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  1. Onze


    @K I don't think that's the case. If you drop an infused weapon and leave the level without it it will only then be available again after the day resets. You'll only get it back in the morning.
  2. Onze


    Goldenloop - Patch notes. Added stuff.
  3. Redmane Castle has a couple of states. One is where there are no soldiers around the Castle grounds and one with soldiers. When the soldiers are absent then a few of the doors will be sealed off. I'm pretty sure the main gate can't be open. Spoilers related to the boss etc.
  4. Using a +10 Rivers of Blood and a +25 Blood Uchigatana has made New Game+ a breeze. Here's a playlist of me smashing a few of the early bosses in NG+ just by mashing the Rivers of Blood weapon art. Feels like cheating.
  5. Here are my Melania battle(s) on my original playthrough. I respec'd my character just for this battle and used the Rivers of Blood. I'm not sure what level I was but it seemed quite easy with me and my mimic wailing on her so I was probably over levelled. First time didn't go too badly but I didn't respect the AOE attack at all. Second time I still didn't respect the AOE too much hence the double KO. But a win's a win. I'm sure I could have made the fight even easier if I applied other buffs to my character or weapon etc. TLDR If you're struggling with Melania respec your character and use the Rivers of Blood with a Mimic summon.
  6. I just mark the map at the site of grace or entry the cave etc with the skull icon. It's simple and only takes a couple of seconds. Then when the boss is done I just remove the marker. Same for bosses that are just roaming around the map.
  7. It's just stupid. Seems a waste of time. I started out equipping items of armour and talismans to counteract the status effect. Non of them seemed to make much of a difference. In the end I just brute forced it with health potions and a spell to remove the status effect. Each time a just explored a different area and when my supplies were down I just warped back to the site of grace.
  8. Stomp, stomp, stomp! The AoW is so OP. It's now carried me through the bosses at the Capitol and a boss at the Hot Manor. I barely use my weapon in the fights, my summon is the distraction and I stomp like a coward from the rear. I guess it helps that my weapon is +17 and the stomp scales with the weapon level. I'm hoping it will have great success with an oversize boss on a tiny mount as other people have suggested.
  9. I've got 80 hours on the clock and still struggling with the Capital and LilAggy has just speed run the game in less than 1 hour!
  10. Elden Ring could do with a few of these signs.
  11. It's a top tip until you think you've brought a lift up or down and you go into auto pilot and throw yourself down the shaft where you thought the lift would be.
  12. I noped out on him and ran to take the lift to safety. Apparently he couldn't handle the rejection so he threw himself down the lift shaft.
  13. I think you're talking about the big lift near the Rampart tower site of Grace.
  14. It looks that way. But I believe buying the PS4 version allows a free upgrade to the PS5 version.
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