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  1. the boat stuff was great you heartless monster, the whole show should've been sam and bucky go fishing
  2. An indie dev would make it and eventually someone would stream it making it millions?
  3. Absolutely no chance you're getting me buying an EA Sports game, sorry Codies. It'll be on Game Pass Ultimate eventually anyway.
  4. Everything that is part of the MCU official is world building either for the next film on the slate or something further down the line. So Wandavision will lead into (spoilers for MCU in case people were trying to go in blind) and as far as I can tell, this show is to set up the rest of Phase 4 on Earth. Generally any sequels you get will be down to what Feige and the rest have planned, there's a slate planned for Phase 4 which you can probably figure some stuff out for but other than that this is still pretty new - all the other shows up until Wandavision were i
  5. Great episode, the pacing has been all over the place in this show.
  6. Genuinely can't remember the last time I read a review. Play Yakuza 0.
  7. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Was $12.99 with a launch price of $9.74 for Plus members
  8. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/fia-bans-t-shirts-from-f1-podium-ceremonies-after-hamilton-demonstration-4978668/4978668/
  9. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    I mean FWIW he's been up front that he has a contact that gives him info and it's not him hearing it directly. You can probably tell by the fact I've haven't been rushing to share everything he's been putting on discord that I'm not treating this like gospel, just that he might be less of a chancer than your average Twitter ITK.
  10. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    He's in a discord channel I'm in and seems to be 'ITK' according to everyone else so I guess...maybe? Apparently there's an NSO update for N64 at least this year.
  11. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh I heard that rumour.
  12. Does that mean 1.75TB after the PS OS reserves space or before?
  13. Google isn't helpful for this, what's the largest hard drive a PS3 Super Slim will support? Thinking of buying a new one and loading the hard disk before Sony do me dirty. I've seen 1Tb, 1.5, 2, 4 and anything as long as it fits inside the bay.
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