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  1. Whilst adventuring around doing nothing in particular I managed to find this little guy. I'm not sure what it's meant to be. I also managed to find a Skull all by myself which I was happy with. Loads of fun to be had just by adventuring.
  2. Today was not a good day start playing this again. It seems like the latest patch has made many things worse for me. Slow loading, non responsive controller, several crashes/lockups, one even required a full power cycle of the XSX. Bug whack-a-mole.
  3. Thanks. Also placed an order for 24 cans of Disco Stars and got an additional 10% off for being my first order with them and putting my email address on the mailing list.
  4. Onze


    I've just picked this up for the PS5 and I can't believe there isn't an option to custom configure the controls at all. Absolutely shocking. Thankfully with the PS5 accessibility settings I can swap the buttons and sticks around but it's not ideal as it's a system wide change.
  5. I didn't see any options to adjust it. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong and I missed the setting. Also it's unlikely I'll git gud. The aim assist on the earlier Halo(s) is what made it feel so good to play on a controller.
  6. I've not played any Halo multiplayer for a long time. I had a little go against the bots on this early this morning. Since when has the aim assist on controllers been this low? It felt pretty non existent compared to other Halos?
  7. I can't find any other reports at the moment. I'll do a full restart on the series x and see if it persists.
  8. Has anyone experienced this game intermittently dropping HDR? I'm playing on a Series X with a LG OLED B6 and I get a few HDR drops on each session I have with it. I've never had this on any other game.
  9. It's not 30fps. I think the first opening vista really tanks the frame rate. There's a setting to turn off v-sync. I turned off the setting and for the most part on the series X the frame rate holds up. I would stay with it as it's a really beautiful game.
  10. With the shape of the console and the majority of people being right handed it feels wrong to insert the disc with the shiny side to the right when the PS5 is vertical. I got it wrong the first time and a few times after when under the influence of alcohol. In my opinion it's a terrible design. But I'm left handed so I'm probably not right.
  11. The official Xbox wireless headset isn't free from interference and disconnects, well not in my experience of them. I get sound cut outs quite often with mine. Unless my headset is broke too? Anyhow good luck getting it sorted out, as said you would have expected more from a premium brand.
  12. I persevered through to completion of this over the weekend. I stayed for the fantastic visuals and soundtrack. Some of the core gameplay was pretty good but it got repetitive. I personally encountered many difficulty spikes. Probably down to me not understanding the upgrade mechanics of the character and weapons. I didn't even know I could upgrade weapons until I was coming up to about two thirds through the game. This caused me to die many times on several boss encounters and area defence tasks. I even got the achievement for dying many times and it's a big number of deaths for that one. The final challenge was an absolute pain which also resulted in many deaths, at one point I was going to drop it all, but I'm a stubborn chap and I spent about 2/3 hours getting through it. I ended up with about 700 achievement points in the end, but I'm unlikely to attempt to pick up the rest. To summarise. The Good. Fantastic setting and visuals. Excellent soundtrack. Rich world with loads going on, maybe more visually than actual interactions. The Average. Core gameplay was fun but got a bit repetitive by the end. The Bad. Difficulty spikes. (For me, but I'm probably just crap.) Dodgy pop in of textures when using the lifts and the quick travel methods. Too much trekking around with a slow character run speed. Horrible map, it barely helped at all. Bad UI with small text and unintuitive/inconsistent controls. (The amount of times I wanted to scroll the map and swapped tabs was stupid. It never sunk into my brain to not press the left stick). The Ugly. Many bugs. Several crashes. Weird sound issues when in upgrade shops. (I'm not sure if that's by design but it sounded like spaceships/hovercars flying around when I was browsing items.) Slow loading. Inconsistent saving. Sometimes checkpoints would set me back way too far after death. A couple of times it completely killed off the Xbox guide. I'm still hoping for a sequel.
  13. Chocks away. Or maybe not. 27Gb update to install.
  14. Darn. I'm going to see if forcing the X to be in just 1080p mode helps.
  15. Is there any resolution to the horrible screen tearing on the Series X version of this? My daughter is currently playing the PoTC content and the screen tearing is horrendous. It's running at 4k HDR and it's connected to a LG B6 OLED. I have thought it would have able to run at a locked 60 fps on the Series X?
  16. Yes you need to have seen the credits roll once before they start to appear. I don't think they are guaranteed to appear? I found mine in Biome 1 in an area that featured a blue orb that created a platform after shooting it. In Biome 2 I'm pretty sure it was in an area that you wouldn't be able to cross without a later suit upgrade. I don't think they are locked behind areas that require a key or the golden shield breaking thing.
  17. @Rog There is 1 sun pickup in each Biome, 1 through 6.
  18. I've now seen the credits roll on this about 5 times with just over 60 hours of game time logged. I completed Act 2 twice yesterday, the first run was to obtain the final fragment and the second run was to see the additional ending which in my opinion was certainly worth it. I'm pretty sure I'm done with it now and I'm not going to chase the Platinum due to hearing that it can be a bit of a grind. It's been a joy to play and the game is up there with my favourite games of all time. There have been a couple of downsides. Every now and again when I restore from rest mode the game suffers with performance issues (frame drops). The only way to resolve it is to restart the PS5 but that's not something that can be done when you're mid run. A save mode is really required. I've got Ratchet and Clank arriving this week but I'm sure it's not going to be in the same league as Returnal.
  19. I finally managed to get the credits rolling on this today during my lunch break! I'd paused it a couple of days earlier just prior to the final battle. I didn't have any healing supplies but I had a decent amount of health. It was my first time facing the boss so I didn't know what to expect. Things went well until the final phase of the boss when the nerves started to kick in. I got the boss down to a small slither of health and then I made too many mistakes under the pressure of it all. I died. Then to my amazement, I was back! I forgot I'd used a Reconstructor whilst in the level. So with the knowledge of the bosses moves I jumped right back into the action and this time it went down without too much effort. My stats reported 1 day 21 hours of play time with 89 deaths! Such a good game. But now thankfully the rest of my household can enjoy using the PS5 again.
  20. This brings back memories of playing multiplayer Quake on the office LAN at lunch time. We only had 30 minutes for lunch so we'd stuff our lunch down in less than 5 minutes and then cram 25 minutes of deathmatch in. We loved the custom maps created by the community particularly the ones made by these guys. Sten 'ztn' Uusvali Dennis 'Headshot' Kaltwasser I seem to remember one of the guys in the office created an application to read the information outputted by the server related to the deaths and kills to then display a leader board on a website after the deathmatch finished. Happy days.
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