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  1. Anyone got a good stream for this?
  2. This was the first time I've made a béarnaise, or hollandaise. It split but managed to recover it by whisking small amounts in a cold water bath. Pretty damned tasty.
  3. Some praise? I was at the match and he was World Class terrible, as he's been for most of the games I've been at. His distribution is appalling, to the point where the crowd were whistling him and even Skrtel was imploring him to pass it short to one of our players instead of waving everyone up the pitch and then kicking it to an opposition player on the right at the half way line. Like he did every fucking time! It ruins the confidence and composure of the defensive unit.
  4. Just got back from the game, the atmosphere was electric. A counterpoint to the incredible noise throughout the match (at least 3914 times louder than the Everton game) were the shutter sounds from everyone's cameras during the minute's silence. Sounded kinda like crickets and created a tranquil air. Nerve wracking stuff though. Both Suarez and Sturridge were pretty pants throughout and Louis spent the entire game in a big old huff. Coming down the stairwell at the end and all you could hear was 'We're going to win the league' bouncing off the walls. Exciting times!
  5. lucanvortex

    The Bookies

    My one bet of the year won £350 on Pineau De Re! Yoinks!
  6. It's the legacy of my ex being Greek. Lots of feta, with everything! It's so versatile, great with chips, pretty much any meat and even with chilli salmon.
  7. Oh man, smashed this one out of the park, perhaps the beast steak AND chips I've ever done. Rump steak from M&S, it was a 2 pack, ate one on the day and left the other in the fridge for 5 days. Pan fried smoking hot with quick turns and finished with butter, It tasted much better that the one I ate on the day. Chips were super crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Add some green beans, pinch of oregano, and feta and POW!
  8. I've just finished Nightmare Harvest. Great writing and multiple ways to achieve some objectives. Well worth a play.
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