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  1. Forza Horizon 4 until 5 comes out.
  2. Unless I've got it wrong, the idea of the sprint race was supposed to add action that was missing in the grand prix - overtakes, pushing harder, that sort of stuff. It's been the opposite cos they're essentially doing first stints and managing based on that. The chequered flag just acts like a red flag and all it does is make practice pointless and qualifying a farce. Either they do something different with it to force a jumbled grid or they fix the regs in which case the sprint race isn't needed.
  3. They've been shite. The worst possible way to bring in the format. Hate them.
  4. There's a chance a lot of these entries are devs using Geforce Now as a way of streaming stuff from their office to their home over the pandemic. A lot of entries are stuff like design software, some office applications and emulators like Dolphin so I'm not sure this is anything more than a collection of random stuff with the odd game actually in development thrown in.
  5. Verstappen's comments on BLM and his twitter follows/likes put me off him as a person.
  6. Red Bull had an automatic system then the FIA clarified it has to be manual and the guy was waiting for the automatic signal when everyone else was waiting for him to push the button.
  7. Great win but horrible for Elliott, lad doesn't deserve it. Leeds are fucking dirty and it was a disgusting challenge from behind, wild and wrapped his legs around for no reason.
  8. It's been proper shite and if they stick with it I'll probably give it a miss.
  9. if hamilton backed out, that's the championship over. he can't afford to just give verstappen space when he's ahead.
  10. nah there's no way I'm playing a proper GT single player mode that's always online, especially with Sony's record of keeping servers up.
  11. That was the only reason I wanted a sprint race - without a reverse grid it's just serving up more of the shite we're getting.
  12. Garbage, what a waste of an event. And Monza too. Hate this.
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