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  1. LETS DO THIS!!!!! TONIGHT 10:30!!!! The match between COGS and LOCUSTS!!!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (incase people dropout)9. (incase people dropout)10. It wont be a good game without your help!
  2. Everyone Universe 5, I will be on this instant! Parum, Level 36 hunter:Double sabers etc. De Ragan A or B over and over!!! Or sleeping warriors C and B over and over!!! w00t! lets do it!
  3. Hello Everyone! I started again after having 40mil, and 20 mil worth of items! Anyways, the point is i need some fruit, some clothes, all the help i can get! If you are interested just post something and all that! thanks for your help. ChuChu in Christon Code:---not yet confirmed.
  4. HEHE thanks man. That is absolutely right full of energy! man my damn cat! Keeps beatin my feet up. <-----random
  5. What is that supposed to mean!?!?!? hey i wanna play Gears but everyone is in bed including you Dpeartree... are you goin bed or can i play? and maybe some ppl might actually join me......
  6. WHy would you wanna ignore me! i'm just the best person ever!!!!!!!!
  7. Ugly betty dissapointed me today! i thought it would be better but oh well.
  8. Ok i guess i will just call this off!
  9. Ok i have decided 11:30pm today if not i will give you a warning. but im pretty sure i will be on!
  10. You mean the gamertag? because if you do.... then i shall tell you. It's because Chuchuchris is a silver membership so i cant play online. So i use my brothers as most of you know is called donpeartree! If you wanna play then put the table thing up and put your name in on 2nd
  11. Is anyone on gears, I feel like playing! But i can't play right now, because, i wanna watch that ugly betty. Or as my dad calls is Betty, ugly..... Yeah. If i get a chance i will play at like 10:00 so i will put the game up now. 1.ChuChuChris (donpeartree) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (incase of dropouts) 9. (incase of dropouts) 10. I will put it on execution, 5 rounds, 3 mins, bleed out quick..... Im not sure which is low and high bleed out, so i will make it so you get up quickly. Anyways just copy and paste the table thing and the put your name in if you're ready to play! seeya there!
  12. aww man i can't beleive that your 360 broke down dogsout! thats annoying. I need the double sabers man!!!! lol!
  13. If anyone is online i will be partying on parum universe 1! the name is Diox and i will be playing on the gamertag donpeartree! seeya there.
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