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  1. 7084 - I tried so hard to argue with your initial post. I really did. But in the end I realised that you're right. I've had the game since it's us release and i've played it a handful of times. To me, the game was fantastic for a few weeks, and then rapidly loses it's novelty factor - leaving a flawed experience. It's great in multiplayer - but again, only for a while.
  2. You're looking at anything from £35 to £60 on the bay. Possibly more. Well done!
  3. Yeah, imo - every song by Daughters i've heard sounds like Concubine by converge, they're intense!
  4. Every song is concubine! = Yeah!
  5. See for yourself on the equalvision site. Along with Fordirelifesake and co|ca, they're easily one of my favourite bands. Also, this one is also for Kerraig. http://www.wearedaughters.com/web2/ They're called Daughters, and you love them! Check out the very last link on the media section of that site - you'll find a media player that let's you listen to a full album!
  6. It's a quicktime video on my work comp, there might be a firewall at your place preventing you from seeing it. Check the http://www.equalvision.com site, and goto the video section. Another great band are Jude The Obscure, i'm going to pick up their album tonight I think. It's like harder Alexisonfire with more erratic breakdowns.
  7. I'd love to recommend, but i live in East Yorkshire! Also, i'm trying to find new bands, and before all I did was search for hardcore on mp3.com. Where would you recommend I search now seeing as mp3.com died a death ages ago?
  8. Agh, I don't goto clubs that play that shite, or if I do, it's clubs that have different rooms for different sounds. Many 'alternative' nights usually have rooms with different music. It's also good to know the dj's. Escpecially if they get you in on the vip list and play Dying Fetus for you.
  9. Bloody hell, that's a turn up for the books -I assumed you were a converge fan. That's probably the most overplayed, cliched record I hear when i'm out at clubs - but it's great (brutal) fun to dance (beatdown) to!
  10. You mean to tell me you've never heard Concubine.
  11. Ban Request: Wintermute
  12. Is that sarcasm or not? A long time using this forumhas resulted in me questioning such things..
  13. I can't believe it either - that lass in the bath is scary as shit.
  14. This one is for Kerraig http://www.equalvision.com/evr/downloads/v...ubine_fault.htm
  15. I'll take one, as stated before - White print on black shirt - you have an email.
  16. Uh? Well, assuming you want to understand the story - you should really listen to the first album before you listen to the second!
  17. Alongside The Second Stage Turbine Blade, In Keeping Secrets does seem a little underwhelming at first. But just like the debut, you must listen to it more and more to appreciate it's beauty, diveristy and intricacy. It really is a masterpiece. Having downloaded the then acoustic, rough and live version of 'The Crowing' early last year which was then titled 'Watch Over Me' - I knew whatever happened with IKSSE:3, it was going to be amazing. The most notable tracks are most definately the title track 'In keeping secrets...', 'The Light & The Glass' and 'Three Evils' Also for the real fans, note the secret track '2113' at the end of the album - during the last three minutes, the song turns into a section of 'Time Consumer' with different lyrics, and then into the first albums secret track 'I, robot' - again with different lyrics. All in all, IKSSE:3 had to be one of the best albums I heard last year - and i'm still listening to it alongside the debut every day. Also, Claudio Sanchez is the nicest guy in rock - [dean learner]and i've met Cedric Bixler, and at least seven other people...[/dean leaner]
  18. I didn't actually praise 18v for their recorded output, of which maybe i should have put that it's rather underwhelming alongside the vast amount of other suchlike bands. Seeing them live left me with a positive feeling about them however. They were tight and polished - every song had a professional urgency. They looked great, they sounded great. For great British hardcore, see Beecher. Actually, i'm not sure wether they're mathcore or not. Whatever, their sound is pretty intense.
  19. Everytime I die - Generic hardcore a la Hopesfall. Just like the aformentioned, they do nothing for me i'm afraid. Hondo Maclean - British screamo upstarts. From hearing them I find them dull in a ffaf fashion. 18 Visions (New album out in May It better be good) - Great live hardcore/beatdown band. Bleeding Through - Shouty shouty, nothing new. Converge (Again) - Yes. Something Corperate - Constantine is the only notable track on their pop-fueled album derived from a wave of pre 02 emo-type nonsense. The Appleseed Cast - Excellent and underrated indie band, some of the guitar work on the Low Level Owl albums is just genius. Taking Back Sunday - Made circles on the emo track over the past few years, split, got back together - imo a pop-fulled waste of time. The easily forgetable 'Great Romances..' and other main tracks from their debut did nothing for me, but obviously did for the easliy led among the scene. Coheed and cambria - One of the greatest talents i've ever heard, a host of truly great and inventive musicians, the two currently released albums in a trilogy are amongst the finest recordings i've ever heard. The Wage Of Sin - A brutal hardcore band consisting entirely of women. The front-lady sounds more vocally visceral than anything converge could ever conjour up. Fordirelifesake - Excellent solo, guitar tech tinged hardcore. Think Alexisonfire meets Slayer. HORSEtheband - Deathly Nintendocore. Part hardcore punk, part death. These are the most original group of youngsters you're likely to hear in a long time.
  20. ICECOLD, you seem rather indecisive about what you actually want to play. You're dismissing games becuase of your initial notions and feelings from opnions expressed on here and reviews from magazines. That's all well and good, but what about throwing caution to the wind and buying some games on impulse? Go out and pick a few games that take your fancy, if you don't like them, take them back and trade. Rent if you must. I'm assuming you've played Halo? Metroid Prime? Ico? If you want an epic storyline, you really should try some final fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts would be a good choice also.
  21. Iorek - Kuma from tekken, get the namco guys to cgi him. Oh, and it's Lyra. Can't think of a young actress that could viably play such a strong role however...
  22. I'm sold, get that ruga design white on a black shirt and i'll pay whatever you want. That's really impressive.
  23. Are you sure you've played this properly? From the opnions given further up, it seems like Siren is a genre defining example of horror within a videogame.
  24. The initial post raised a valid point, and an interesting one. The following replies have been dire rehashes of an argument that is both pointless and childish. Listen to your fucking music and shut up.
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