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  1. dw2k6

    Frank Sidebottom

    I did have his ABCD album on my harddrive, but deleted it for some reason. You can get some free songs on his myspace page, including the smiths cover.
  2. But they play music, Eye did this - "Ohhh! its so deep!"
  3. Oh well, better than nothing. The columns are what the editors like to call the "controversial" part of the mag. They are what everyone else calls the fucking shit part of the mag. BASTARD HELL! How hard can it be to find column writers that aren't such absolute pricks? You have Tim Rogers, who believes he is some kind of rock star in his head, but is actually an anime obsessed smug as fuck cocksucker. If a Japanese person ever calls you a "stupid white cunt" and chins you, you know this boy is to blame, him and all those other fat american fucks who went to Japan. Doesn't help that he can't write to save his life, we don't care that Final Fantasy XII brought back memories of the time you got bummed by your uncle. And if anyone did care, they wouldn't sit through 200 pages of pretentious wank to get there, except for your circle jerk of twat friends. We don't care that super mario bros felt like a handjob off shigeru miyamoto to you (he actually does that often, compares things to gay sex acts) FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR MAG AND DIE YOU POOF. And then you have The Shape, another cocksucker, another massively smug prick, suprisingly from our island. He must be english. Sort it out Gamestm! And stop trying to be like Edge, Edge is wank. Then maybe I wouldn't feel as though I am being swindled on a monthly basis. User was warned for this post.
  4. Last time I tried to play a xbox game seriously on a 360 was Shenmue 2. I walked for a bit and everyone's heads slowly started to vanish, then it crashed.
  5. dw2k6

    Frank Sidebottom

    I used to see Frank Sidebottom on TV years ago, but never actually knew what he did. And through that consolevania myspace profile (so we know rab is a fan) I found some of his music. http://youtube.com/watch?v=VkEIGjCvl6U - INCREDIBLE! (if you ignore the fucking arctic monkeys) "Steve Jones eat your breakfast!" http://youtube.com/watch?v=dvkt-3oskiI - EXCELLENT!
  6. Its gone up 50 pence? WANKERS! Probably still buy it though, because I am in it, and I am a sad cunt.
  7. dw2k6

    Skate 2 by EA

    Beat the X-Games today. I am sure P-Rod will agree it was turbo super gnar gnar gnarly radical salad max boyee!
  8. Nah, Thats not it. I am a big fan of Polysics and they are even more well known outside Japan. Its just Boredoms seems to be weird druggy hippie stoner nonsense. Ever read an interview with the main bloke? He has either geniunely lost the plot or just lost his head up his arse, and I think its the second. Another thing, I seen a performance of that Eye bloke, and all he did was scream and shout into a microphone for about 2 minutes, It was funny but anyone could have done it. Doesn't stop the youtube commenters saying "Sensational" or "He is a God".
  9. With the redesign, Have they kicked out uber-cunts Tim Rogers and The Shape?
  10. dw2k6

    Skate 2 by EA

    Man those vidz are wicked sick! Super gnar gnar boyee!
  11. I dunno about Boredoms. They seem to be one of those Japanese bands that start off underground in Japan, and then become much more popular overseas with the "cool" kids or "cool" media. Another example would be Shonen Knife, or possibly more recently Polysics. You have to ask yourself, at what point does playing with 77 drummers become pointless, meaningless, pretentious arsery?
  12. dw2k6

    PGR 4

    Cat and Mouse is where each team consists of people in highest rank cars, and one person on each team in a lowest rank car. The object is to get your low rank team member across the finish line before the opponent's does.
  13. dw2k6

    PGR 4

    I rented PGR3 recently and it was OK, but the single player got boring as absolute fuck, and the multiplayer wasn't much better. Used to like PGR2 though, despite never playing it online. What happened to the car selection in PGR3? Why was there hardly no variation? All of them seemed to be colourful exotic things whereas in PGR2 you also got slower cars and such. This should be good, Will have to rent it!
  14. dw2k6

    Bad Meals

    I once had some "chicken" from a chinese. Now my food standards are usually low, but after taking a few bites and then nearly spewing from how bad it smelt, I couldn't eat it. I weren't suprised when I found out which chinese it came from, the one you could see into from the top of the school bus. The restaurant that regulary got the piss taken out of it on said bus, because of the appaling conditions it was in. They are lucky they have not been closed down.
  15. There was also a time limit in number 2, to find that GECK thing.
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