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  1. Anyone have an Eldegoss or a Hidden Ability Arrokuda for trade?
  2. Thanks for the tips. Amazing, so basically you have to catch a male with the move you want, breeding with a female of the pokemon you actually need. Seems long winded to me but oh well. Here we go, thanks! I dont really find IV breeding a big chore in this gen. I've had some really lucky rolls, I caught a 3IV wooloo and it took me 4 eggs to get a 5IV. We could set a date for the tournament to give a bit of time for people to be battle ready?
  3. Anyone know about breeding egg moves onto pokemon? I cant find a proper guide on how to do so... Trying to breed bullet punch onto my machamp but I'm really struggling. If anyone can give me some tips or even link me to a guide it would be greatly appreciated. May also be a 4-5IV Adamant machop coming your way On another note, if people are interested in battling we could do a mini tournament on here. I'm sure @donpeartree hosted one before a few pokemon generations ago. Would appreciate some feedback on how many people would like to participate.
  4. Anyone have a Flame Body ability pokemon I can have? Edit: Don't worry, I've got one... oops.
  5. Its classed as dangerous play, unfortunately.
  6. This is great reading! How can you go from "Ole's at the wheel" to.... "I dont understand what he is doing, clueless..." etc in less than a month. It must be horrible having to decide the fate of which 'rival' wins the league. I didn't know you could be rivals to Liverpool and City as most of those fans live in Manchester and Liverpool. That's a bit far to be their rivals? Anyway, ignore me I'm having fun reading this.
  7. No, PSG like to play attacking, fluid football.
  8. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAQHQHHQHQHAHAJELWLOSJDND Hate to say I told you so. Nah, I love it really. Mourinho is the cancer of football.
  9. I had a weird win with my bro the other day. So many clutch moments it was ridiculous. Please ignore the mad shouting and randomness but here’s the Video.
  10. Anyone had a glitch where you ADS and there is no cursor? It’s happened to me about three times since the new update.
  11. I absolutely love this game but it seems none of my friends list is ever interested to play. If anyone fancies ever playing some duos or squads just hit me up. ChuChuChris -PS4
  12. Oh look, Mourinho is blaming the referee again for losing. BOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG, HE ACTUALLY SAID "CLEAR PENALTY" What a joke, this guy is a parasite.
  13. This thread is awful since I've stopped posting
  14. Walker, Clyne and Coleman have all been better than him this season.
  15. Trust me your not going anywhere in the Champions league if you play like that
  16. Fucking hell. Jump off my dick, buddy.
  17. I think you might need to if you can't see Mourinho is a negative cunt
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