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  1. Brighton playing FIFA today.
  2. He can... shout... really... loud?
  3. Do you think it might be partly down to you expecting to be better at it due to getting so good at the first game?
  4. Loving this. Only negative for me is the music, I like how the tracks transition but for the most part it's even more repetitive than the first game.
  5. Black Noir continues to be brilliantly shit
  6. James looking like prime David Silva out there.
  7. Sorry to drag this up but he looks ridiculously good so far. He's twice as good as anyone else on the pitch today.
  8. I do feel that's a common trait with rogue lite games like this. When I get a shotgun and a couple of other items I'm having a great time, but because I'm bad at the game it's a massive effort to get to that point, at least for now. At least in the first game you could cheat your way to an early shotgun with the Ash grave.
  9. Fuck me, yes. About 60 minutes of boredom and and 3 mins of interest. Other shows do their transistional/filler episodes far better. Hopefully episode 5 is back on form.
  10. I just can't see £70 of game, here. It looks pretty good, but I would have much preferred a reimagining rather than a remake. It seems even more ridiculous to me when remakes typically release for at least £10 less, not more!
  11. Liverpool getting Thiago, then. Just cancel the league
  12. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    100%. Rare bad call from Morgan
  13. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    I think you're right, Australia look a shambles.
  14. Timmo

    Cricket Thread

    Think we're heading for another very close one.
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