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  1. Fuck me you're a misery. Imagine thinking Liverpool finishing 5th is a bad time. Try following a team that have scored 30 goals in 41 games this season.
  2. I think mechanically this game is going to be brilliant, but it's how it incorporates its roguelike elements which will sink or swim it for me.
  3. Yeah, I did a strike with that and ashen wake and ended up with 3 times as many kills as the other guys, it was ridiculous. Constant grenades and explosions.
  4. Timmo

    Perfect Albums

    Considering they put out 13 albums in the time it takes Radiohead to do two, you have to expect some stinkers.
  5. Considering their defensive record this season, along with Goretzka and Sule being out, that really was an extremely unlikely clean sheet they pulled off there. Think they deserved to go through but it's good to see PSG go a bit further, if only to see them cock it up slightly closer to the prize than usual.
  6. Does the PS5 have that brilliant feature from PS4 where you temporarily have to have twice as much space on the drive as the size of whatever you want to install? I seem to have filled mine up so quickly.
  7. Halo is probably the most influential FPS ever after Doom, though. Add aim down sight and it's basically every shooter since. It introduced so much of what became the norm.
  8. Halo? It is a cool little game though, and there's more to it than I expected.
  9. It's fucking stupid. Even on here I get accused of having a side whenever I criticise one or the other, despite owning both. I guess saying they're both good but with flaws isn't a good story.
  10. If you're after an easy time the legit way, upgrade launch over anything else, and use your personal mods to boost health. Launch is stupidly powerful at higher levels. For enemies that dodge out of the way of it, Pierce destroys them.
  11. Since Kate's run through the streets with an assault rifle, everything else has been pretty plausible in comparison.
  12. After not claiming this on Plus (don't ask), I finally managed to justify a PS5 purchase of this with it in the sale. After 3 minutes playing on quality mode I switched to performance and have just blasted through it. I had it on PS4 but it's another level with how smooth it is and how great it looks. One of the games of the generation for me. I don't have high hopes for the DLC but I'm looking forward to it anyway.
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