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  1. It seems they go for about £100 on eBay, with the Ti version (this is NOT one of those I want to be clear) more like £150. https://www.gigabyte.com/uk/Graphics-Card/GV-N980WF3OC-4GD-rev-10-11#ov So, say £70 delivered in the UK? It'll do a reasonable job still at 1080p and 1440p if you're ok with dropping of graphics levels from the top level stuff and not expect all the frame rates.
  2. Not a clue, haven't thought about it at all yet beyond editing into that post. Whatever's a bit under the going rate on eBay/CEX I should imagine. I'll take a look soon.
  3. just posting the Telegram links again for your convenience. How I got the 3080 FE I am posting this message through the output of, is by happening to be on the group chat ^ which got the Scan alert even faster than the main channel. Do what @Uzi says, set up as much as you can in advance because you're going to need fast fingers when a 'drop' happens. Have Telegram on your phone and whatever device you're online with at any given moment. Make sure you're logged into these accounts and stores on your phone and your computer and so on. Make offerings and sacrifice to various deities.
  4. Mine just arrived, at 730 in the morning, blimey. At least I won’t spend the day gazing out the window at every passing van now. and now my watch is ended, and so forth. Subject to being able to install it, it working, etc and so on.
  5. Well, maybe the 3080 rarity was because the factory has been madly firing out the 3070 all this time...
  6. you might be best with PartAlert on telegram and hanging out in their chat. If they use Scan in the way they did with the 3080 the page is only active while they have stock so you can’t stake it out in advance. The nvidia site will link through to it I think so also have a tab open on that. Make sure you’re signed in to all the relevant sites with addresses set up, payment details in browser or whatever. It’s still pot luck though, that you see the alert straight away and click fast and that you’re one of the fortunate ones that gets through in time.
  7. Mate it literally could be defective yet, I'd hang on to Amazon and resell it if it comes to that.
  8. For sure. Although I feel like to have to wait til it's working in my computer so as not to jinx it!
  9. I was checking the site but the emails pinged in shortly afterwards. Got my codes as well, should probably find out what this geforce now thing is about I suppose.
  10. Not yet but I think I saw something suggesting they take the orders today, pick and despatch tomorrow and deliver Friday. This was me reading into how they responded on Twitter to someone asking if their order was actually happening tho
  11. literally as I posted that, somebody put a link to Scan FE 3080 in the chat. https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/nvidia/founders-3080-i1hsnwhx am IFGO? that was intense. Click it! Click buy! Fucking hell a captcha! those are the aeroplanes! Again? Those are the aeroplanes! Argh yes login I set this up already just do it! Card details! Augh! The wait while the HSBC payment thing decided to let it happen!
  12. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEUTGd8KdJu34Ueqtg 3070 https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFciuCdyIDkBORJRFQ 3080 https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEgR9Oi4vRLNk6uxyQ 3090 https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEii3xRdeufkVau-AQ FE editions of 3070/80/90 https://t.me/joinchat/CCxGwFWqBzYjcNDcRXizkA group chat for all of this, ends up taking comments from all fields but you also sometimes get links in there that aren't in the automated bot channels straight away. Set alerts to mute on this one! So I'm in all of those except the 3090 one, not that its done anything beyond give me more opportunitie
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