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  1. Well that's the thing. I paint the way that I do because it's engaging and fun which means I paint full time and as a hobby and not lose interest. There's no way I'd bother with production line painting even if I could earn more money. Also, from my perspective, there's a certain amount of time I have to spend on a model regardless of the quality of the painting. Assembly, basing, priming, varnishing, photographing and packaging all take time so the fewer models I have to paint the better.
  2. 15-20 high quality models a week? I can manage half of that. No wonder I don't earn much money
  3. Infinity models are perhaps taller than they used to be but the scale has become more realistic and the details are much finer. If you don't like to paint small details they might not be the models for you. That said there are lots of different ways to paint so maybe you can still enjoy them without spending a lot of time on each model. Marvel spam: For a long time it was hard to justify painting models for myself and anything I painted ended up on ebay. Business has picked up over the past year, which is an achievement in itself given everything else that h
  4. Honestly the Modok model was a lot of fun to paint and I've since added one to my own collection. Probably the best super I've painted so far. @Spatial after missing out on mu I'm tempted by the x-men version. The models are a lot bigger than I realised, look easy to paint and even the basic pledge has a lot of models. The only sticking point is that I backed Trudvang, the one cmon kickstarter that's gone into development hell. I'm sure it'll arrive one day and when it does it's a big project. I do try to keep my unpainted pile manageable so I'm reluctant to add an
  5. Here in the US they are easy to come by.as the manufacturer comes under the ownership of Asmodee who own a big chunk of the gaming industry. All of my local stores stock them as do the online gaming stores I use. Then there is amazon which is quite handy when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. I'd suspect it's similar in the UK.
  6. I don't like to post work stuff any more since it's gotten a bit mundane. But this was a fun little collection to paint and the results were pretty good.
  7. These have been on my desk for a while now. Thought I would get them finished before I start on cursed city.
  8. I'll probably do something similar. They're nice looking models, but there are 60 of them and getting them all painted is the goal. With that in mind a limited palette and a heavily stylized appearance will be my approach.
  9. Went to my local gaming store to buy some superhero models and they had a couple of boxes of cc on the shelves. How could I resist?
  10. Yes they are infinity models. I think the smallest legal army is around ten model. I have around 30 and each faction gets new releases on a regular basis. They are also a bunch of kickstarter exclusives that I'll probably add at great cost at some point. Then there are models that aren't part of this faction that I'll collect any way because they look cool.
  11. Between 3-5 hours each. Now that I have a better idea of the color scheme and method that should come down to 2-3 hours. If this was a commission this would represent a week's work.
  12. I've made a start on what will be my first big army project. Already had to make a few adjustments to the color scheme as the first models didn't turn out as well as I had hoped and also took too long. I'm happy to spend a lot of time on these given all of the detail but I've got keep things manageable given how many of these I have to paint in addition to my never ending superhero collection. Still haven't decided on the base either, just gone for something drab temporarily to boost the colors of the models.
  13. @JoeKI'm not a fan of white nylon. This is one of the problems with synthetics. Buy a kolinsky salbe or even a red sable from a known brand and you'll get a brush that will work with hobby paints. With synthetics there's so much variety in material and quality that finding a suitable brush can be expensive. I bought a lot of different brushes before I found one I liked at an affordable price, the princeton velveltouch.
  14. That's a lot of work regardless of the quality so you want so make sure the person or company has a track record of painting such things. There's a big difference between painting a few models to painting a board game collection and for such an investment I'd want reassurance the person can deliver. You can always go with more than one painter, like a cheap bulk painter for the basic models and a higher quality artist for any favorites or centerpiece models. Also, I'd recommend doing a test commission first before committing to the full project.
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