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  1. Never read a tactics blog. Never say berk.
  2. If it wins you the Europa, then albeit... good decision. He's still a negative boring low block parasite of football.
  3. How do you know Mourinho is negative?
  4. You think you've played negative football in just those two games? Try at least half of the season. Boring to watch, boring shite football and all of that to finish 6th and try and get a place in the champions league by winning the europa??? Oh look negative football again, low block boring crap against Ajax. I don't understand how you watch this crap. If there was any other footy I'd have it on right now; unfortunately this is the only match. Tell me you are happy to have 30% possession and a lucky deflected goal... please do it.
  5. Whatever. Not sure how you are a mod. Bias to people saying things about your beloved club.
  6. It is. That's the post you banned me for.
  7. Mate are you serious? You banned me for the same thing!
  8. Even if you do beat Celta Vigo, Ajax are going to roll you up and smoke you.
  9. I actually got banned for posting that one 'now in english' ridiculous.
  10. Mourinho is a boring, negative, anti-football prick. All he does is complain about referees and decisions not going his way, it's so tedious! Wouldn't want him managing my club.
  11. I mean he was technically right... I can't stop thinking about the name he gave you... Quality!!!!
  12. HAHAHAHAHA, you've never watched a Mourinho team, have ya?
  13. I think it looked worse because he fouled him, picked up a booking, and then fouled him again almost instantly. Oh and he head butted Aguero...
  14. Was hoping Jesus would absolutely terrorise those scums tonight. Such a likeable young player. Absolute fucking lad as well.
  15. Apology accepted. Really embarrassing Mourinho tactics again, I can't believe any of you watch that shite week in and week out. MASTERCLASS!
  16. Im not backing him up, I'm just disappointed at the utter trash people are chatting in here.
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