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  1. for some reason I can't get the thought of a version of TNG where The Borg have the accents and speech patterns of Yorkshiremen out of my mind. I think that would be brilliant.
  2. Dammit man, I came to this thread to read your review! they have been the best thing about this season!
  3. Bored dentists and accountants. All we are seeing of these spacefaring warrior types, like Klingons, Predators etc are the dentists and accountants of their planet off on the interplanetary version of a hunting safari in Africa. Behold the mighty hunter stalking his prey with nothing but a compound bow, the technology to safely off a lion with zero risk from the back of a landrover exists, but these guys are seeking a thrill to get them away from Monday to Friday boring life of examining teeth or adding up receipts. If the entire planet were nothing but warrior types th
  4. sorry, phone typo, how long did they cook for? they are making me hungry and I've just devoured most of a cow!
  5. Sunday Roast time at mine, trivet of carrots, challots, garlic and leek with a bit of thyme and a glass of rioja 3kg of topside coated in a mustard, sea salt and olive oil rub and some more thyme served with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots and broccoli. I foiled the pan after an hour to keep the juices from evaporating, scraped the pan and made a delicious gravy with a Knorr stock pot, 500ml of water, some flour and 2 tbsp of brown sugar. I got some extra heavy muffin tins which I use for making yorkies, they lived in the bottom of
  6. how long did they cool for and how much water was in the tray?
  7. as a father of a 3 year old and 6 month old, i welcome this combination of relaxation passtime and practicality. I'm eagerly awaiting Tommee Tippee to launch a console with a built in baby bottle steriliser/milk warmer so i can parent and game at the same time!
  8. i got to geek out for christmas dinner, only having a small double oven with 4 electric hobbs i had to plan well in advance what was going in which oven and where eventually i went with an excel spreadsheet to plan things with temperature and times required. My mrs rightly took the piss out of me but it worked in 2.5 hours my plucky little hotpoint was able to cook 1.5kg of beef, 3 kg stuffed turkey crown, 12 large yorkshire puds, 1 large serving of stuffing, 2 roasting tins worth of roast potatoes and parnsips, turkey gravy, carrots, broccoli, butternut squash and sata
  9. First of all, an honorable mention to @The Hierophant, your cooking tips are always great and my family thankyou for some of the sunday foods you have inspired me to cook this year. Secondly, my mspaint version of the list, purely my own opionion edit: orange and strawberry creme quality street can get in the bin with the sprouts as well. Lastly, Brussel Sprouts, disgusting little balls of bluergh that take up room on your plate where another spud or stuffing ball should be. For those of you who say cooking them in bacon or pancetta makes them bet
  10. Can someone do an animation with an outside shot of discovery about to mushroom jump and a green mario pipe comes up from the bottom of the screen complete with pipe gurgle noise when the ship jumps?
  11. Do yourself a massive favour. Avoid the Godzilla anime on Netflix
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