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  1. System Shock 2 is AMAZING. Most atmospheric and scary game I've ever played. It's complicated and substantial. It's spiritual successor, BioShock has unfortunately been 'consolized' I.e. been made more Simple and less Complex to fit in with the console demographic. Sad that, seems to be happening to more and more cross platform games that are designed with the console in mind rather than the PC.. Anyway.... did I mention it's an amazing games.. if anyone does play it, don't forget to get the high-res model pack.... although in a way the low res models are a lot more scary..
  2. Zweifel Chilli and Lemon crisps. Only ever found it in one shop. The crisps of the Gods. Someone PLEASE tell me it can be found somewhere...
  3. Codger

    please delete

    changed my mind, please delete
  4. I shall pop down there and try to find another camera on the same building in a similar position but without the canopy thing. Or I suppose I could get my graphic designer mate to make the canopy thing disappear Is that cheating? (I'm lazy). More from the same batch, not great but best I could do at the time. No post processing.
  5. Yeah, I've noticed that more and more, I need to think more about framing and stuff because many times a good shot is ruined by as you say some ugly obtrusive object in the foreground. I'm been reading about that rule of thirds thing, so will give that a try for a bit and see if it improves my shots. Ta.
  6. Yeah, I like the security camera one despite the fact the hanging canopy thing ruins it, I'm sure it can be eliminated with a bit of photoshopping My main problem is my hands shake far too much and I get loads of blurry pics. That and the fact that I need to master the whole depth of field thing to get out of focus backgrounds. Upgrading from nothing, bought the camera on a whim (sort of), got inspired by a colleague at work to buy one. The second proper shooting I did was at a friends wedding, the pics are better than the one's above. Will post them later.
  7. Some pics I took after buying a Canon 350D. They're rubbish. Went a bit mad with the post processing on this one.
  8. Saw it a couple of weeks ago, absolutely bored me to tears. The SFX is good, but there's only so many shots of yellow metal you can see at various whizzing angles before you tire of it. Badly acted, boring script etc The only mildly interesting bit started when that sun-burned bloke turned up and turned the film from a bad sci-fi movie into mediocre slasher movie, but his appearance felt as if they realised how rubbish and tedious the film was and ended up changing the script near the end to have some sort of exciting finale. And yes I did like and understand 2001, so it's not because I'm some thicky Crap/10.
  9. This one. Amazing! Also read First And Last Men by Olaf Stapledon. Simply fantastic book of a truely epic scale. And it was written in the 1930's!!
  10. Meh. It's just your bog standard DIY arcade stick, nothing special about it.
  11. I saw it in the same place, can't say I noticed any big difference :\
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Zweifel Chilli & Lemon, sadly not sold anymore.
  13. I tried to like them, god did I try. I tried to force them down with lots of milk and plenty of sugar. It still tasted like sawdust.
  14. Good game, BUT the battles far too easy (half the game ruined).
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