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  1. Okay, cheers. Can I join? Btw, what did I actually do?
  2. How did I act? I don't think I said sorry. Too good anyway...
  3. I didn't ask you. You are only scared of having to play me, hence not wanting me in the league.
  4. So is that really a 'no' to me joining. I'm passed annoyed now; I won't cause trouble. Just want to play some matches and kick peoples butt's, hopefully not get my butt kicked.
  5. No worries, there's always time
  6. I'm a changed man Mate, my behaviour? Wow. Just look back at all the shit i've been receiving and how well i've been taking it and not retaliating. Just look past it lads.
  7. But seriously, I'll sign up. Can I please be on the team with GayamDunn, Shalo and Gooner? It will be extremely fun!
  8. A Legendary engram each and 5 wins in a row on skirmish, cheers Dalvado!
  9. Dalvado, dogsout and I are about to hit some Crucible. Anyone who wants to join us, feel free. PSN: ChuChuChris. We are in a party.
  10. Good point, I just assume everyone is on PS4. PSN: ChuChuChris
  11. I'm off work today. Anyone want to play? Crucible, Story, strikes? Anything, anyone?
  12. Let's face it, this league has no banter without me ;p <3<3<3
  13. I hate you! I would kill for a purple shotty. It would increase my game so much!
  14. To be fair Graham, you've done me there mate.
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