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  1. Don't get mad because I deleted you off of my friends list, twice. If I am the world's shittest player... AND... I've beaten you... *KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* Mind Blown.
  2. If i am shit then you must be awful. I don't think you remember the time I dismantled you with QPR when you were using someone like Atletico...
  3. Good explanation lads. You really told me what I did wrong. Excluding Saint. It's okay... I know you are all just scared for me joining the league.
  4. Deleting the club that I and three others got to Division 1 without any help. After it was deleted for when I had to take over. How did I act like a cock?
  5. Can I ever join the 1v1 league? Fuck Bap, just want to know about that.
  6. Ahh Shite, sorry mate. Just seen this now, thought the raid was full and didn't bother checking back.
  7. If anyone wants to jump in my place thats fine, was only helping, but if you actually need loot then i will hop out. Yeah, that's fine mate. Was only going to jump in to help. Tear away.
  8. I've already done it, but don't mind chipping in. Level 30 Warlock.
  9. It's okay, you've signed up my alt anyway. Cheers though.
  10. I won't embarass you again by beating you with QPR m8.
  11. You didn't read it... but you answered me? I am a prick? Hahahaha. Cunt. Edit: You should sell Fifa because you are so shite at it.
  12. This still doesn't answer the question to be honest. This post is a completely non-troll post now. But realistically, all I did that was bad was delete the club. Yes, I shouldn't have but I was annoyed and it had already happened to me. Other than that, I was doing things everyone else was doing (calling people cunts etc). I understand why you don't want me in the league, but I really just want to knuckle down and join the 1v1. No shit, just want to play my matches in time and have some fun. This is not a plea, but just a final attempt to get let in. I mean it's only a 1v1 league. It wont upset me if I can't play. It's just quite annoying because I didn't actually do that much wrong. Graham is the prick that kept carrying it on and being a cunt. Anyway...
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