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  1. Dumb question but why the PS4 now? Is it cost or tech related cos if its the latter a Switch would be better for the kids or a PS5 for the long term. Otherwise maybe check out stuff like Horizon and that Ubisoft knock off of BOTW? Dragon Quest Builders maybe?
  2. it's a very weird but watchable anime that's taken on meme status, i watched the first season and it's oddly compelling. but in video games you can make it into a drift monster
  3. aaaaaaaaand stuck on the saving bug trying to buy a truck for the seasonal this is ridiculous
  4. Verstappen wishes he was Senna, the way he drives he's far more like Schumacher at Benetton and that isn't a compliment.
  5. It was absurd because they were only available during one season and it was when you had to do 100% not 80% I think cos I remember getting it, taking a break from the game for a few weeks and coming back to insanity in the auction house.
  6. Did you see what they were selling for in FH4
  7. I think we can all agree at this point that anyone who supports Red Bull and/or Verstappen after all this is an unsavoury character who needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Hopefully Hamilton will win next weekend to right the wrongs of this season and we can move on to next season and hopefully Lando's era of domination.
  8. The FIA are clearly too cowardly to do anything about Verstappen and Red Bull, Hamilton was right to suspect that Verstappen would crash into him to win the title. He'll do it again at Yas.
  9. Even if it wasn't, this is where Liberty makes its money and gets its prestige. They would've loved that show and presentation, they'll get the same treatment next week in Yas.
  10. I get this all the time, you have to drive around for a bit and it'll connect, if not then close and restart.
  11. Verstappen but Hamilton will need to beat him anyway for the constructors
  12. got that boxed off, haven't you
  13. sorry have you ever seen someone try to give a place back like that?
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