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  1. Yeah I was fortunate this time that I only got superficial damage from the spin so I lost 20-30 seconds getting myself back on the road, and a bit of time having to get past people again, but no long tricky pitstop like yours. Given the eventual gaps I might've actually won without that, oh what might have been! *shimmery what might have been screen effect*
  2. Only between PS4 and PS5, otherwise no cross-platform fun. Sad! Would love to join in but only from PC.
  3. aha, cheers. Had another thought I want to post before I forget again. As a way of drumming up interest/making the practice build-up more fun, could we try to organise a social on the practice server this week? I doubt I'll be on before Sunday night at the very soonest but would be good to have some competitive hotlapping/setup chat/just shoot the shit a little while we're driving. It's been fun in the past.
  4. @davejm will the false-start event we didn't run tonight end up being everyone's worst-race scratch from the results now or are you able to delete it from the calculations somehow?
  5. Another enjoyable race evening, though one that will definitely be better with some more faces back next week! @mrben09 we missed you! After a pretty awful qualifying I made a nice start from 6th... which propelled me into the middle of a 3-wide coming up to turn 1, eek. @Meers it was lovely giving each other enough room around there and into Cascades. After which, some mayhem as two of the TSR boys slid out approaching the Shell hairpin, letting me and @SneakyNinja gleefully zoom away along with Whacky Teddy. He soon had a bit of a moment on that corner as well, so I was up to second place in what felt like no time. This was going very nicely albeit I wasn't particularly able to reel in first place, but everything felt good and I'd maybe get a chance around the pitstops. Except... 15 minutes in, what usually happens happened, hello darkness my old friend. Got a kerb wrong coming out of the first chicane, spun, didn't take much damage but lost a lot of time sorting it out to point the right way again. Back down to 5th, bah. About a minute earlier I'd been telling myself to just chill and drive carefully, but maybe I should've stayed gung-ho. I don't really know how I ended up finishing 3rd from there, I got an overtake done when @Ian Paskin ran wide at Druids but by the final lap I was just a second back from Sneaky who was in second place, Whacky Teddy winning it another 8 seconds up the road. But I'd been so far behind you two after my little incident, I don't really know how that works, did you have some minor accident as well? Overall, a better showing from the rllmuk-racing boys this week, lets hope for more of us and more from us next time at the Glen. @Valver you can take over highlights duty again please, I'm no good at flicking between the cars so this doesn't show the first lap craziness so well. And also apparently no sound?! Not sure how I managed that.
  6. I rarely miss a race too, but I do fail the "rarely bin it" check, alas You shouldn't underestimate the skills behind driving steadily/smoothly/reliably, because it's beyond me and now I've leaned right in by choosing the Porsche. I want to do a roll-call but without it being like a big old desperate chase. Still though, where's @winky we haven't heard from you since the touring cars at Knockhill, everything ok mate?
  7. I reckon I'm still pretty firmly into it. Hopefully we can keep this going, I didn't get nearly as much enjoyment from doing public races on the likes of LFM. And I miss the guys who dropped away already! For the first events of this season we've had at least 2-3 regulars miss races but our overall numbers have dwindled to the point where that makes a more noticeable difference for sure. Hopefully the autumn brings some back in. @SneakyNinja your league placings still seem high every time, I feel like you've an overly negative view of your performance! But the TSR guys didn't take a summer off like we did and it shows, I was able to keep pretty close to some of them before and now they're gone over the horizon quite quickly. You, @EuroVapeSim2 and I might've been the equivalent of three bald men fighting over a comb for 4th place last week but it was still great fun! And I seem to be certain of ending up driving close to @Meers at some point in every race we're in together lately, we're just drawn to one another
  8. I often see this if I check out Coachdave hotlaps or whatever - I'm not sure it's a sustainable way to drive a whole race though, with fuel loads and tyre wear unless you have the alien concentration and reflexes to hold it together. I think you need a calmer setup.
  9. It's a tough track to get quick on with all the bumps and narrow tarmac, have you watched any track guides? This is for an older version of the game but still ought to be useful for you if not:
  10. my bet is that they put the 4080 as expensive as they did partly so that the 3080 doesn’t need to drop much.
  11. You're this forum's most famous enthusiast of all (and glad of if I am, since I used so many of your cast-offs over the years, was weird buying a brand new motherboard and CPU the other week)
  12. You're an enthusiast! I wonder how many people with one even have a PC hooked up and set to more than 60fps.
  13. Fair do's like but i think 4K 120hz is that enthusiast niche. At least for now!
  14. Very few games actually require this nutso stuff, hell even Crysis would run on lesser PCs back then if you accept some turning off of shininess. I notice the graph a few pages back states 'relative performance' presumably because the actual fps are clearly high enough already on the smaller bars I think the 'medium level' graphics that games are capable of these days are pretty damn good anyway - plus it feels like on PC there's been an increasingly popular trend for non-"AAA" games for years now anyway. These top-end components are about chasing fanciest graphics at 4K/VR resolution and that definitely feels an enthusiast's niche to me. People who play sims (a niche within a niche already, one I'm part of) and the three or four games a year like Cyberpunk, is there much else that really pushes these cards?
  15. Literally 30 of those were trying to find a setup that doesn't bounce off the track at T2 one in three times! It's like a landmine goes off under it on default aggressive, completely uncontrollable. Think I have that tamed now at least. But yeah I could lap Oulton all day I think, it's a great track for attacking times.
  16. I wouldn't worry too much, Oulton bumps and Porsche friskiness mean there's a high chance of me having a moment or two during a race. Love the circuit though!
  17. Only thing that could give me pause in the near future I think is VR, I'm probably stretching the 3080 to do that in 'full' settings on sim games.
  18. I was sticking with my 3080FE before I came in here, and I'm twice as sticking with my 3080FE now!
  19. Wordle 454 X/6* I got done a slightly different way to everybody else it seems. Was a 50/50 on the last one and guessed wrong, tsk. Didn't seem a very wordle word.
  20. haha honestly it looks on the replay like if anything you came off worse, quite a bounce back there. The jump was very impressive from my angle!
  21. @SneakyNinja goes airborne, about to lose a place to @Ian Paskin and get sucked into a multi-lap battle with me. During which, this act of disgraceful intimidation! STEWARD'S INQUIRY!!! (actually at the time I didn't even know for sure what happened, there was a bang and a slight judder but no harm done)
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