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  1. Not a full set but I got a few from here -usual place for most stuff it seems.
  2. Anyone predict when they will announce us being able to buy the PSVR2 or pre-order it? got a feeling it will be made and sold like how the PS5
  3. Loving mine so far and yes it has surprised how well the controller works. Would be aces if it were possible to have the added games off a USB stick to have thumbs and info etc like the pre-installed games? Customising menus is a pet love of mine in my older years But that's just a silly wish.
  4. I've found some files I did take but not many.. mainly product/shopping shots, so I haven't uploaded them.. but any I find that have people on it I will. Mainly just incase either you are in the frame or someone you know. After all, this was nearly 20 years ago Also found (although still I've unsure which year I attended) Classic Gaming Expo UK in Croydon on 24th and 25th of July 2004 I obviously don't take credit for the images.
  5. Thanks sdaonline, does look like I was at the 2004 event as I don't remember most of this - similar it may be.
  6. So was it 2004? I still have to see if I've still got the photos I took myself but I was amazed to see Matthew Smith. Was super chuffed that he was there and stood up and did a presentation. He was so nervous!! To be fair I'd of been too, especially as he'd been out of the public eye for years. If I remember, Retro Gamer had started and was on shelves but hopefully someone here could correct me on that one So I don't remember or know if they did a write up? Crikey Merman, if you don't mind could you root around for that DVD footage if you have it? If you do have it, hopefully it contains stuff that you wouldn't mind sharing.. That was my main point of this post tbh... as my memory what it used to be and that kind of stuff might unearth some memories. I remember having a fab day.. even though I went on my own
  7. Does anyone remember the Retro gaming event that was held in Croydon, Fairfield Halls, or better still have movies/pictures of the day. Only thing is at the moment I'm not entirely super sure of the year, I think it was 2004. I do know it was the 1st of it's kind in Croydon back then. Especially amazing for me because I live this end of the country as all the amazing shows etc seem to be further up the UK nowadays. There was a tons of very cool nerd stuff there, along with lots of special guests.Off the top of my head... Matthew Smith Archer MacLean Billy Mitchell Steve Weatherill Andrew and Philip Oliver I will have to dig out any pics or movie files I have but I'm sure I spotted one of the Pickford brothers there There were live talks which were super interesting, but I'm struggling to find any recorded media from the weekend. Obviously things were a little different back then with tech, so phone didn't have the storage and quality they do now I'm sure I remember some folks walking around with video cameras.
  8. Availability of these new fangled PS5's is still a sh1t show. Sigh. Anyone got any recent tips on how to snag them a PS5 each without being on the inter web for hours/days at a time? Like I did a year ago to get mine!
  9. Best way to get this? cheapest deal (download) or Gamepass? oh and if Gamepass anyone know the best deal there is atm?
  10. This is neat! Got Retroarch up and running and spent lots of time adding and tweaking game but ultimately breaking them so they either don't load etc .Was wondering if there was a single file/s that can be overwritten that would set up some of the important stuff? or isn't that possible with Retroarch on the Xbox Series X?
  11. Sorry guys I'm stuck I'm a Mac user and been trying to follow this >> Guide: Retro Emulation on the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One by Retro Game Corps. He also wrote wrote this helpful guide. Very understandable I thought, but then I get stuck when it's useful for me to map a network drive and just wondering what the Mac method basically does? He explains... For Mac users, the process is similar (use Chrome for best results): Open Finder and in the top Menu Bar, navigate to Go > Connect to Server (or type CMD+K) Type in the address are follows: smb://xbox/DevelopmentFiles Click the “+” button to save the connection Enter your credentials I've tried this and it seems to start to connect BUT.. dunno what I key in for NAME and PASSWORD? I've tried every log in I think is relevent but gives me an error saying 'There was a problem connecting to server...' box. Could it be my network? firewall? or what? Sorry fellas is there a Mac genius here would could solve this world problem for me?
  12. Anyone know the best site which has a very comprehensive (updating) list of PS4 >> PS5 compatibility and what if any, enhancements have been added to the PS5 version? I've lost the link and when I try and find it again I get a squillion Google results and nothing close to the site I found. I say I found, but I'm sure I found the link from somewhen here on one of these posts. Anyone?
  13. So basically I've no way of getting one of these Ps5 thingies or an XboxSeriesX wotsits at launch???
  14. Yes this game is another neat time sink in the mold of NoMansSky. Love it.
  15. nevsan

    Xbox One X

    I'm really interested in getting one - perhaps for in april for my bday pressie, but not sure how much of a visual and speed upgrade it will make displaying on my 1080p screen? Wish there were more 1080p videos on YT of games running on the X. I especially love playing Elite: Dangerous and Witcher3...
  16. Wonder if one of you lovely CMDRs that has an Xbox one X with this game can publish a video or two that shows the visual detail/upgrade you get USING a 1080p screen as if I get an X I won’t be able to get a 4K tv for a while. Just need to see what I’d be missing detail wise - especially planet details and textures/shadows
  17. Love it love it love it. Bought this recently with the PS sale and amazed at how much its sucking me in. I've a love for Elite Dangerous too, so I can see how thats possible but this comes from an entirely different angle. Great to see this game still getting serious love from the devs. Keeping my fingers crossed for at least a co-op/ 2 player mode for the far future but loving the game as it is - it would just be an amazing addition to an already fascinating game.
  18. What I would love to do with Emulation station is have a quick and simple way of adding a game, say Outrun, which then lists all the versions of every system I have on it. That would be immense! Not sure how this could be represented onscreen etc Also, am I correct in saying you currently cannot add games to a defined list while browsing the menus either?
  19. Thats a pretty good update, especially the inclusion of a Sega Saturn emu. Wonder how well that works on a P3? Still wishing for a BBC emulator and an easier way to include overlays/bezels and borders. Love this kit
  20. Overlays. It's something I just haven't managed to do properly. There are the MAME ones http://smartretro.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8288 which look awesome and have tried using the automatic tool mentioned and tried to place the files individually. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. It could be that the image I'm using – Nachos – is usually different file location configs to the ones supplied?? Anyone using Nachos image, tried applying these with success?
  21. For whatever reason, burning the Reys/Nachos image on my 128GB card took forever :| But as far as set up is concerned if you use an existing image your pretty much set other than tweaks.
  22. This may turn the opening post into something uncontrollable but how about listing each system (when all sorted) to help us noobs tweak and correct things? like the C64 tips from Niftyifty Currently I'm still trying to wrap my head around adding those Arcade bezels to over 200 Mame games. I followed the video and they still don't appear. My only success has been to go into a game (like 1942) and press the (back + X) to go into Retroarch and apply the overlay there. Only problem is I cannot work out where I do this to actually save it for the game (and not globally for all games) and how to reposition the screens so they fit correctly. All this information I'm sure is meant to be within the config files that the handy app apparently does. Anyone help?
  23. Many on these 'images' out there like Nachos or Reys have various systems already installed and working. For instance I wanted (for some bizarre reason) all the Game & Watch games all working with the overlays - Nachos image has this [TICK] AND it has tons of MS DOS games working too [TICK] I'd love to know how to move all the required files over into my 'main image' which is currently Nachos as it seems to have more of the systems already working that I want to play. If anyone could work that out they would be a hero and help a heap of us out I'm sure.
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