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  1. I'm really enjoying him but remember that these cards aren't like OTW and that they will take over 50 days to get their first upgrade. I only did him because I had shitloads of duplicates, but he's better than I expected and I certainly prefer him to Big Fat Benz.
  2. He's one of those players who still feels great with Hunter, so his pace becomes 90/90. Dybala is another. I bought the otw because he's already very, very good and with one or two upgrades will be amazing. Currently play him at RM but he can play anywhere in attack. He also has what people call 'sticky' where he keeps the ball sometimes despite having no right to.
  3. I've dropped POTM Benzema! Feel like Fekir, Ben Yedder and Griezmann suit me better.
  4. I tried him, didn't think much of him. Ben Yedder is way more clinical. Even the guy on Futbin reviews who gives everyone 9 didn't like him too much and gave him an all time low score of 7 which is him basically saying he has no legs.
  5. EA are so fucking inept sometimes. They introduced the 'double upgrade for one chosen player' system to make TOTW more interesting but instead of the obvious choice of Fati or Bellingham they decided on a right back no one has heard of in a league no one uses.
  6. Yeah I was like this too but couldn't stop playing. Did you get the hero loan card? I got Di Natale. Also I got to div 1 last night, if you fancy some co op let me know, although I'm sure it'll be bastard hard.
  7. I've never bought Mendy before. I refuse to pay that much for a fullback with lowish dribbling.
  8. What the hell, I'd always assumed Ellie was motion-captured and voice-acted by (then) Ellen Page. The likeness is ridiculous.
  9. Griezmann is excellent but if you want a pure goalscorer get Correa who is great
  10. They're just the Aldi swaps you get for watching streams, nothing to do with icons etc.
  11. Again, baffled why this is 6 pages and not 60. Regarding Shiv Any other guesses what she meant?
  12. Just beware that fullbacks get a big hit when played at CB.
  13. My biggest issue is the huge difference between the cost of the desirable strikers like CR7 and Mbappe, and everyone else. I tried Isak at the weekend but his shooting wasn't nearly as good as I'd hoped. We need some more players on the market who match the stats of the best players if not the body type and traits.
  14. Tell you what, Manafa's new card has a hyperlink with Pepe and they're both brilliant cards, both close to discard. I used them this evening and both were among the best I've used in their positions.
  15. Thinking of doing De Ligt so I can run a Cuadrado Dybala triangle...
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