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  1. Yeah, I don't know the value but it's a good time to sell. Especially if you can be arsed boxing it up and getting a shipping quote so you're not just restricted to local pickups.
  2. Is there a designated place to add it? I didn't want to do a Steam review as that would hardly be fair. But "let me choose my controller" is mine.
  3. it's out indeed. Sadly doesn't have any form of controller select, so assumes that because I've some steering wheel pedals plugged in I must want to use those, and they're setting Horatio in constant motion when not being pressed down. It was amusing to cross the first street using my feet while I confirmed this is what's going on, but faffing with USB plugs isn't really on my agenda for little games in 2021. I'll try again if they patch that function in!
  4. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah I'm trying not to be cynical about it, maybe because I've drunk the Koolaid over the past two years I dunno. But anything that gets bloody Vaughan posting his sub-Clarkson bollocks must be doing something right.
  5. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Got tickets for the first Hundred games at Lords. I most likely wouldn't have bothered (for one thing I still hold some chance of being at a few of these for work) but my lad's doing the "all stars" kids programme* this summer and it's only a fiver for him so we'll give it a go. *this is just what they call the 5-9yrs clubs, he may yet prove to have star quality but the sessions don't start til May.
  6. milko

    Narita Boy

    The soundtrack's on Youtube, I got bored of that too to be honest though - still like the track they used on the trailer. I think too much time passed, I was unusually excited if I actually started a topic on it! But I couldn't get it to recognise my controller and it was a bit painful on keyboard.
  7. Lovely Terminator sketch on Squires this week! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/apr/13/david-squires-streaker-tried-great-trent-alexander-arnold-wars-england
  8. I've had a couple of very quick sessions offline, and I don't understand how I drove as fast last time. The setup appears to try and kill me at any opportunity.
  9. DLC is either some great tracks or the GT4 car pack which gives you a lot of GT4 cars to drive on the same circuits. I wouldn't say you need to rush to grab them right now while you're learning the ropes unless one of them was something you've long wanted to drive.
  10. no no, you were the one that possed it. I don't care about the pos thing at all really, but I was worried people were missing an excellent joke. And I'm totally quitting.
  11. it is a bit of a trial, I agree. Listen lads, I'm not one to demand attention normally but I was really ever so proud of this one. Lorfarius made an innocent typo of "Nurburgring" and I made a hilarious reference to the post-WW2 trials of the Nazi regime in Nuremberg and I'm not sure anybody's noticed. One pos, and there's a danger that was for the genuine advice that followed. I am hereby resigning from the Committee in protest.
  12. See if I trusted that in our local Waitrose, I'd be browsing the fancy wines. Sort of a win-win, but no eggs.
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