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  1. This thread brings back some memories!NHL 10-12 was some of my favourite online gaming ever. I've got a PS4 but sadly I don't have the time or money to invest in NHL this year.Metal Gear and Pes is taking all.my time up at the moment. I might try and pick it up in a few months though if you guys are still playing,would be good to have some games again!
  2. Not sure if/when I'll be picking up Fifa 14 so out for the time being I'm afraid.
  3. I'm afraid I won't make it tonight either.Sorry chaps!
  4. Small consolation I'm sure but I'll finally be back tomorrow.
  5. It's touch and go whether I'll make it on tonight.Off out for a meal in a bit but might be back in time. If you want to solve the any fullback problem,just play Charlie at left back.He loves it there
  6. I should make it on tonight but will be micless so feel free to call me a cunt more than usual Hannay
  7. I'll try and make it on tonight. I badly need the practice to be honest.
  8. Yep,I'll try and get on early for some practice games. I'm sure Charlie will be in good spirits with Spurs qualifying for the Europa League again.
  9. I like it when Charlie begs so in please!
  10. Yeah sorry chaps after the second freeze up I decided to call it quits.Good games tonight though.I quite enjoyed playing D actually as the defending feels far more fair in this version.
  11. It was you not playing any Wham last night while you were spinning the decks that pushed me over the edge Tobes
  12. Out for the time being I'm afraid as I won't be picking up Fifa for a while. City for life yo.
  13. After playing NHL for over 2 years straight I needed a break.No human goalies this time please,it always ends in tears!
  14. I'll be dusting off my skates and coming out of retirement for this If Shopto don't let me down I should have this Wednesday or Thursday. Edit;What Charlie said basically.
  15. Awesome stuff Keeks and cheers for the votes chaps.Loving the all the stats as well. Still on 100% dribbling!
  16. I got to witness Kiko score twice which is as good a victory to be honest.
  17. Top stuff Keeks!Worth staying in Bap for these write ups alone.
  18. Great stuff lads.Not a bad start to the season!
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