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  1. Finally got around to this, about halfway through season 2 now. It’s pretty good eh, and getting better. Loved the bit where Nandor bumped his head on the basement ceiling when doing his threatening floaty thing. anyway, when Colin Robinson was trying to get “updog” into conversation, on about the fourth time my wife turned to me and asked “What’s updog?” and I think it’s about the happiest I’ve been since lockdown started. Not sure if this makes me an energy vampire.
  2. More aircraft and more fully-modelled airports. Yes you can upgrade, I believe.
  3. I already did mine (Heathrow -> Northolt -> Past My House -> Thames -> Through Tower Bridge ... and then my plan was all out but I buzzed the Dome and landed at London City without asking, it was nice), so I think I'll head up to my hometown and have a buzz along the North Wales coast into Snowdonia and then work out somewhere to go from there.
  4. milko

    Assetto Corsa

    the "ultimate" edition of this is £6.40 today at Gamesplanet, so despite concerns about being gamepad-only and wanting to use VR, I'm in.
  5. I've had a quick go and it got pile-of-shamed a little bit, I think it's pretty good but getting going with my HOTAS feels like a faff and I don't want to play on a pad when I've the HOTAS sitting there. Sigh!
  6. Next week is Wilmot’s Warehouse which I’ve been wanting to try, it sounds excellent. I hope the creators do alright out of the Epic giveaways, some of these games are still pretty new.
  7. Considering how Brentford looked when automatic was in their grasp, it could be a really scrappy nervous game.
  8. For photos a fast-ish external drive or bog standard regular internal drive (either SSD or not) is fine, you maybe don't want to fill up your main disk with that stuff anyway.
  9. Tried and failed to find that massive open pit mine in Siberia this evening. Ended up just enjoying some rolling hills and flying in and out of clouds.
  10. Yeah it’s weirdly reticent to tell you how to play it. I dunno if you’re supposed to watch loads of YouTube about games now to figure them out or something.
  11. I just did the Heathrow > Northolt > Past My House > Fly Through Tower Bridge thing and then dumped my plane somewhere near the end of the runway at London City. Pretty fun! I must say, some of the incredible realism of the terrain makes the bits it doesn't quite do right something of a mild disappointment when you know it well. So the four weird hills by the A40 are there but are flat. I thought I'd have a look for Wembley stadium and got lost so headed into the west end via the Thames and some of the bridges are a bit naff, Westminster bridge looks like it's underwater. Tower Bridge was pretty smart though and they've done quite a few landmarks around the area. I think next I need to go fly around some more hilly/mountainous scenery. Finding the control config a bit of a struggle, performance is pretty damn good though.
  12. I had to agree to some T&C to install this, I think I'm not allowed to say much of anything about it right? I will say, after playing a bit of VR flight sim with IL-2 lately, being stuck in flatvision with a stationary head feels quite strange. And setting up my X-55 is apparently going to be a lengthy process of binding controls. Also fuck me I tried to double-check I wasn't saying I had a head made from office supplies and WHSmith have bagged top search result on both versions of the word! Bastards. Anyway in VR you can get lots of visibility by moving your head about, not just tracking the rotation as you might expect.
  13. If you want to think of this in karmic terms or anything, my car got stolen last night after the miscreants got into our hallway and stole the keys - I feel like this balances my universe a little
  14. I just got my invite to the Alpha!
  15. Oh yeah, I should probably note since we're on the topic that the FA Cup Final this year is actually the Heads Up FA Cup Final, which is a mental health charity thingy. So that's actually a fairly nice thing for the sponsors/FA to do.
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