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  1. Yes, very much so! First link I found googling 'Riot games toxic', but there are hundreds more: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/7/18534477/riot-employees-walkout-forced-arbitration-workplace-culture
  2. Absolutely, and not just in America. There's practically no-one in a union in the UK industry, from what I can tell from the studios I've worked at.
  3. That's interesting. I've never met Kotick and he's had no tangible effect on my life (not least because I can't remember the last Activision-Blizzard game I played), but I'm super affronted by him too. I don't have to have been personally affected by all the heinous shit he's presided over during his tenure to feel a deep sense of injustice, anger and vitriol about him. I just think about the people who have been affected by him and the feelings of impotent rage and disgust flow naturally.
  4. Having now listened to the most recent podcast Trumpets could have been referring to, I'm even more nonplussed than I was. If anything, I think the three Nextlander guys are being pretty light with their criticism of Kotick. If I were on that podcast I'd be much more vituperative about him. I'm assuming Trumpets didn't know about the Activision stuff.
  5. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    But on the other hand, their development tends to lead to: School (don't need to actually learn anything)-> Most players don't go further than this, and have poor academic qualifications -> College if you're lucky (don't need to actually learn anything) -> Most of the rest of the players don't go further than this, and have poor academic qualifications ->Pro if you're incredibly lucky, many players actually never play in the pros even if they're drafted, and many more have very short careers. And generally have poor academic qualifications and really struggle at anything other than football
  6. Hamill saying it doesn't make it true. And it can't be true anyway, because opinions are subjective. I think TLJ was the best film in the trilogy. For me, it's the only one with mystery, intriguing plot points, meaningful character development and an actual message (eat the rich!) Yes, the casino bit was too long, but at least it has something to say. And it's the best looking film of the three, as well. But it's fine if you and Mark Hamill and legions of fans who just wanted remakes of the original trilogy disagree. Doesn't change my opinion.
  7. I'm just disappointed because I find TLJ to be the most interesting of the new properties. I'd love to have seen more of Rian Johnson's vision of the Star Wars universe. And I'm assuming that because of the backlash against TLJ he was told to change his new trilogy to be more generic and didn't want to. I don't want Kennedy to go, I don't care one way or another about whether she's still in charge or not. She's doing her job by making sure Star Wars gets more properties she thinks people will like. I'm pissed off at all the hoopleheads who didn't like TLJ (actually, not even all of them. It's the ones who were all "oh, what? WOMEN? In central roles? NOT MY STAR WARS!" and "Luke's anything other than the perfect Jedi? NOT MY STAR WARS!" that I'm pissed off at). I actually thought TROS was pretty cack. Watchable, but incoherent, confused, bloated and often boring. And having watched TFA a few times now, I don't think that's much good either. Mind, since my son's got into Star Wars I've watched the original trilogy a bunch more and that's starting to lose its shine for me. So maybe I'm just old and grumpy these days.
  8. Yeah, I'm with @Gambit. I also haven't listened to this week's podcast yet, but based on what Alex has said about him in the past, his feelings mirror mine about Bobby K. The man's a blight on our species, and his comeuppance can't come soon enough. The only problem is that whatever happens to him it won't fix things and he'll still have his hundreds of millions to console him. Edit: actually @Trumpets, in case you aren't aware of the Activision-Blizzard atrocities, there's a thread here: But a very quick and incomplete summary is that Kotick has led a company with such a toxic culture that all three console manufacturers have called for his head, the state of California and the federal government are investigating, 1300 of his employees are willing to publicly demand he's fired and more. So, no. Bobby didn't run over Alex's dog. He's just been an utter evil fuck for decades, and Alex is sick of it, as we all should be. I know that my personal stance is that until that whole company is cleaned out top to bottom and Kotick is forced to do the shame walk off Game of Thrones, I'm never buying another Acti-Blizz game, never working for a company who is making one, and if any studio I work for does get a publishing deal with them, I'm resigning.
  9. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    Based on the last few weeks I've got a really horrible feeling the Cowboys are going to behave as though Garrett is still the head coach and do their best to squander a great first half of the season, ending with a .500 record and losing their playoff game.
  10. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    Does anyone know if there's a free way to watch college football in the UK? Or if it's on NFL Game Pass (I haven't found it on there).
  11. I'll be interested in what happens in episodes 2 and 3 then, because episode 1 was duller than Foundation, the acting was far worse, the direction was muddled, the writing was clunky, the worldbuilding perfunctory, and it looked very cheap in comparison.
  12. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    Amari Cooper will miss at least two games because he's an idiot who hasn't been vaccinated and has caught covid.
  13. Well, that first episode was meh in the extreme.
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