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  1. Endurance runs of Shenmue and Persona 4 are great too. Steal my Sunshine is fantastic, although it went on too long. I enjoy Mass Alex, Clue Crew, UPF, and a lot of the lockdown streams. 13 Deadly Sims was hilarious in parts. And, as previously mentioned, Vinnyvania, This Is The Run and Breaking Brad. Personally I stay away from any solo streams, but I enjoy a lot of their other stuff.
  2. My favourite stuff at the moment is Astroneering, Mass Alex and Abby's Dead Space play through. There's a clear Vinny pattern there, but I've watched him play things alone and it's really dull, so it's down to the interplay between him and other people. I guess what I'm saying is Vinny should be on everything they do, and they should do much more multi-episode plays of games. Get rid of quick looks, they've been boring for years. Don't care if it's retro or modern games, but these days I only seem to be interested in things that can sustain multiple episodes.
  3. I don't understand what this means.
  4. Bought this tonight for the Switch, having never got around to playing it before. It's brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. Easily the best game of the type ever made. Its utter genius is badly marred, however, by the single worst control scheme I've ever encountered in any game. EVER. Seems like Red Hook decided they had to use every single button on the device, whether it made sense to or not. It's not too bad on the actual expeditions (though definitely not good), but in the Hamlet I just can't get the controls to click. I've been playing all night and I still can't get used to them. The studio clearly doesn't have a UX or UI designer.
  5. Good God, no. Rorie is my least favourite member of staff by light years. Dull, waffly, complete lack of charisma or personality. You might not like Ben, but at least there's something about him not to like. Rorie's only defining feature is that he exists. More Business Dave, on the other hand, is something I could get behind in a big way.
  6. Cacophanus has worked at a bunch of studios and written for a bunch of games publications.
  7. I'm getting pretty close to the end of the main story now, and have four or five side missions I haven't got to yet. I'm loving the main story, and don't want to break off, but I also don't want to get to the end and then find that there's no way/point to doing the side missions. Is it still worth going back to mop up after finishing the main story?
  8. Although he isn't my favourite GB'er, Dan's been vital to most of my favourite series, such as This Is The Run, Crime Crew and the most recent Vinnyvania. I hope they can continue coming up with entertaining shows without him. I'm pretty gutted, tbh.
  9. Silver is a very soft metal. A sword made of it would get properly fucked up if you fought someone in armour with a steel sword. Maybe that's why he doesn't use it on humans? Mark me down as another person who had no trouble with the different timelines. This was a good series, and seems to be doing well for Netflix, but based on how much they like to cancel things, I'd be surprised if it gets more than three seasons. Definitely recommend Robin Hobb and Joe Abercrombie. Wheel of Time I thought was good for five books, but wouldn't recommend the series as a whole. Stormlight Archive is good, but I think the books should be about half the length they actually are.
  10. I also like Abby, and would rank her as number 4 on my personal list of favourite GB staffers, behind Vinny, Jeff and Dan, and ahead of Jan and Alex. Watching her play Resident Evils and Nancy Drews is brilliant, and for me at least, she seems to have reinvigorated the East crew. Their output is much better as a whole since she joined. And that's not something I can say for the West, despite Jan being great and Ben being fine. In fact, the only GB member I wouldn't miss ever seeing or hearing again is Rorie, and even though he's my least favourite, I just find him a bit waffly and dull. I don't feel the burning hatred towards him that a lot of you seem to hold towards Ben and (to a lesser degree) Abby. Lucky me, I guess: I'm more than happy to keep my sub going.
  11. Wait, wait, wait. Let's not overreact here...
  12. I certainly do, yes. I didn't work on either of these two games (they were released years ago, and I've only recently joined), and the company pivoted away from F2P before I joined. We only support one of them these days, although that's the one with the big spender. I believe the other was work for hire. So I don't feel personally responsible for them, but I do find it distasteful. At the same time, I'm also kind of conflicted: I've played and enjoyed F2P games, like Hearthstone. I've spent a bit of money on them, but not even close to the cost of a console game. Do I think Hearthstone is problematic because someone could spend £50k on it? I'm not sure. It's something to think about, though I'd hesitate to say F2P games should be banned. If you go down that route, you should ban TCGs, CCGs, baseball cards/football stickers, gambling in all forms... But yes, the F2P thing was certainly something that gave me pause before accepting the job offer. As for the company as a whole - which I guess means the directors and investors really - I'm not sure. As I say, we've pivoted away from F2P, which suggests it wasn't something we wanted to be involved with long term. But we do continue to support the game, so it's clearly not all that distasteful to the company. I haven't had a conversation with the directors about it.
  13. They literally don't show up in the infusion menu. The thing I've got equipped does, and is greyed out (presumably because it's equipped), but nothing else does. Thanks for the advice though - I'll keep on playing the way I have. Although since I detest the multiplayer I've played I imagine it'll be a really slow process before I hit the soft cap, as the crucible/strikes/gambit seems to be where you earn the most experience.
  14. The studio I work at has released a couple of F2P mobile games, and although we make sure we balance them to be fun (hopefully) for players who don't pay anything, there are a hardcore group of whales who spend ridiculous amounts on them. I think the highest spender is approaching £50k. Our analytics also let us know how much time people spend playing, and there's a really strong correlation between people who pay loads and people who play loads. I'd always assumed it'd be the other way round, that people would be paying to make sure they didn't have to play for hours a day, but I think what must happen is that if someone with more money than sense really likes the game, they spend an obscene amount of money to get to the top tier/end game content really quickly. And then they put about ten hours a day into it after that. I don't really have a point here, I guess. Just an observation. Though if most F2P games follow that pattern, I'd guess that you'd still end up with that one unbeatable guy on your server. He'd just be playing non-stop rather than spending money and also playing non-stop.
  15. New VinnyVania is great. I mean, they all are. Watch them, if you haven't already. I listened to their Worst Songs of the 80s podcast, and I really enjoyed it, although they're dead wrong about Danger Zone. I didn't realise Jeff liked anything other than hip hop, but he had some strong opinions on 80s songs, most of which I agreed with. Ben seemed fine on it, too. I know I've always said I don't mind him (and I don't), but he seemed to be less himself in this podcast, if you see what I mean. Maybe he feels less confident about 80s music than he does about games, but he seemed to be trying less hard and being a bit more quiet. He even made me chuckle once, though now I can't remember why.
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