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  1. 44 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

    no, but the ref deemed it BALL TO HAND, after matic hammered it at him from 4ft away. but you think thats cheating....no...cheating, is deliberately trying to get a player panellised by hitting the ball at there hand, especially in the box.

    and he foul sombody... so he's a cheat...do you even understand football!? i mean all you do is come in here going CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT...now that, is sad...


    so, instead of acting the twat, why not just fuck off back to which ever teams thread it is you "support" ...


    It actually hurts my brain to fathom what you are trying to say.

  2. 16 hours ago, Plissken said:

    Match report. Jose Mourinho is upholding the fine tradition of Manchester United's positive, free flowing football in the same way that 50 Cent upholds the fine tradition of ballet.




    4 hours ago, Plissken said:

    Those players are wasted on Mourinho.




    1 hour ago, EUkdazs said:

    The exciting, free-flowing stuff can come later. 


    Trust me it won't. We are talking about Mourinho...

  3. 16 hours ago, tbb said:

    Guys, it's easier to just ignore him. His parents obviously did.


    How did you become a moderator? :lol:


    13 hours ago, _Pow_ said:

    lolz Ibrahimobitch





    That Rashford and Pogba link up (almost) goal has been popping up today a fair amount. Shame that didn't go in. Brilliant stuff.

  4. 4 hours ago, angel said:


    I can taste the bitterness from here.


    I was just reminding those Mancs that keep telling me they aren't getting decisions this season that they are. Also I actually quite enjoyed it for once, I hate Chelsea more than I hate United; therefore not bitter at all.


  5. Just now, Picasso Of Pain said:


    Seems a bit ironic calling them cheats considering who they were playing tonight


    Yeah and the fact he supports United... More divers than the Great Barrier Reef.

  6. 2 hours ago, tbb said:

    *phone rings at Chu Chu's house*

    FATEone: Hey Chris, it's your brother. I've just done a zing in the Man Utd thread. Back me up please

    Chu Chu Chris: No Worries Dad, we'll show em.


    We aren't the Nevilles...

  7. 47 minutes ago, FATEone said:

    Next time you let my pretend name caress your lips you best put some Respeck on it ya lil bitch.


    I've only read the last 5/6 pages of this smelly thread, but the delusion is plentiful.

    1.Shit manager, shit players, and proper shit fans.


    2. You're not finishing above City or Liverpool, possibly ever again. 

    3. Pogba will never ever be worth £90 million, even if he stays at Utd for the next 20 years.


    Wow. True, true and true.

  8. On 06/04/2017 at 20:18, smithstock said:

    Just curious, has this made the list of gate threads?


    I've just been sat here chuckling away reading this from start to finish again. Utter genius, recommended reading indeed. 


    I can't believe no one once mentioned tobert deleting our club before I did, and us having to grind up to division one; Just to be spolied by Steely and Smithstock, the shittest pair of Fifa players I've ever seen play up top together.

  9. 8 hours ago, spork said:

    Wonder how @Chu Chu Chris will fit this referee performance into his narrative. I imagine he'll ignore it like all of the other times this season :sherlock:



    So so you think that's two points dropped because of the ref? I don't know cause I didn't watch it.

  10. 56 minutes ago, Dudley said:

    Have you paid attention to literally anything that's happened in world news in the last 12 months?


    If you are referring to United not getting extremely lucky this season then you are crazy!


    so many offside goals.

  11. 3 hours ago, tbb said:

    If you're serious about contributing then think more about what you're posting and what you've been warned for in the past.


    Cheers mum.


    I haven't called anyone a cunt 'yet' so just relax. One day you'll be a big club, buddy.

  12. 11 hours ago, tbb said:

    Chu Chu, you don't need to quote me every time, especially when I'm the post directly above you.

    Besides, it's about time you went into hibernation again. You obviously haven't grown up. 



    Mate... honestly... if you think I'm not grown up because I disagree with your opinion on Man Utd then maybe you should consider going into hibernation!

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