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  1. The 2nd one wasn't very good IMO, it lost a lot of what made the first one special and was a total grind fest. It kind of ruined 3 for me too.
  2. From the sega twitter: Nice to see the series hasn't been completely forgotten about.
  3. I enjoyed this! When it finally got going it was great but i think it should have been 30 minutes shorter. I agree with Capwn that the hammer and baseball bat duo felt out of place for the tone of the film. It felt like it took the action from the hyper realistic violent tone of the first one (and most of this one) to a more comic book like violence where each character has a specific signature move.
  4. I am enjoying this, but i think I preferred the first two games. I felt a bit too super too early on this. Scaling a building is a breeze rather than a fun challenge (even with the first power) and once you have the running ability most of your traveling needs are met. I really enjoyed chaining together power cables and train lines in the first two when getting from A to B, it felt like the right balance of fun and effort. And while the first two games never quite met the standard Crackdown set for the sense of achievement when reaching the top of a tall building, it was a lot more fun that just running up the side. The combat is enjoyable in this but similarly it feels very stipped down compared to the first two. I do miss things like the force push, levitation, rebounding rockets, the polarity shield and tagging enemies as targets for missiles.
  5. this is a faster speed run, for the first objective anyway.
  6. 4d feels like cinema jumping the shark. Who needs a moving chair, flashing lights ,wind blowing and water spraying in your face to make their film better? It's totally distracting from the movie.
  7. I thought this was terrible. I didn't like the first one, but I found this much worse. I unfortunately choose to see it in something called 4d, which the three of us attending had never heard of and assumed it was some sort of rebranding of 3d. it turns out 4d was far worse than plain bad 3d and I am willing to admit that it soured my opinion of the film overall. But I still struggled to think of anything I liked in it. The awful heavy handed dialogue and delivery of it, the terrible action sequences (dwarves and elves with aim-bots dancing around orcs isn't very exciting...the first one had this exact same problem) and the weird out of place romance made for a pretty boring film.
  8. The first part of the Campaign is available today, It is already in the development build. I played the first 3 sections of it, it was ok so far It seems that they have broken long tradition and actually paid some actors to do voice work, not that the results are amazing but it's definitely better than the earlier ones so far in that regard.
  9. i'd be up for some co-op : james_ape timing may be difficult though :s
  10. I haven't experienced any framerate issues in Altis on my i7 3820/GTX 460, either in the showcases or in the multiplayer. It dips to about 20fps occasionally, but it runs much better than 2 did on the same hardware, usually around 30~45 fps and I have everything set up high except for the AA which is off. I do get occasional microstuttering though.
  11. From reddit via neogaf. sorry for the large image.
  12. This came out in Japan last week, and I saw it today. I enjoyed most of it, though I may have enjoyed it more than I would normally as the last film I saw was the woeful Star Trek Into Darkness. I don't follow the Superman comics, I only really know the character from the films, but I enjoyed the story of this one including the stuff on Krypton. I loved the design of Krypton, it reminded me of Chronicles of Riddick (Which i haven't seen since it came out so Krypton may actually look nothing like it) and some of the ships reminded me of stuff from the Halo games. I also liked that they weren't afraid to kill people in the fight scenes. Henry Cavill was fine as Superman, Zod was great. It wasn't all good though. It did feel a little long and, as others have mentioned , it was a bit humourless but I liked it. Though not as much as Superman : The Movie
  13. I think the only place I can notice the foam is near my nose. Did you adjust the distance of the lens to your eyes? I also thought the 3D effect was subtle in that it just looks very natural rather than obviously sticking out of a screen.
  14. So did I, but I thought it was only for the first hundred or so people?
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