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  1. In my opinion the best way to paint is the one you enjoy the most, there's no right or wrong way to paint. However, I don't think blending is as important as it once was and shouldn't be the focus of the painting process. Variation and density of information is a better way to make your models stand out. Freehands, textures, color changes can make a model look a lot more interesting than a smooth gradient. Also, the modern techniques of blending (velatura or airbrushing) have made blending a relatively easy thing to achieve and it isn't as impressive a skill anymore. And as @feltmonkeysays there is a better understanding of the role of visual perception in miniature painting. The percieved difference between two colors decreases as the global contrast increases, painting with high contrast can force the layers to appear closer in color. Here are some models I've painted recently as practice. The two troops on the left took about three hours, the other two 4-5. The different layers are quite obvious in places but I really don't care becauase the models are painted, have enough detail and contrast to look good, and were fun and easy to paint
  2. They look great @Mikes I'd like to get into 3d printing if I had the time and space in my garage. Instead I'm focusing on painting for fun and money:
  3. Thanks. It was a surprise to see how many I had painted. I've only been a bit each day after work and on the weekend and yet it's added up to a decent looking collection.
  4. One of the downsides of painting for a living is that it has been difficult to justify personal hobby time and if I did paint models for myself they would eventually end up on ebay whenever money was tight. This past year has seen an improvement in the business, still not earning much but it's enough to give me a comfortable life, which has meant I can finally use my skills to paint my own collection. Here is six months of hobbying:
  5. There are lots of ways to apply lighting to a model, not sure which is the most appropriate for a beginner to learn. My advice would be to focus on the basics and from what I've seen those marvel minis are good practice models. Learn how to apply a smooth even basecoat. Then practice edge highlighting. There's a lot you can achieve with just a basecoat and edge highlight which is why at one point during their lean years it was what gw studio painters used. I think a mistake a lot of painters make, myself included, is to rush to paint the shiny stuff without developing a good foundation. That said I get the impression from youtube that I'm old fashioned in my ways.
  6. I'm not sure how many models I have. I initially bought some during a quite period to sell on ebay but I picked up work before I could paint them. Then a client gave me an army box in lieu of payment. That gave me about 20 models, enough to swing the decision when I thought about collected an army. I've bought more since then but I'm not familiar enough with the range to say from memory what I have. And more models have been released that I'll want to add at some point. Maybe I'll aim for 50. They are things like this which are bigger armored dudes. I'm already working on one and it's proving to be a pain in the ass to paint. No prizes for guessing what color scheme I'm going with.
  7. I've added a few more models to my infinity army. One of the problems I've had in the past with painting armies has been sticking to a color scheme over time which would result in me losing interest and has been one of the reasons I've focused mostly on character models. With this army I decide not to bother with consistency beyond a vaguely similar palette and have been painting each model however I saw fit.
  8. Here's the first of my finished cursed city models.
  9. I hadn't given adeptus titanicus any thought before. Seeing the models on here is tempting me. I've almost painted a cursed city model so I think I'm justified in buying another box set.
  10. I wouldn't put much into the number of likes, unless you want mental health issues. I post on instagram because of the community. It's a place to share my work with my fellow painters and seeing what they are working on. It's not been useful for picking up new clients, the majority of my likes come from the same core group of followers, and once I gave up thinking about building my brand it became a much more enjoyable experience. Like @Nicky says there are ways to game the system. The algorithm pits us against each other, and post boosting is a lot more common than you might realize if the number of ads that I see is anything to go by. But for me it's better to not think about the metrics at all.
  11. I have decent selection of the fluid range. Compared to regular hobby paints they are much more glossier and transparent and for me they are too much effort to use for regular painting. Instead I use them for glazing or adding them to hobby paints to boost the color. I do like the new so flats though and I think the two ranges work well together. Of course it all depends on your painting style. I paint from dark to light with high contrast and as few layers as possible and I'm willing to sacrifice color intensity in favor of opacity.
  12. Thanks. It's taken a lot of work to get to this point and it is paying off. 18 months of continuous work is pretty good going especially given how things went last year. I guess I'm a lot more ambitious than I realise and I'm ready to push things on to the next level.
  13. @NickyIn all seriousness this is a tough time to be a miniature painter. No tournaments and, if instagram is anything to go by, there's a lot more competition. So far, I've been up to the challenge but I'm not quite as comfortable as I'd like.
  14. With my apologies to @Mikesin advance, here is a recent commission. 20 models in 10 days which is pretty good considering I'm lazy, and I'm trying to use synthetics as much as possible even for all those tiny details.
  15. Well that's the thing. I paint the way that I do because it's engaging and fun which means I paint full time and as a hobby and not lose interest. There's no way I'd bother with production line painting even if I could earn more money. Also, from my perspective, there's a certain amount of time I have to spend on a model regardless of the quality of the painting. Assembly, basing, priming, varnishing, photographing and packaging all take time so the fewer models I have to paint the better.
  16. 15-20 high quality models a week? I can manage half of that. No wonder I don't earn much money
  17. Infinity models are perhaps taller than they used to be but the scale has become more realistic and the details are much finer. If you don't like to paint small details they might not be the models for you. That said there are lots of different ways to paint so maybe you can still enjoy them without spending a lot of time on each model. Marvel spam: For a long time it was hard to justify painting models for myself and anything I painted ended up on ebay. Business has picked up over the past year, which is an achievement in itself given everything else that happened, and as a result I can now paint as a hobby
  18. Honestly the Modok model was a lot of fun to paint and I've since added one to my own collection. Probably the best super I've painted so far. @Spatial after missing out on mu I'm tempted by the x-men version. The models are a lot bigger than I realised, look easy to paint and even the basic pledge has a lot of models. The only sticking point is that I backed Trudvang, the one cmon kickstarter that's gone into development hell. I'm sure it'll arrive one day and when it does it's a big project. I do try to keep my unpainted pile manageable so I'm reluctant to add anything at the moment.
  19. Here in the US they are easy to come by.as the manufacturer comes under the ownership of Asmodee who own a big chunk of the gaming industry. All of my local stores stock them as do the online gaming stores I use. Then there is amazon which is quite handy when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. I'd suspect it's similar in the UK.
  20. I don't like to post work stuff any more since it's gotten a bit mundane. But this was a fun little collection to paint and the results were pretty good.
  21. These have been on my desk for a while now. Thought I would get them finished before I start on cursed city.
  22. I'll probably do something similar. They're nice looking models, but there are 60 of them and getting them all painted is the goal. With that in mind a limited palette and a heavily stylized appearance will be my approach.
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