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  1. See, communism is when creativity and innovation is stifled by a lack of profit motivation...
  2. a brand new console is exactly the pick me up needed during a cost of living crisis
  3. hello guys gals and enby pals, i searched the thread for outrun 2 mentions and i was wondering if this is still the up to date way of installing on deck: also i've forgotten which version has all the tracks/layouts and cars. is it 2006?
  4. i know the oral history isn't reliable but it seems like we can assume sega didn't have any kind of plans to try and make a consumer version of their arcade boards in the early 90s, between a combination of their insistence to segregate their arcade business as a matter of prestige and not really understanding the direction of travel they had a large part in triggering. its why i don't think there's any version of sega that would've made a good decision and stayed in the race against sony. naomi was too little too late and they were never going to survive financially against playstation. if anything it just makes it a miracle that nintendo kept going at all, let alone continually finding successes against bigger competitors who entered later.
  5. you're going to beat us in the replay, don't worry
  6. SMD

    Metroid Prime 4

    It's such a no brauner, vr is gonna suck even more, get a deck
  7. I can forgive the Mega CD because the format was such a huge jump and the potential was (rightly) seen as a big business opportunity, plus almost every manufacturer was looking into either making an add on or a proper console based around CD tech. I think the problem is that Sega of America simply refused to let the Mega Drive go and Sega of Japan wasn't interested in it because they perceived it to be a bit of a failure. I don't think there's any path that Sega would've feasibly taken as a company that would've resulted in their success or at least their longevity but refining the Game Gear concept and going after Nintendo in the handheld market would've at least given them a stable source of revenue to get them through the 90s and having a unified approach across subsidaries (going all in with the Mega CD/no 32X/no Neptune/bringing arcade into the fold) would've meant a more Dreamcast vision than a Saturn vision. Also fuck Bernie Stolar.
  8. Sega fucked around far too much in the 90s, the 32X should've never left the prototype stage and they should've integrated their home console and arcade teams as soon as they started working on a successor to the Mega Drive. It doesn't matter how powerful the Saturn could've been in theory when it was a piece of shit to develop for. Lobotomy Software are the example I always go to of a team who did wizardry with the machine but at what cost? Sega could've put out a box like Sony did but were too wrapped up in their arcade business and too dysfunctional at a corporate level to anticipate the changes in the market they themselves had started with the Mega Drive. Also fuck Bernie Stolar.
  9. If it says Smart Delivery on the website you'll get whichever version your console is automatically. Microsoft are good at providing this information, you can just go on their website and look up the game and it'll tell you. As others have said, very rare cases of publishers providing separate versions either to download or straight up selling - Tony Hawk's is one example.
  10. I think it's more that when people have an entire library to assess, it's easier to evaluate games on its own merits rather than the context of the time. No one gave a shit that I had Fighters Megamix back in the day, they just wanted to play Tekken but now they're not in competition, its valued beyond just the small number of Saturn owners of the day.
  11. SMD

    Metroid Prime 4

    That rumour is for Metroid Prime HD. The newest set of rumours as far as I know is that Nintendo decided against a remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy and instead commissioned Retro to do a full HD remake of the games starting with MP. However it doesn't mean all three games have to come out before MP4, the idea being that MPHD is released to increase hype for the new game. So fuck knows if it means actually getting all 3 remade or what. Again, all the "insiders" have been mostly poor but at least Retro is an American studio so more likely someone might catch something.
  12. Doubtful, all the big collectors know each other and are invested in making sure prices don't drop. Gamers in general are fucking stupid and there are enough with too much cash to keep the grift going. Just look at how much any limited print of game immediately goes for on ebay even if there's a digital version. A lot of these people simply aren't serious about playing these games, which is why they pay so much for titles no one gave a fuck about when they were in stores. A lot of publishers have cottoned onto this and have reduced their runs now so they barely hang about. Except Capcom Europe who just do it cos they hate us.
  13. can't wait to see him score to reduce it to 4-1 to Real
  14. so just to be clear, I have Hitman 1 and 2 with all the DLC on Steam, the best thing for me to do now is buy the base version of Hitman 3 and then upgrade to the World of Assassination Deluxe pack?
  15. we basically haven't, the club breaks even or even makes a net profit from time to time, no one is asking for billions - is it really too much to ask to bring in the likes of caicedo and fernandez before they move to europe and their fees jump fivefold?
  16. the momentum could've been kept but we've got dumbfuck mingebags who are penny wise pound foolish in charge of the club, i fucking hate these billionaire cunts and i wish john henry would slide down the world's biggest razor blade into a vat of vinegar
  17. i would put fsg down a meat grinder yesterday
  18. Presumably so he infuriates a Mexican cartel and is found across many different butchers around the country?
  19. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    yeah nintendo's stock is fucking abysmal, i'm still furious about the xenoblade and bayonetta farces. they just make it so hard for people to give them money.
  20. somehow manages to be worse than tierney, it's andy madley and i've never seen him have a good game.
  21. he's fucking shite, one of the worst refs i've seen in the prem
  22. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    SNES is fine, N64 is not an issue unless you're really into authenticity and are super sensitive to stuff - most people aren't so it'll be the most convenient way to play on a modern TV. Remap your buttons or get an N64 classic controller.
  23. Suarez was playing as a second striker to Carroll and taking far more touches before shooting. Eventually they switched/Carroll got bombed out and Suarez took fewer touches before shooting. Nunez's problem seems to be that he doesn't know what he wants to do when he's on the ball then makes the wrong decision or snatches at the shot. At Benfica he was calmer and more clinical so we'll see if it's him just needing to settle down or what. Isnt really the main problem this season, our defence is shite and our midfield invisible. Clinical strikers would just be papering over the cracks.
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