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  1. He has been playing in midfield for us and was comfortably our worst player this season. He was pretty good last season but he's clearly past it and it was the right time.
  2. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    It had a live action trailer, surely that answers your question.
  3. I might be wrong (and correct me if I am!), but although the loot you get for ranking up in competitive modes will be legendary, I'm not sure it'll be high enough light to increase your level. I think it might be only the activities which are marked as rewarding pinnacle gear or high level gear that will give you stuff above your light level (less the artifact boost). God this game is complicated.
  4. So are 5ft tall goalkeepers with afros out? Bad news in my opinion.
  5. About 2/3rds through I think. The end, and mopping up everything, was my favourite bit. You're basically a walking terminator at that point. Whittling down the hordes, and clearing the map generally, was almost therapeutic.
  6. Each Monday at 5 everything resets. You can get advanced gear a number of ways which levels you up. What I have been doing: - Three strikes (using that week's chosen subclass) - Two nightfall strikes on the second difficulty - Three crucible matches (any mode except survival) - 7 rounds won in Survival If you do all the above you get a powerful piece of gear for each, usually 3-5 above what you're using. On top of this, make sure you get bounties to complete as you're doing them, as completing a weekly set of bounties also unlocks
  7. I absolutely despised it at first, but for my legendary run I went in with the view that I was an infestation exterminator, and nothing was to be left alive. It's quite a change of pace, which can be jarring, and I played it really slowly and methodically. And whilst it's still near the bottom of my list of levels, I now have an odd fondness for it. It's better than much of Halo 2, anyway.
  8. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's not rock solid 60 but it's close enough!
  9. I watched a video recently which pretty much suggested much of the content of the past is no longer in the game. It's it still worth installing them?
  10. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    There's another game that centres around that activity but the name escapes me... Edit - I remembered, it's Wall Digger 5000
  11. I think it's Newcastle's time.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, even 30 mins for 1000 gamerscore is a waste of your valuable time unless you're enjoying it. It's 90p.
  13. That's a Sky Sports image! I've been grossly misled.
  14. That's the thing, 13 free kicks over a season isn't much at all. If they were diving around a bit more his stats could well have been even more ridiculous.
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