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  1. www.bytesizedchunks.com/mov/VectrexCommercial.mpg This excellent Vectrex commerical I recently found from ClassicGaming.com is classic. Its taken from a bad quality video-tape but just seeing it is priceless. I'm a bit of a sucker from seeing anything like this - anybody know where I can find some of the rarer ones, like commericals for the Dragon32, Game&Watch, BBC Model B, Spectrum and ZX81? I'm also searching for G4's "Icons" episodes.. I've got one about Pac-Man which is ace - but I know there are lots more. I intend to collect them then put them on a DVD for me to watch. I have a Mac and use LimeWire but cannot find anything like what I'm looking for.. can anyone help?
  2. I've asked me girlie to get the Xbox version for Crimbo. I'm very much looking forward to this - heard some very positive comments about it. I liked MechAssault for the same mix of explosions and blasting stuff - at least it will pull me off XboxLive for a while (like Freedom Fighters has - although thats quite difficult too on the normal setting, or am I just sh*t? )
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