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  1. As a matter of fact I did... Don't you dare even complain about Herrera getting sent off... if that's what you are referring to then you really are a biased deluded fan who really doesn't know about football. This was my favourite part of the match.
  2. Have you even watched those Mancs play? Are you serious or still deluded?
  3. Nah I don't lurk, haven't been on this forum for over a year, just seeing what's been going on. Looking good for top 4, let's hope you keep playing good football and getting a smidgen of help from the referees and you'll 100 percent be up there with the big clubs!
  4. Im glad someone can say it without being reported.
  5. Thanks Hogg, it's been fun but it never gets played anymore. I went from Hero to Zero in one tournament!
  6. I was kidding, I'd never want to meet you.
  7. Is anyone staying on for some friendlies? Me and THH have party open.
  8. Lovely, see you all tomorrow Will be on after 6 if you are about mate. I finish work at 5.
  9. Fair play mate. To be honest with you I always listened to people and asked them where they wanted to play, for example Smithstock and Steely liked playing up front together hence the reason I signed them both. I started them upfront and they kept doing this thing from kick off which made them lose the ball everytime, so I asked them to stop and they just carried on. I started playing players in different positions which they weren't used to/ didn't want to play in; ONLY BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT TURN UP TO A MIDWEEK TRAINING SESSION. The people that did turn up played in their preferred positions. I don't think that's unfair? Do you? I am sorry for deleting the club, however, no one cares about when I got my club deleted. ANYWAY! If I can play then cool. I never complain on where I play. Saint used to waste me in stupid positions and put himself upfront which was very frustrating considering he used to moan at us all for not playing simple and then used to not play simple himself. Never used to moan until now Just want a definitive answer if I can play.
  10. You are all just scared. Shalo when you beat me at fifa then talk to me. Chat shit get banged!
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