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  1. Many thanks for the hand holding last night Jerec, it was an enjoyable run. I can only imagine how confusing this raid would have been for first timers
  2. This still happening, as I am free to jump on the bandwagon PSN id Stewed_Elk
  3. Evening everyone, I am a Level 28 Warlock and have never gotten around to doing the VoG, so decided it is time to get my arse in gear, so looking for anyone to join me. 1. Stewed_Elk 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  4. PS4 Lvl 24 Warlock here, how long did it take you guys to get past lvl 24? Seems like I have been at this level for ages :S On a side note, always looking for players to do strikes and if you need a decoy in any Raids, hit me up. GT is Stewed_Elk
  5. Hi guys, Lvl 24 Warlock on PS4, just added my name to the players list, feel free to add me for Strikes, Raids etc.
  6. Still cannot believe you threw out a CD32 with expansion! For me, the A1200 offers the betters expansion capabilities, I have an Apollo IV 030 @ 50mhz with FPU and 128mb Ram, but then again I play demos more than games on it these days, although i keep meaning to load it up with WHD games. The amount of times I have killed partitions because of the way Amiga OS handles drives is crazy Enjoy your Miggy
  7. If you really are sticking with the A600 (and IMO you should sell it and get the 1200) then you want to at least install kickstart 3.1 and a bootable Compact Flash card as an internal HD.
  8. Dragon Rising was, for the most part, shit. No open world mechanics, super human AI, hideously timed mission and crap multiplayer are just some of the aspect that bit gamers, looking for the promised realism, in the ass. Even ignoring the hype this game was below par compared to other titles released around the same time. Sod codies
  9. Rest in Peace Joffa, you brought me many many smiles back in the 80's.
  10. That is a lovely collection, especially the hardware, all in pristine boxes. The only hardware I have boxed are my 48k and my +. If you decide to sell any of that on give me a shout
  11. I have struggled to like this game, trying to forgive its short comings by telling myself that it is supposed to be more *cough* realistic, but this is taking the piss by expecting us to pay for fluff that we should have had in the first place. Final nail in the coffin...Once I finish the last mission this is getting sold on. ...and it could have been a great game, oh so great...
  12. Gamertag: Stewed Elk I am up for this most nights...
  13. Sweet, I am still waiting for my copy to land on the doorstep, so any comments/thoughts are more than welcome. Can't wait to get my teeth into this...
  14. Shevchenko, have you had chance to play it yet, and if so...thoughts?
  15. Well, I was trawling some sites for anything speccy related and I cam across this: Big Ideas (don't get any) And to quote one of the comments... "This is enough to make an old geek like me cry." Anyway, thought I would share. Just found this as well: Dollar Power
  16. Found this guy on YouTube: Reminds me how great Zelda games are...the music is so endearing.
  17. Yep, Starquake was a collectathon, had to collect elements to a core to complete it. Ace game
  18. Unfortunately it doesn't....was one of the first things I tried
  19. Nice find that Brings back some great memories...Now all we need are players for SNES, Amiga, C64 etc.
  20. Anybody else having issues with chat when trying to speak to someone not on NXE?
  21. Quick question to those that have finished it: After you have made it to the southern region, are you able to go back North at some point? Only reason I ask is that I want to do more of the filler missions later on.
  22. I only noticed a second or so increase on loads, will find out how much of an advantage it offers when playing Bad Company with my mates on Sunday evening.
  23. Havent tried Halo 3, but the average size for an install is about 6 - 6.5gb on the few I have tried (Star Wars:TFU, Bad Company, C&C3) and takes roughly 10 minutes to install them - whilst installing a game you cannot do anything else either.
  24. It does negate the reasons to install to the hard drive a tad, but I understand why it was done. Perhaps to have it ask at random times for the disc (not during play obviously) during startup? Either way, the reduced drive noise is a blessing.
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