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  1. What class are you? I hated the False Promises when I first tried it but I got a roll with Killing Wind, Swashbuckler and Stability masterwork, and I use it with the armour Actium War Rig which constantly refills my magazine, meaing I rarely reload. It hits like a truck and has great range and I love the thing. The Actium War Rig is just great fun in general, I ran a strike earlier with Sweet Business and didn't reload it once. I like the Monte Carlo but it sucks from range.
  2. I've still not bothered getting that. I have a "god roll" Falling Guillotine which is absolutely incredible and makes really short work of overload champions this season, are The Lament's perks really worth giving up a slot 1 or 2 exotic for when I have a great sword already?
  3. Damn, I think you need 240 if I remember correctly. The grind is real.
  4. I'd also recommend Eriana's Vow with its intrinsic anti Barrier mod. Regarding spoils of conquest, how many do you get in a raid? I'd love to get myself an Anarchy. I'm about to get Izanagi's now, then Witherhoard next, although I'm tempted to swap as I find snipers a bit boring.
  5. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's best near the end where everything is second nature. Worth sticking with for sure.
  6. The soft cap is super quick. The hard cap of 1300 will take a couple of weeks at least, then after that it's a snail's pace.
  7. @ZOK Make sure you do the quest to get the Riskrunner. It's pretty easy and the gun is amazing.
  8. How does everyone decide what to keep? I've been using DIM and only keeping weapons that have a thumbs up generally. There aren't that many, though.
  9. The exotic cypher is really annoying. It says that it offers quicker progress for more challenging content, so you'd think that legendary nightfalls would give you 2 or 3 notches of progress. Nope, just one.
  10. I've a Pixel as well and it runs horribly. Your mileage may vary, I guess!
  11. The Gamepass app is awful.
  12. It's needlessly impenetrable at first. Half the stuff there at the start should only have been introduced in the end-game for those who wanted to continue. I also never found the combat as satisfying as it should be. It feels like you're playing to Dark Souls rules whereas the Monsters are playing Bayonetta.
  13. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I went to Pukkelpop festival in Belgium about 4 years in a row, and I met a bunch of Dutch people there. Despite many of them never having been to England they were better at speaking English than most of my friends.
  14. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    So last night I discovered Game Pass Ultimate includes everything on PC. I thought they were separate services. Whilst I don't have a dedicated GPU this is obviously great for strategy and some sim stuff. Age of Empires 2, Crusader Kings 3 and Football Manager 2021 all ready to go for this weekend.
  15. I had absolutely no idea I had access to the PC library with Game Pass ultimate until now.
  16. Welcome to Destiny 2. 160 hours in and I still don't have a fucking clue what's going on most of the time.
  17. I've been addicted to 1300 nightfalls this week. I seem to get an exotic 3/4 runs, sometimes two, and I'm swimming in prisms. It's the perfect week to use Riskrunner as you can spend half the mission in electric mode, including much of the boss, and it works on overload champions with the mod. I'm yet to be on a team that has failed and it takes about 12 or 13 mins on average. It's also impossible not to kill all the champions so the rewards are always good.
  18. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was just wondering if they could get it working with a touchscreen tablet, streaming from the console. They're half way there.
  19. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Personally the way I use Game Pass is to spend a while each week staring at games I'm interested in, carefully weighing up which ones will fit in my remaining storage. Then I go and play Destiny 2 again like every other night.
  20. On the subject of the boosted games, Far Cry 4 is around £8 in the sale at the moment. I'm quite tempted, it's a good game for the most part.
  21. It's like the game Alien Isolation, but with more than one alien, and you aren't isolated
  22. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    The W3 patch is confirmed and is a free update. https://thewitcher.com/en/news/32792/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-is-coming-to-the-next-generation
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