do much more than what Ole has done. I think this summer with Maguire, Wan Bissaka and James coming in is the first time we've brought in players and they've just worked out right away since probably the Martial signing? If we can identify our problem positions and bring in players who fit Ole's system I can see us improving a lot more very quickly. It's just a case of whether Woodward can be bothered and not just signing someone because they are a big name or just because they are available. 

    In short, proper average club, average manager, shit players. Pogba is overrated and should have cost them about 7Mil

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