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  1. dogsout, OgreTeaBag, donpeartree and I will be on that. We are all level 26ish and we are going to do Strikes tonight. Add us. PSN: ChuChuChris.
  2. Not trying to be a knob here (Honestly) but when I am playing PvP with some forumites, I pretty much always come top of the leaderboard. I see a few people asking for tips and stuff so I thought I would give some of my knowledge out, hopefully it helps you. So here goes: Finding a play style: Ever since I picked up call of duty I always felt run-and-gun was the best option for me, I am quite accurate and quick to react and catch people unaware when sprinting at them. It doesn't always work though, there are some games you just can't run-and-gun in. Destiny is one of those, I still try it and it does succeed but most of the time sitting back is the best thing to do. Which leads onto my next point gauging your surroundings and map. There are lots of maps which have quite a few long paths and open areas which then lead into small cavey-buildingy areas. You need to know what weapon to have out at the right time and what weapons are good for certain maps. The fact you can change your gun whilst still alive is very useful. If you are in an open area and there are a few enemies far away then you should have a long to medium range weapon equipped (obviously) carefully using cover to pick people off one at a time. However if you are in an open area and you have a feeling or know that there are enemies close pull out a short to medium range weapon. E.g. Hand Cannon, Shotgun or Fusion rifle. Just because you are in an open area doesn't mean you should always have an auto rifle out. If you feel like you are best at using a certain gun, for example a shotgun then you should stick to the inside of maps, following short corridors, twists and turns. Always use your map! I luckily have a perk which allows me to aim down the sights and still view my map. I am constantly waiting for people to come round corners just holding L2, as soon as they are near enough I just start pre-firing. People love running into bullets! Zoning a part of the map is always fun and effective. If you find a little place on the map where you and your team can camp out it can be very effective. Don't get yourself trapped in a room as Guardians will have many ways of taking you out of the room easily. Don't leave yourself in the middle of a field though. I always find that there are places you can hold down that are in the middle of what I just described, if you can find one of those places then hold it down, kill enemies and watch them get more and more frustrated as they keep coming back for you, aimlessly running back to find you and getting killed over and over. Two-Piece. Ahhhhhh, I do love a two-piece. Especially with my amazing warlock melee attack. So for those of you who don't know what a two-piece is. It is when you use a heavy hitting gun that fires one powerful shot e.g. Shotguns, handcannons etc. Fire a shot with your gun and quickly melee, it's almost a guaranteed kill if perfected. There is some more I am forgetting but just try some of these out. Hope I helped! Edit. My Guardian: http://www.bungie.net/en/Legend/2/4611686018433733029/2305843009216839651#gear
  3. Just added my name to the list. No chance anyone is on to help me level up my sunsinger is there? Off work today, got an early night yesterday. PSN: ChuChuChris
  4. It gets increasingly funnier every time anyone uses it! Also, good job stealing the joke.
  5. Can't be nice paying over £50 to go and see a very poor United team.
  6. A really shit video with a very unimaginative chant....
  7. I would have stopped, he randomly came in and called me a cunt.
  8. If you thought you've been playing well, then you are mad. We have just been playing extremely shite.
  9. Would fucking love to play you 1v1 mate. Put you back in your little weird voice whole.
  10. I properly don't care anymore after all the disrespect I've received and all the hassle, I just really don't care. Fuck it.
  11. Listen lads, shut the fuck up. You don't belong in this thread. Quitters. Just shush, you have no opinion anymore. Fair enough mate, I wouldn't go as far as to call me a cunt or a wind up merchant. Yeah, I can be aggressive on here but usually its because someone is winding me up! (Graham, Shalo, Smithstock) To be fair since i've been managing it hasn't been fun, even when we have won games it's been really boring. I have had a lot of shit to deal with like the club being deleted etc. But thanks anyway mate, appreciate it. Listen prick... You are a WUM, and a fucking good one at that. All you do is post stuff in here to annoy me. The first time I ever had to give a match report in it was late. I apologised and then used to get my match reports in every week on time, I used to do it straight after the matches and have done with it. I used to post team sheets and things that people could work on during the week, I even went as far as making highlights so people who didn't play could see what happened. This season has been a fucking shambles from start to finish (Finish as in I am fucking done) Constantly changing the rules around me whether it be BAP or 1v1. You are one of the reasons I really can't be fucked this season. One, Steely never came on the headset, he didn't play how I would have liked him to play and he wasn't there to receive instructions. Two, Smithstock... you aren't the best on Fifa, stop trying to act like manager and tell everyone what to do, not everyone plays your style of play. Let me talk and let me tell people what to do (considering I am the manager...) Three, when you are posting on the forum trying to drop arguments and your name keeps popping up in threads: ChChChump etc. It's very annoying. If you actually look back at most posts where I've had an argument it's been someone else chatting shite and then me retaliating. Fix up, pricks. For example, randomly, when I went into the match and everyone is called chuchuchump, you could see why that would be annoying. Loads of those people I haven't even had contact with or talked to them at all, they are just following Grahams lead. Lastly, how the fuck did you expect me to get reports in when I wasn't even there to fucking play, I was at work late... Did you want me to get stats from work, or... what the fuck did you want me to do? Thanks Humdrum for doing them but... again... It's not really my problem. Also I honestly do not give a shit about being a manager anymore or even playing in the league, I am too good for you all anyway, so I guess this is me formally saying (Like a Cunt) I AM OUT! Have fun guys, going to delete the club now. Enjoy lads.
  12. Why do you still post in here, when this thread has nothing to do with you?
  13. Sorry I couldn't make it tonight lads. Scores?
  14. Well, I am going to play until it sells, but I don't think any of my team want to carry on playing. Only dogsout, jaybey and I left. dogsout told me he can't really be bothered and I am guessing Jay won't want to play either. The only reason I was keeping it was for this season but it gives me zero joy. I will try and stick out this season if I have enough players that is...
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