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  1. I think in the first few weeks unless someone makes an absolutely shocking balls up the firing is more to do with their business plan. Akeem is my current most hated, just those little shots of his bug eyed face agreeing in a toadish manner with everything lord sugar says, closely followed by miss bouji from last week, she seems a bit too proud of her ignorance and if she is unaware of anything then it cant be important.
  2. everything looks good, but the uncle phil role is bloody difficult, James Avery could switch between comic relief, befuddled old man and super serious arse kicking mega dad in an instant and play each of those roles brilliantly. new dude has some big shoes to fill
  3. I don't know why they bother with episode 1 anymore, just fire a bloke in the first five minutes
  4. and once again, tomorrow lord sugarlumps will be trotting out 16 sociopaths (because the Lottie's of this world get more ratings than the Ruth Badgers) to play the same games again. time for a good old fashioned hate watch!
  5. i had to vote for the second best one liner as "I am reliable, I'm a very good listener and i'm extremely funny" from Dark fate wasn't there
  6. So far episode 4 is two programs in one, alongside the now standard discovery mental health awareness discovery message. Tilly and co - doing some proper trek. Burnham and Saru - seemingly trying to do an episode of Scooby Doo Book and Doc doing this weeks mental health awareness course
  7. i really want to see the abomination version of Tails and Knuckles now
  8. Remember when the enterprise D found Scotty in a transporter buffer in a crashed ship? The original miracle worker, one of the finest brains in starfleet who proved he was hopelessly out of date just 100 years later. Most of the crew should be sitting in their quarters rocking back and forth with underwear on their heads, pencils in their ears uttering only the word "wubble" as the shock gets to them that all their family are dead, their field of expertise and level of knowledge is now something that is surpassed by 7 year olds and there's so much terrifying new shit to get their heads round - did you hear about that bunch of seemingly unstoppable cybernetic beings bent on assimilating everything in the galaxy that are in the delta quadrant? no? oh well, don't even think about reading about the extradimensional xenophobic aliens who beat the shit out of them and could pop up anywhere and blow a planet up in seconds! Fuck that- i'm off to the gamma quadrant! *Cough* - xenophobic shapeshifter led superpower who can vat breed an army of millions of super soldiers in a couple of weeks *cough* Oh Jesus, well screw all of that i'm going to live on a rock and become a priest! I wouldn't, we've met God, his name is Q, humanity is on trial for the crimes of its existence with him, and he has seemingly no qualms about erasing things from the universe for shits and giggles
  9. i leave the torrent running for an extra couple of hours as my own little fuck you to them
  10. ten minutes into my lunchtime hate watch of season 4 episode 1. "let's fly" can get to fuck already. Burnham is being Burnham and continually smug smiling
  11. I too watched a 4k rip of it on Saturday. But I was home by myself, and got to watch it in sheer solitary bliss and take in every second. I will go and see it in the cinema, but i equally love and loathe going to the cinema, big screen, amazing sound, total immersion are all fantastic. But the sheer amount of people who just sit there and talk all the fucking way through the film, whether its the couple on a date and she isn't interested and waffles on throughout, or it's the lads trying to out knowledge each other o the films lore, or the other lads who want to talk about how Baz was bang out of order to Tel last week for something or other. And if its not that shower of cunts flapping their pie holes constantly, it's someone else who is actually exercising their pie hole and they are trying to consume the same amount of calories in two hours as Dwayne Johnson does on one of his cheat days. Definitely going to go see this and pay my way, i loved the movie from 25 years ago and i want to see the whole story played out in this version. But I cant watch any blockbuster in the cinema during the first couple of weeks after release because of the morons that ruin the atmosphere. Oh how i wish there was a cinema run by someone like the soup nazi from seinfeld. My perfect cinema would have a membership scheme, you book a seat with your membership card, the chairs would have microphones in them that can detect how much noise you make, if you are a good silent viewer, future films get cheaper and you get preferential bookings. Sir talks-a-lot over there will find his prices just doubled and he's not allowed tickets for release week. All snacks to be served in padded bowls so we don't have to listen to jabba the hutt slowly trying to slip his trotter into the worlds crinkliest bag of minstrels every 30 seconds.
  12. I have a couple of new guilty pleasures. Ever since i moved predominantly to working from home i need rubbish on in the background for noise. I loved Hoarders on prime, although the mrs refuses to watch it because it gives people ammo proving that her mum is a hoarder latest guilty pleasure is Mountain Men, there are some properly interesting characters in that show.
  13. This is good news. I detest All 4, it's like during the design process they had an overseer who didn't understand what they were overseeing who was present in all meetings screaming "IT MUST PLAY ADVERTS!!!!". the amount of times that app resets playback of a show after forcing adverts down your throat, and then you cant fast forward back to where you were before is ridiculous.
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