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  1. ah now that's just a little palate-cleanser in between sessions! A lot less intense
  2. My thing would be that I barely scrape enough time to practice on the weekly race circuit, I doubt I'd be able to do much hotlapping on an extra track as well. And I really like our weekly races! I wonder if we should try to make more of the practice leaderboard that we already have somehow though?
  3. We're getting a new Lambo soon. https://www.assettocorsa.it/competizione/lamborghini-super-trofeo-evo2-virtual-debut/
  4. Man, that must have been a lot It really was! In race 2 I somehow bucked my usual trend and put in a really good first lap, it was so exciting to actually make two overtakes and stick 'em. And then for lap 2 I went all Initial D around turn 1 and 2 and lost all that fine work (albeit with style points). What really did for me in both races though was being unable to hold it together for the duration without making a serious error. I'm blaming tiredness making it hard to focus but maybe I just didn't get the car setup stable enough.
  5. Yes, hugely so, I was all over the place in the first laps. Even more than I normally am.
  6. there is a recent mod for Assetto Corsa (quite hardcore sim) where you get a very Horizon-reminiscent island to belt around in all sorts of cars. It’s great, but did remind me of this past argument, because any time you stray off road in your shiny sports car, you end up wheelspinning around in circles failing to get anywhere. Maybe there is a middle ground, but definitely would not be fun to go far into accuracy.
  7. Good things tonight for me: Qualified way higher than my pace deserved Had a ludicrously good start to race 2 Didnt take anybody else out on any of the numerous occasions I messed up less said about the rest, the better. It’s been a real up and down season for me, still so much to learn. Onwards to Imola!
  8. milko

    Oculus Quest

    it's only by design if they've got it ported for PC desktop VR, right? I could be wrong but that feels like it would be more work than targeting a single-spec Quest 2. Unless the Oculus Rift libraries are more or less the same thing.
  9. milko

    Cricket Thread

    yeah those two overs were about as good as it got.
  10. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Hasaranga going there might save 'em.
  11. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Ireland off to a good start against the Sri Lankans.
  12. 29.077 for me now. Tantalisingly close to the 28s!
  13. right click and open in new tab worked for me. Blimey what a lap.
  14. I did a bit of practice and had one of those maddening sessions where it starts mediocre and goes south from there. Those chicanes fuck me right off when things aren't going well!
  15. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Bangladesh will probably still do this, maybe, but boy do they look wobbly and bad.
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