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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking of getting this tonight, so can someone quickly tell me if I can setup the controls as follows;

    Left Stick - Look Up/Down (Inverted) & Turn Left/Right

    Right Stick - Move Forwards/Backwards & Strafe Left/Right


  2. Possibly. If you try some of the less obvious sellers they may have a few left over. Try HMV or Virgin or something.

    Try 'Toys R Us'

    When I went in this Saturday just gone they had hod loads of GTA :SA's left when alot of other retailers had sold out.

    I also spotted a pre-order leaflet for the Halo 2 LE.

  3. I only really felt like a massive nerd when this drunk guy came up to the queue at about 11.30 and asked what everyone was doing. Someone told him and he started shouting "SADDOS", "GET A LIFE" and "FIND SOME FRIENDS" to us.

    That was pretty cool.

    I had the same experience in Asda while I was cueing up for my copy of GTA:SA.

    Some drunken fecker, starting hurling abuse at us all 'cause we were blocking up all the tills. :lol:

    So when you guys buy a game at midnight, do you just abandon sleep for the night, or do you play for a few hours then go to sleep?

    I'm curious really, I've never been that keen that I'd go out in the middle of the night for a game. Sleeping is too much fun.

    I didn't abandon sleep completely I played until about 2.00am and then went to bed. I regretted it 4 1/2 hours later when my alarm went off to get up for work.

    You don't have to feel shame being a nerd for queuing up at midnight - it's what the thread's all about. Looks like we won't be getting the chance to flex our nerd muscles though

    Try your local Asda or Tesco for Halo 2, they're open 24h. That way you can also do some food shopping so you don't look as nerdy. ;)

  4. pusher i think you are on about level 6. so you're not yet halfway. You've still got a long way to go dont worry. And that level you are currently on is probably my favourite in the game, so savour it.

    Thanks Kerraig I've been trying not to ruin it as it's the Frenchy version. But my will power drops after I've had a few beers. :(

    Click For Spoiler

    I just had to switch off at the start of the level on the Halo. It looked amazing. Lovely looking tree's, ODST (?) troops. Covenant drop ships off loading troops. Sweet.

    Roll on next week.

    PS Kerraig what's your Xbox Live gamertag? I tried to add 'Kerraig UK' to my friends list but your friends list was full. :ph34r:

  5. I agree, 5 crap levels, 5 great levels and 5 OMFG!!!!!! levels. The OMFG levels are far superior to anything in Halo 1.

    How far am I into the game?

    Click For Spoiler

    I have just completed the level playing as the 'Elite' chappy and I've now started back as Master Chief on a Halo? (I was skipping through the cut-scenes so I'm not quite sure what happened.).

    Am I past halfway?

    I thought I was only up to start of level 4?

    1st level - Space station.

    2nd level - On earth finishing off with the spider mech thingy.

    3rd level - Playing as the elite chappy.

  6. I'm assuming either the Virgin or HMV in London's Famous Oxford Street™ will be having a midnight opening, in which case I'll be there. I've pre-ordered a tin from play though just in case. And then I've booked the 11th an 12th off (I need it - see my 'I've never played Halo multiplayer' thread)

    Why not try your local 24Hour Asda or Tesco's? That's what I'll be doing if my Pre-Order doesn't show up before the 11th.

  7. my biggest fear is that the online game is not going to be customizable to the extent that halo 1 lan is. So we'll only have the set game types online. We NEVER use the set game types.

    I hope this answers your question? Taken from Gamespot article.

    In any case, after you've specified the look of your character and set up your controls, you'll get to search for a match to join. Online matches in Halo 2 will fall into two basic categories: official, ranked games that come as is with predefined map selections and settings, and custom games in which you can define all the relevant parameters, such as weapon availability, number of players, and so on. Of course, there will be something like a zillion possible combinations of these settings, so if you want to play on one particular map using only energy swords and grenades all the time, you can.

    Gamespot Halo 2 Beta Article

  8. Try Mayhem.

    It was a 2-4 player game with the screen being split for each player (split in 2 for 2 players and split into 4 for 3 or 4 players).

    You each controlled a ship similar to an asteroids/thrust ship with Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Thrust, Fire and Sheild.

    2 Players used the joystick and 2 used the keys.

    There were at least 4 different maps to play on...all were caverns with different layouts and graphics.

    The aim was to destroy the other players.

    I don't know if this was a fully released game or shareware but it was a very good multiplayer game.

    Try it, you won't regret it.

  9. Here are the scores:

    Doom 3 : 7 (PC)

    Burnout 3 : Takedown : 9 (PS2/XBOX) (XBOX version reviewed)

    The Sims 2 : 8 (PC)

    Second Sight : 7 (GC/PS2/XBOX) (XBOX version reviewed)

    Tales Of Symphonia : 8 (GC)

    Conflict : Vietnam : 5 (PC/PS2/XBOX) (PS2 version reviewed)

    Tenchu Kurenai : 6 (PS2)

    Headhunter : Redemption : 5 (PS2/XBOX) (PS2 version reviewed)

    DJ : Decks & FX : 5 (PS2)

    U-Move Super Sports : 5 (PS2)

    Ape Escape EyeToy : 7 (PS2)

  10. Yeah: Warthog getaway + Rocket Launcher = Disaster

    And now the rockets lock on!!

    Add the fact that vehicles are destructable to the equation and it's going to be very tricky to escape in a Warthog.

    All you have to do is destroy the Hog as the opposing chappie is grabbing your flag which will mean they have no ride home! Previously you could dump it at the door without the fear of it being damaged.

    Also I believe that vehicular damage affects how the vehicle performs. Driving with a wonky-hog will add to the difficulty.

  11. When people become super members they are given a special super power, mine was x-ray vision.

    Ok, smart-ass what colour underpants am I wearing then? :D

    But anyway to stay on topic, yes I'm on LIVE.

  12. One question before I pick this up:

    How many controller settings are there? And is there a custom setting?

    Seeing as I am a 'Southpaw' with 'Green Thumbs' in Halo and every other FPS around (bar XIII, which only has 4 preset controller configurations  ) I'd be extremely pissed off if SC: PT doesn't have a custom controller setting.

    I just received this from Amazon today and I chucked it on.

    Bah, there's no custom controller settings.

    Left Stick = Move

    Right Stick = Look


    You can invert the axis but that's about it.

    Just sold it to my mate at work.

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