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  1. I picked up my decent run into Biome 3 yesterday. I had a large amount of health and a spaceman revive so I was feeling confident. Unfortunately I encountered a horrible room with lots of those tie fighters and a few of those big crawling dudes and things went south quickly. I don't think it helps just jumping straight back into the action on a later Biome after a few days. Demoralised after that loss I didn't start up another run. Later that night my wife decided to go to bed early so I ventured back into the game at about 10.00pm. 2 hours later I defeated Biome 3. Such a great feeling. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take down the B4 boss but the weekend is coming up so I'm looking forward to jumping back in.
  2. Definitely this and make sure you can't backup and restore the save in any way. At the moment my PS5 being held hostage by Returnal as I have a decent run going into Biome 3 which I've yet to beat. I've had to hide the controllers so my daughter doesn't switch on the machine and remove my progress by loading up some other game.
  3. Is it just me or does this game increase the difficulty of a Biome once you've seen the boss? I've mostly been fast tracking to Biome 3 when ever I can and I finally made it to the boss, unfortunately I was bested in phase 3 due to me not working out the gimmick quickly enough and getting lasered into oblivion. Now my runs into Biome 3 seem harder, I've had many rooms with the green shield towers which I never got prior to seeing the boss.
  4. I gave it away to the @TheShend. That boy was gutted he didn't walk away with the poster. It was sort of a wedding present for him.
  5. I'm pretty sure if your Xbox is flagged as the Home console and you set yourself offline you'll still be able to play Gamepass games.
  6. Yes it's common. I had the same issue with my Right Trigger on my Series X Controller. Luckily I had a local shop that did UPS collections so I sent mine off for repair. It took about 17 days in total but now the Right Trigger is all good. Hopefully it will last.
  7. I didn't struggle too much with Venice but got into a bad situation at the end of the Trouble At The Zoo level on the Zombie Zoo mission in Croatia. I entered the final section of the level with no medi kits left and about 20% health. I then had to fill up a blood fountain, within seconds the small circular area started filling up with many zombies. I was getting hit with green zombie goop from all directions and then 5 suiciders started to chase me down, then 2 flamers and a gunner zombie and some giants thrown in. It was absolute chaos. I died many times and entered my own deathloop. After close to about fifty (yeah fifty!) restarts I finally managed to survive the initial onslaught and successfully take down the gunner and use his weapon against the horde. I'm glad the restart times were pretty much instant else I wouldn't have had the perseverance to get through it. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I'd gone into the final section with max health and in hindsight it would have been quicker to restart the entire level.
  8. I've managed to get it working early this morning. I deleted the Dolby app, did a full restart of the Xbox and re-downloaded the app. I then connected the headset and launched the app and it says the licence expires in 6 months. Not sure why it was playing up last night.
  9. Has anybody managed to unlock the Dolby Atmos offer? Doesn't seem to work for me probably region locked?
  10. It is solid for the most part. I only had issues when I suffered a bad crash near the start of a race and had to 180 spin back to the track with the other 15 cars ahead of me. I'm sure the guys at Digital Foundry will give it a full work over. But I'm super happy with it.
  11. 4k. I'll give it a blast at 1080p. To be honest with my eyesight I probably won't notice the res drop.
  12. Just played the Series X recent update. There's a few screen tears and frame drops but it's a massive improvement on the 30fps version I ditched after 10 minutes of play. Now at least I'm looking forward to putting more time into it instead of removing it from the storage. Great work BugBear.
  13. I ordered mine from Amazon on the 17th of Feb and they sent me an email yesterday saying it wasn't going to be dispatched for today. The email also said it was going to be dispatched soon, but I'm not confident. I guess they've had supply issues.
  14. Ah, the good old 1-2 (backwards) grass grind, it will be forever burnt into my memory. Thank goodness for the PS5 load times.
  15. Definitely agree with you on the Maneater hate. It wasn't too bad on New Game but on New Game+ I really struggled. My build just wasn't up to dealing enough damage to get the first one down before the second one showed up. That coupled with the guy flapping about all over the place I was having a bad time of it. It caused me to drop the game completely. Yesterday after a couple of weeks break I finally mustered up the will to have another crack at him. I got close a couple of times only to be knocked off the arena which added to my rage. With my Grass supplies slowly depleting I decided to have a last ditch attempt at him. I figured I was done with my New Game+ character and I wasn't going to progress him into another New Game. I used all of my soul items which included every boss soul from New Game and New Game+. This got me about 1 million souls. I sunk most of it into Strength and re-attempted the boss. Success! He went down on the first attempt after levelling up. Then all I had to do was final section of that Archstone and the final bits. What did I do after the credits rolled...that's right I started a New Game! I've never done a Mage build before in any of the Souls games as I stick to pure Melee builds so I thought I'd give it a try. I wish I tried it sooner. It seems much easier than Melee.
  16. Have they sold out (been scalped) already? I can't seem to find them anywhere other than the official MS store but they're out of stock there.
  17. Coming off the back of playing Halo 1 to 4 and Reach on the Master Chief collection recently on my Series X I thought I'd give Halo 5's campaign a go. What's with the game running in 60fps and then certain enemy animations running in 30fps? I never played 5 before. As a campaign how does it rank against the others? I loved replaying 1,2,3 and Reach. 4 had it's moments but the story made no sense. Currently on 5 I'm fighting Prometheans that just seem to stand in front of me without reacting whilst I blast them in the face and when they move in the distance it looks crap.
  18. What's the general consensus regarding using the supplied stand when the console is being placed vertically? I didn't read the instructions so I only thought the stand was for horizontal use.
  19. Wow. I was wondering why my amp never displayed Dolby Atmos on it even though it supported it. I didn't even know I needed to download a separate app for the Series X. Turns out the Dolby app is free for AV amp support. Thanks.
  20. I used this one but struggled to buy more than one off ShopTo's website as it was restricted to one per customer. I was able to by pass that by creating multiple accounts. https://www.shopto.net/en/dwnld46902-xbox-live-prepaid-12-month-gold-membership-card-p83275/
  21. I tried to get into Connected mode and some other modes a few times last night with no joy. I even tried turning the router off and on but still nothing. The servers are a joke and it makes me sad. I'd be up for some Connected games on an evening. My gamer tag is Onze.
  22. Untitled Goose Game - Those geese can be pretty violent.
  23. There's a Camera Zoom option in the Gameplay settings. Have a play with that so you don't have to use the Left Stick to Zoom in each time.
  24. Quick resume doesn't seem to be working. Swapping between Gears of War 5 and Tetris Effect Connected seems to go through the full load sequence for each game everytime.
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