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  1. BooooooooOOOOoo! Leipzig with their Red Bull evils?! Boooo! Borussia Moenchengladbach for me. Arbitrary reasons: I went there once, albeit not on a game day Bach ending makes me think of Wales, where I was born Also the composer If someone says it, you can reply “Bless you!”, it’s very funny stadium looks like a spider from outside it looks kind of cool inside too actually I think they’ve done pretty well this season. Not quite enough to be in the title mix though. is it Union Berlin who are the socialist team? They’re my favourites too then.
  2. Stock informer, I ended up getting mine direct from oculus that way.
  3. use your phones browser on stock informer and then sign for the push alerts, they’re swifter. Worked better for me at least.
  4. lol, wish I could donate the 198 I have left then. With having the ultimate edition it seems to dole out way more cars, tat and spins than I can keep up with anyway.
  5. You might have to launch some kind of online session first, I certainly did. Didn’t actually *do* anything, not even sure if/what I connected to.
  6. That's Origins.
  7. if it's on Quest then yep. Is it cross-buy, does anyone know? I assume this is cut down a bit so it'd be nice to see the full monty via Link as well. (oh wait, they don't even have it on the regular Oculus store?)
  8. The baseball game’s price probably makes more sense in countries where they play a lot of it. I do enjoy 2 but I’m not sure I need the sequel any time soon really for all I know what I’m doing.
  9. haha I didn't know that anyone had actually done it (surely on much shorter courses than the pros play?), but mainly I'm kinda looking forward to maybe watching some golf without those fools at every tee box. It will indeed be interesting if the lack of crowd does change the psychology noticeably. If, as seems likely, this goes into next season then teams/players will need to plan for it somehow.
  10. I think the golf majors will be pretty weird without a crowd. Tennis and the various fighting too. They'll still 'work' but it'll be diminished. If Tiger Woods tees off on a par 5 without some goon shouting "It's in the hole!" will it ever go in the hole? Football is working on lots of different virtual ways to replace the crowd for now. I'm not sure they'll have to modify their approach in future though, more likely everyone will be battering down their doors to get back in as soon as they're allowed?
  11. Set my boy playing this while I got on with some painting (sigh) today, he immediately hucked it off a colossal shortcut I’d not spotted, and survived. Then he spent about 45 minutes cackling and launching the rider to grisly deaths before going back to Animal Crossing.
  12. Having done the first mountain's intro and first two challenges that way, it seemed fine to me. The minimal polygon style makes everything easy to make out.
  13. oh, the control thing confused me too. Glad I can sort that then. As a keen mtb'er I'm dismayed at the encouragement of evil strava lines, but the game is good fun
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