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  1. It is. Brilliant film. Yep, the Vincent Price one. I love it, but it's not for everyone.
  2. Yeah, but judging Zool against other Amiga platformers/scrolling games, it still comes up short in the gameplay stakes (yet as I said before, I played it over and over for some reason)
  3. I can't say games without story appeal to me, so there will totally be many suggestions that are more suitable than these, but: Dead Cells - there is a story but it's so light touch you can just ignore it altogether, and the super tight gameplay and proc-gen levels seem like the sort of thing you may be after? Hades - there's a big story here, but again you can ignore it if you want, and it's totally built around you dying and replaying. Tutorial is very short, as I recall. Meat Boy? N+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (or however many +s it has these days)? Returnal, since you have a PS5? Again there's a story (I believe) but it's assumed you're going to die often and start a new run, so it's not like it's a linear GTA style story. Spelunky?
  4. Even as a Ben defender (Benfender?) I can't say I'd want him working with Vinny, Alex and Brad full time.
  5. Some sort of Nextlander series with Vinny, Austin and Alex, recreating the Kerbal dynamics would be amazing. Vinny with wild ideas, Austin trying to figure out how they can work without dissuading Vinny entirely, and Alex being a cowardly lion about it all. Or a Vinnyvania style show (though that was hugely elevated by Dan, IMO). I'm sure they'll get there eventually. I just wish it was now, rather than 'eventually'. I must have a look at Giant Bomb again, since I'm still paying for the sub.
  6. I loved my CD32! I won it in one of those "phone this number to answer the question (calls cost £1 per second)" competition in the back of a magazine. I suspect I was the only person who entered...
  7. The Nextlander guys do slowly appear to be getting into more of the type of thing I wanted from them, with Full Motion Vinny and Here Decay Gone Tomorrow, but it does seem to be lacking something. There's a spark missing that used to be there when they were at GB.
  8. I'd like you to listen to a game I honestly might have made up because no-one else remembers it exists: Bizarre Bazaar. It was a game with five or six stages, one of which was a vertical shmup level where you had to avoid or shoot asteroids as you moved to the next stage. EDIT: It wasn't an amiga game, and it wasn't called Bizarre Bazaar. It was a C64 game called Bazair.
  9. Which bit? The other games being better, or the playing Zool over and over part?
  10. I would buy an Amiga Mini in a heartbeat, even if it had Zool on it.
  11. From a pretty quick look at their website: Witchfinder General Carnival of Souls The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane House on Haunted Hill Possessor (I believe, haven't seen it) Dr Terror's House of Horrors Relic Mom and Dad (daft as all hell, but fun) Possum The Woman Bone Tomahawk The Wind The Night Eats The World The Raid Host (I think, again, not seen it) La Llorona (again, not seen it but heard good things) In Search of Darkness (it's a documentary about horror films though) Heathers (may not have aged well) Prevenge Hellraiser 1 and 2 if you like those It Follows Insidious (was okay, not great) The Hallow (was also alright) Donnie Darko Let The Right One In Don't Knock Twice (iffy, but watchable, I thought) The Void Dark Water (the Japanese one) Society There are bound to be others I've missed.
  12. Oh, I don't know that I'd want to watch Possum again either, despite enjoying it. It's not a fun movie in any way.
  13. Zool was shit when it first came out, but the kind of shit that meant you kept playing it over and over, despite also owning New Zealand Story, Rick Dangerous 1 and 2, Turrican 1 and 2 and James Pond, all of which were a billion times better.
  14. HR NEVER has your back. Even if you feel like they do, that's simply because what you need from them aligns with the company's interests. HR is always, always, always about protecting the company.
  15. Wow, we have very different tastes in horror. I thought Possum was fantastic - a real sense of unease and creeping dread infused the whole film. But I thought Escape Room was boring, derivative drivel. I'm no fan of films like Saw though, so it's no surprise that this didn't do it for me.
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